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Georgia RB Mack Brown commits to Gators

GAINESVILLE -- The University of Florida football team received its 16th public commitment on Friday shortly after the Gators' Friday Night Lights football camp, according to Rivals.com.

Georgia running back Mack Brown (5-11, 185 pounds) committed to UF coach Urban Meyer on Friday night. Brown, who plays at Lithonia (Ga.) Martin Luther King High, was one of Meyer's top targets for the class of 2010. Brown is listed by Rivals.com as one of the top 100 recruits in the country.

Brown chose Florida over Georgia, which has already received commitments from some of Brown's closests friends. Brown said facing his friends "is going to be pretty hard" but added that he "had to follow my heart."



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The Rich just keep getting Richer ...

What's his ring size?

Well done. There is really no need for UM anymore. Feed the state schools, and let them continue to fade away.

Huge win over the puppies

Dd a Gator prospect really "throw up The U" at Fridy Night Lights?

Am I the only one out there who loves this committment, but is hesitant to celebrate? This has decommit written all over it. If he stays a Gator, signing day will be a time to celebrate, but I'm not so sure he'll stay a Gator.

to Sarasota Dbag...

so what if someone did? most of those kids attending FNL will go on to other schools. if we "lose" a prospect to miami, who cares. plenty more where that came from.

Can I buy a vowel? Sorry about not proofing my last post!

Hey Jo, two of my cousins were in attendance at FNL. Both were there to observe, not participate. One is a junior in HS, but is already being recruited by UF. The other is a walk-on prospect for UF this year, and was unsure if he was going to be invited to two-a-days, until last night!

When they were checking out the locker rooms yesterday, there was a locker with his name and # on it! There was also a letter taped to the locker that asked him to report to the equipment manager!

I don't want to give you their names because we are not sure what to make of this yet, but it looks like the walk-on is going to be invited to fall practice, an he will most likely be 3rd string at his position, IF he makes the team!

My cousin who is still in HS is a lock at his position, assuming he does not get injured. He is also being recruited by Alabama, and UCLA. (He lives in L.A.) He is ranked 3rd in the country at his position, and he is only a junior!

The family is pretty excited to say the least! Too bad it's UF though!

Go 'canes!

Posted by: richie | July 25, 2009 at 03:42 PM

Calm down there crybaby! It was all in fun! Way to stereotype your fan base though!

I agree with GatorJoe that it is way too early to celebrate this commitment. What if he is already a silent lock to UGA, and Richt sent him down there in order to let UF down later? Not so far fetched for the SEC!

Good, I hope FU signs as many "walk-ons" as they can get.

Jacksonsville (FL) Terry Parker High School OL Tavadis Glenn is a Hurricane commitment.
But he hadn't attended many camps and says he decided "at the last minute" to attend the University of Florida's Friday Night Lights camp July 24."I hadn't attended that many camps - I just wanted to show my face, show what I can do," Glenn said.But the camp ended prematurely for Glenn."It was during one on one drills - I threw up the U," Glenn said. "My coach was in the stands and he's a Hurricane fan. He was egging me on."Then the Florida Gators (coaches), they came up - they got mad, said I couldn't participate. They said it's not a Miami Hurricane camp."I was just like, `Huh, are you all serious?' And I just walked off the field. The guys I know that were there were saying `Why'd they kick you off?'"Glenn says he "was upset at first, but I realized this is a business. I don't plan on going to Florida, don't even plan on taking any visit there. I'm solid on Miami. So I'm not even worried about it."If we play them I'm going to make them pay."

Tavadis Glenn + Louis Nix = Jacksonville Canes in 2010....

Tavadis Glenn just did the biggest thing he's ever going to do in Gainesville (flash the U) so why do you guys want to dis him? This is the pinnacle of his college career. Have U fun?

That's a bizarre story about the Glenn kid.

Sarasota, thanks for the heads up about the walk-on. Sounds like UF might be setting up a future commitment by brining on a relative as a walk-on.


sarasota dbag...

If your relatives are clowns like you, send them to Miami instead. Would rather not have them in Gainesville.


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