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Gators great Steve Spurrier didn't vote for Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow

HOOVER, Ala. -- Hey, Lane Kiffin, get out your notebook. This is how enrage Gator Nation.

Well, the final day of Southeastern Conference Media Days just got pretty interesting. South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier, considered the greatest Gator by many UF fans, is the SEC coach who didn't vote for UF quarterback Tim Tebow as the preseason All-SEC first-team quarterback.

"I take the blame," said Spurrier, who voted for Ole Miss quarterback Jevan Snead. "I take full responsibility."

40093401_SteveSpurrier Well, not really. Spurrier said on Friday morning that he left the voting process up to his sports information director.   

"He said something about we already had 10 Gators and he didn't think it was a big deal," Spurrier said. "So I'll take the blame. I'll take full responsibility. I didn't look at that sheet."

[PICTURED Is Stephen Orr Spurrier still the greatest Gator?]

Spurrier told reporters on Friday that he contacted SEC associate commissioner Charles Bloom and changed his vote. So, technically, Tebow is now a unanimous selection. Spurrier also called Tebow and apologized.

"I screwed it up; I apologized," Spurrier said. "I messed it up by not looking at the ballot but that's the way it happened.

"I have great admiration for Tim Tebow. He and Danny Wuerffel are two of the finest young men to ever play this game and their Christian men who live the Christian life and don't just talk it." 

So, Gators fans, is Steve Spurrier still the "Greatest Gator?" Do you immediately forgive Spurrier? Do you even care? Do you believe Spurrier? Is Spurrier dead to you?

I say give Spurrier the benefit of the doubt. He apologized and changed his vote. This kind of thing is fun for reporters like me to write about and for readers like you to comment upon but it's not really that big of a deal.



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"I take full responsibility...but it wasn't me..."


Why would the SID leave THAT particular Gator off the list if he thought "10 was too many." The MOST deserving one? Please...

Don't get so full of yourselves Gator Nation... OH no someone didn't vote for Tebow... WaWaWa...

Snead is by far the better pro prospect.

Tebow will be out of the CFL before long and off to Manila to circumcise little boys, while saving himself for marriage...

This is college football, not the pros. You are voting for someone based on how they play in the college game, not their pro prospects.

JRod, you're just a hater. It's really ridiculous how dumb you sound.


1) Is Steve Spurrier still the "Greatest Gator?" /*/ No, never was to me. /*/

2) Do you immediately forgive Spurrier? /*/ Nothing to forgive, not a big deal, just absolutely ridiculous that it happened. /*/

3) Do you even care? /*/ No, it is a preseason poll. But there is nothing else to talk about. /*/

4) Do you believe Spurrier? /*/ Nah. /*/

5) Is Spurrier dead to you? /*/ Is he even relevant anymore? /*/

Tebow might not make it in the NFL? but he is by far the best college football player in the game today!

Spurrier is a great guy but he got caught in a lie! He voted for Snead and didn't realize it would blow up in his face.

He didn't lie. He told the truth.


Tebow and Spurrier will continue to be part of Gator lore for years to come. I hope the UK starts putting odds out so all these Tebow haters can put their money down while betting against Tebow's success.

C'mon haters, you can make a lot of money, and still wake up being a wanker....Go for it.


Do you actually think Spurrier didn't look over the ballot?

I don't believe that for second!

He might not of filled it in but he new what names were checked.

JRod, it is not about someone not voting for Tebow. It's about one of the greatest Florida football players of all time not voting for another one of the greatest Florida football players. But no one is crying about it and if Snead is "by far the better pro prospect" then why was Tebow the unanimous selection?

As for Spurrier, he is usually brutally honest and to the point. Something that a lot of people dislike about him but something I enjoy. He will always be an important part of Gator history.

Gawd will straighten it out.

Come on folks. People are dying in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the Democrats are trying to hijack the Healthcare system in this country.

The president said winning in Afghanistan is not necessarily our goal. Then why are we there with soldiers dying. Just bring them home then. PAY ATTENTION to what really matters. It ain't a stupid vote on the best player in a conference. It is a stupid vote for president. Is anybody listening?

I am flummoxed that i actually agree with GatorRod - Like lots of things, Spurrier didn't really care about the selection(really, who cares)and simply underestimated the voracious nature of the SEC media, particularly a BORED summer doldrums SEC media, to make the mountain from this classic molehill.

Spurrier is now and will always be the Moses of Florida football. Quite unlikely any of the recent past and present would be in place were it not for Spurrier's trailblazing past. He made Florida football history as a player and a coach at his school.

Now, sadly, while my perception of him won't be affected by this, many will paint him as an envious, perhaps embittered guy. And it will be almost impossible to be seen as the simple mistake he's trying to make this.


Wrong forum.

As a Gators fan that grew up in the early 90's watching Gators football primarily because of Spurrier and the gaudy days of the Fun 'n Gun, this isn't a big deal.

Even if he intended to vote for Snead and backtracked at the media witch hunt, there's nothing to forgive. Although it does make him look bad.

Bottom line is, he has done so much for the University of Florida. He has laid the foundation for the giddy success we're experiencing today. It is his past deeds that make him one of the best Gators of all time. No matter what he does today and in the future, he is doing it as a Gamecock.

He'll always be loved, respected, and welcomed in Gainesville and by Gator fans everywhere. Of that, I have no doubt. (Some petty fans may disagree and hate him, that's their perogative.)

Big deal...it is a preseason team. Settle things on the field.

These crazy games are all about what Steve Spurrier has become. I believe Steve didn't think that the QB voting process would be played out in the media and his motivation for the Snead vote was to casually pin the blame on Lane Kiffin. But the media smoked out Steve and and thus he "came clean" with his flimsy story.

Me thinks Steve has a SERIOUS CASE OF URBAN ENVY. Who do you think the HBC pulled for in last years National Championship game? He was on the record as saying neither but...

Hang Spurrier! The greatest injustice in the history of western civilization! Hang him!

I DO sense some Urban envy on the part of Spurrier. I see no reason why Speronis (also formerly at UF) would have left Tim off that ballot unless he was instructed to. That would be like the Chicago Bulls making a "mistake" and leaving Michael Jordan off the list of all time great Bulls. Speaking of bull, shame on you Steve Spurrier!

Plain and simply....Steve is a hater and now the whole world knows it. What's going to piss him off more is if Tebow's Pro Career is better than his was.....(which shouldnt take alot if you seen ole Stevie's NFL career stats)

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