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Question for Gators fans ...

GAINESVILLE -- Gators fans, here's your chances to get your name in the newspaper. I'm looking for anyone who made a large sum of money betting on the Gators last year. UF went 12-1 against the spread, so I'm wondering if anyone out there picked UF to cover the points in every game and made off like un bandito.

If so, email me at jgoodman@MiamiHerald.com so I can give you a call.



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If you want a quick response from UF fans, then you should post this story over at any of the UM blogs. That's where they be!

Gaytor fans have handled success so poorly. Can't wait till they return to the crap hole the lived in for decades.
Meyer is gone, idiot(s). Long gone. So is jump pass Jesus. Without him, you don't win any of your last two championships. Without either, its back to the trailer trash.
Posted by: mycanes | July 16, 2009 at 11:24 AM

I'll paste that in here after Urban signs his upcoming 4 million dollar contract U broke and ignorant canehonk. Keep talking.

U can only dream about Urban departing and ending your understandable feelings of inferiority.

Posted by: Cut and paste jakazz | July 16, 2009 at 12:57 PM

I won all you can eat wings at dockside (w/ scooter sauce) every time UF won, seriously.

You cane fans keep commenting about Gator fans being all over your blogs, yet here we are and the 1st comment is from a cane fan. Its the same thing after EVERY Gator article. I know you guys aren't the brightest people in the world, but isn't obvious why Gator fans are always on your blogs?? You guys have been irrelevant for a LONG time now, yet you talk as much trash if not more than anyone.

GatorBait, sometimes I think it is Canes fans posing as Gators fans on their own blog just to give them a reason to post trash over here. However, if there are real Gators fans posting on their blog, I think that is ridiculous and should stop - just like I think these absurd UM fans posting here should stop.

Jo, I never placed a Vegas bet or anything but when Urban Meyer was first hired in 04 a loudmouth Cane longtime fellow employee of our company proclaimed that the 'Canes would win another NC before Urban would ever do it at Florida. Of course, after some heated big talk ensued and in front of our entire company meeting, a $1,000 bet was made (funny how it started at $100 then quickly went up LOL)Well I "got paid" in '07 but that was not enough for the loudmouth Cane. He wanted to go $2500 the next time. As I had to put him on a "payment plan" I just collected my final $300 last week in fact. How sweet it was. For some reason, he refuses to bet me this year!

I am a UF grad living in Vegas and I never bet on my Gators. I see it as such a jinx. Should just bet against Miami instead...


Crazy story. That's a lot of lettuce.


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