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Gators great Steve Spurrier didn't vote for Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow

HOOVER, Ala. -- Hey, Lane Kiffin, get out your notebook. This is how enrage Gator Nation.

Well, the final day of Southeastern Conference Media Days just got pretty interesting. South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier, considered the greatest Gator by many UF fans, is the SEC coach who didn't vote for UF quarterback Tim Tebow as the preseason All-SEC first-team quarterback.

"I take the blame," said Spurrier, who voted for Ole Miss quarterback Jevan Snead. "I take full responsibility."

40093401_SteveSpurrier Well, not really. Spurrier said on Friday morning that he left the voting process up to his sports information director.   

"He said something about we already had 10 Gators and he didn't think it was a big deal," Spurrier said. "So I'll take the blame. I'll take full responsibility. I didn't look at that sheet."

[PICTURED Is Stephen Orr Spurrier still the greatest Gator?]

Spurrier told reporters on Friday that he contacted SEC associate commissioner Charles Bloom and changed his vote. So, technically, Tebow is now a unanimous selection. Spurrier also called Tebow and apologized.

"I screwed it up; I apologized," Spurrier said. "I messed it up by not looking at the ballot but that's the way it happened.

"I have great admiration for Tim Tebow. He and Danny Wuerffel are two of the finest young men to ever play this game and their Christian men who live the Christian life and don't just talk it." 

So, Gators fans, is Steve Spurrier still the "Greatest Gator?" Do you immediately forgive Spurrier? Do you even care? Do you believe Spurrier? Is Spurrier dead to you?

I say give Spurrier the benefit of the doubt. He apologized and changed his vote. This kind of thing is fun for reporters like me to write about and for readers like you to comment upon but it's not really that big of a deal.



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