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UF football camp takes an unfortunate turn when Miami recruit is asked to leave

GAINESVILLE -- Perhaps this stipulation should be spelled out on future applications for the University of Florida's Friday Night Lights football camps: Only Gator chomps are allowed in The Swamp. All other collegiate traditions will be banished.

That's exactly what happened on Friday when a Miami recruit was asked to leave the Gators' elite high school football camp. Tavadis Glenn of Jacksonville gestured the University of Miami's equivalent of a Gator chomp -- the 'U' sign -- during a football drill and was the told to leave by a Florida assistant coach. The University of Florida later said that Glenn was asked to leave for safety reasons.

Does anyone have a problem with this? Is recruiting ridiculous?



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No. He got what he deserved for being disrespectful. I would assume a "chomp" would get the same reaction at Miami.

He will get more press from getting kicked to the curb than if he stayed.

He got off too easy. Should have dragged him off the field by his throat and beaten him to death.

I am sure he will get the same treatment if he doess the gators chomp in FSU or miami camp. It is a sign of disrepect to the coaches who organize the event

I heard Urban Meyer had tears in his eyes from being SO disrespected.

Good, let him go to the U and have 4-7 loss seasons with a head coach that is so blatantly lost it is sad.

Its all about the U

If a Gator commit went to either a Seminole or Cane camp and started doing the Chomp, I would have absolutely no problem with Bowden or Shannon kicking him out. Why in the world would they tolerate that cr@p.

I also wouldn't think too highly of the Gator recruit that would be so immature and disrespectful.

I read another version of the story that said the kid did it once and was asked by coaches to not do it again. Then he proceeded to do it again...in typical scumbag Cane fashion. Then he got the boot from camp. Also, this kid had been kicked off of a previous high school team for misconduct. Classy kid...perfect for Randy Shenanigan.

I don't care what other programs would do, that was ridiculous. I think it shows that the coach in question is a little too worried about Miami if he threw a kid out for that. The Canes aren't good, they don't play in the SEC and Florida is just going to fuel Miami's recruiting fire with stuff like this.

Cane commit Tavadis Glenn was getting bored just sitting around after pledging to Miami back in April.

At the urging of his best friend and new teammate Louis Nix, Glenn (6-5, 270) decided to make the trip to Gainesville to participate in Florida’s Friday Night Lights Camp.

At the last minute, Glenn joined Nix, Sean Tapley, and a few other Jacksonville Raines players for the ninety minute car ride.

“It was a last minute thing really because Louis called me to see if I wanted to go to Friday Night Lights,” Glenn said. “I wanted to go so we drove down there but we got there a little late.”

Glenn and the rest of the Vikings crew received a little bit of bad news when they arrived at the Swamp.

“Here’s how they tricked us,” Glenn laughed. “They told my coaches that we didn’t have to pay but they made us pay 35 dollars. We told them that Coach Loeffler (Florida quarterbacks coach) said we didn’t have to pay so they went and got him.”

After the brief hold up at the gate, Glenn and the group made their way inside to start participating in all of the different drills.

“We went inside and we ran a forty and then we broke up for position drills,” Glenn said. “I didn’t do board drills because I’m still recovering from my injury but Louis was killing them. I was helping Louis out and he was beating everybody so I said ‘Come on Louis, lets go, Miami boys.’ He was killing them on the board and he beat the tackle from Tampa Catholic (Chaz Green), actually he whooped him.”

Glenn then made his way to a different drill, where he lined up at offensive tackle and the moment of truth was soon to happen.

“I forgot what this boy’s name was but he’s a big pass rusher this year and he was beating everybody,” Glenn said. “I whooped him so then I threw up the ‘U’ and Louis started laughing. I went up against everybody else and I just kept winning and throwing up the ‘U’ all the time. This man came over and grabbed me and said I needed to leave to go down to Miami with that stuff.”

Although the fun on the field was over for Glenn, it wasn’t quite the end of the action.

“I walked off the field because I was a little confused and Louis left right after I got kicked out,” Glenn said. “He saw me going off and he came off and we walked out together. Then they fed us, we left the stadium, and we talked to a reporter outside the stadium.”

Glenn is hoping to make his first visit to Miami along with Nix sometime during the month of August so the duo can get a first hand look at the team preparing for the season.

all i know is that uf sucks

He also had to transfer to Raines because he was kicked off his high school team. Perfect recruit for a mediocre team in an average division of a mediocre conference.

Keep fading away UM...Some good football in the past. Very average non-loyal fans. If those fans did not even attend/graduate UM they are actually bad reps for the school as they are quite poorly educated people.

US-Mexico! Let's go Statesmen! Is this a more heated rivalry than UF-Miami?


US-Mexico! Let's go Statesmen! Is this a more heated rivalry than UF-Miami?


