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"Heisman winner -- No trophy girlfriend"

GAINESVILLE -- The headline on TMZ.com today: "Heisman winner -- No trophy girlfriend."

The website tracked down UF quarterback Tim Tebow at a Los Angeles airport this week and asked him about his love life. Here's a link to the video. Tebow was in California on Wednesday night for the ESPY Awards. He won the best male college athlete award for the second year in a row.

Not much to the video. Is it just me, or does anyone else get the feeling that Lefty wanted to remove the head of the brave celebrity reporter and spike it like a touchdown? As for Tebow's dating status ... Who needs a girlfriend when you're Tim Tebow? He has a higher calling, right? Of course, "the girlfriend topic" is one of much speculation among Gator Nation. There are plenty of pictures (and names) that pop up on the Internet. Just run a Google search.



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Too bad Tebow does not get one Mulligan a week so he could knock these fellows out when appropriate.

Tebow is way too poised and of a much higher character than most of us, Jo....he handles what would annoy most of us with class and dignity....

Erin Andrews TMZ video was better.


I do agree with you that Tebow handles everything with class and dignity. That said, I know from firsthand experience that he gets pretty annoyed with some reporters. Love the kid to death but I've had to be the annoying (if you want to call it that) reporter on occasion. (Just part of the job.) He let's you know through his body language when he's uncomfortable with a question. Now, like I said, he always handles the tough ones (and there haven't been many) like a first-class pro. Part of that is Tebow's personality. He's mature enough to realize people have to do their jobs and he's worldly enough to understand the bigger picture. The other part, UF's sports information department does a good job of coaching Tebow on what and what not to say. (At least they did in the past. Tebow could probably be the PR coach these days.)

Of course, interviews are a two-way street. Reporters must be professional at all times and I wouldn't call a guy running around LAX with a camera asking idiotic celebrity gossip questions to be much of a professional. But, hey, gotta feed the beast.


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