Posted by: Goody | July 26, 2009 at 03:09 PM

Not even close!

haha you gotta love it. You're not a bad guy, Joe. Whats your opinion on how often the canes and gators should play? also, on a scale of 1-10, how epic would a UF-UM bcs championship game be? (I know there's very little chance of it, just a question) It'd be the "battle for team of the decade"

I enjoy the canes falling so far down the chain. Down even 4th best in the Awful Coast Conference

They r 4th best in the state of Fl

Further evidence that you can't spell PUNK without the U. Flashed the "U" which is the new symbol for Underachiever. Just another classless 'Cane headed for defeat. Should have been thrown in Lake Alice so he could have experienced the real Gator chomp!

Classy kid. He gets thrown out of high school for disrespecting authority and out of Friday Night Lights for basically the same thing. Waaaaandy Shanon and the U of Mediocraty deserve him.


Gators and 'Canes should play every year. You called it, a Gators-'Canes championship would be the battle for team of the decade.


Class = Clint and Rick Trickett showing up at FNL, putting on a good show and being respectful.

This Glenn kid is a punk, but I'm sure this will help UM more than we will ever know.

I'm hearing conflicted stories about what happened. Did he throw up the U once or twice or many times? I don't know. Really, who cares?

Recruiting is def getting ridiculous. If a kid paid for his attendance to be there then he shouldn't be kicked out for such a minor infraction. As for safety reasons...the adults should be able to control those kids.

This makes the University of Florida look bad IMO and it may galvanize a group of UM recruits that UF would like to sway. It was the wrong move all the way around.

You Gator fans are ridiculous, calling this kid scum, a punk, and saying that he will fit in well at Miami for having fun and throwing up the U.

We know how he would fit in well at UF, commit a felony like the other 25 gator football players have recently.

You guys need to lighten up, it was a football camp attended by 17 year olds.

The UF coach who did this has remained anonymous and with good reason - he has made his employer look ridiculous.

Tossing the kid out for such a silly thing was a small thing to do and they know it. And you have to laugh at the reason they gave -"safety". Man, if you are going to backprdal and cover you butt, at least do a better job than that!

I'm wondering how many of you Gator "fans" actually went to UF, more importantly I wonder how many of you ACTUALLY went to college in general. Throwing a kid out for a rivals hand gesture is as stupid as some of the comments on here.

Um, what the heck happened to my last post? I took a lot of time to write that...

I can't find anything in the system, Adam. For some reason, I think there's a built-in time limit for posts. Maybe you got timed out. This has happened to me before. Very frustrating. I usual copy large posts to Word before I hit the "Post" button just in case I get timed out.


Gator fans will soon be thrown off their high horse once Tebow leaves. UF has a really good team for a four-year strecth and wins a couple of titles and all of a sudden Gator fans swear their team is the most dominant of all-time. Gimme a break, how quickly they forget it wasn't too long ago they were #3 in the college football pecking order in the state. Also, they beat Miami one time in the last twenty-some odd years and feel as though they can trash the U for being below-average. Just wait, the Canes are on the rise and the Gators who don't end up in jail will soon begin to realize life after Tebow won't be so easy.

Enjoy this year Gator fans, your short-lived reign on top is soon coming to an end.

Love these Cocane fans who think you have a license to do whatever you want because you paid an admission fee to get in. Think I'll try that at the local movie theatre today...I'll talk loudly, be disruptive and act like a general jerk and see if they let me stay cause I paid to get in...I doubt it!! Only a scUM fan would think like that because I guess down there that "what Miami do".

jo, I just made ANOTHER post about a half hour ago that is now not up.

jo, I just made ANOTHER post about a half hour ago that is now not up.

Posted by: Adam S. | July 27, 2009 at 01:32 PM

I guess you missed the memo Adam S., the Gator fans now post over at Eye on the U, and the 'cane fans are now posting here at Gator Clause.

If you were not so busy diddling your Twitter, you might have noticed!

It's amazing how gator fans talk about this guy being a punk and all this, but they forget that they took the title as THUG U from miami years ago. Not only with their players but their fans.

Sarasota - give it a rest, you're a freaking loser for posting over here under 50 different names. It is really pathetic. You should keep YOUR "Eye on the U" and not worry about what is going on over here.

Sarasota - give it a rest, you're a freaking loser for posting over here under 50 different names. It is really pathetic. You should keep YOUR "Eye on the U" and not worry about what is going on over here.

Posted by: Adam S. | July 27, 2009 at 03:40 PM

Looks like the tampon fell out, again! You might try Midol for the cramping.

P.S. Jo did you a favor and deleted your posts so the rest of us would not see what a little girl you are!

Ah right, "tampon," "little girl," all so original. You realize you are the one trying to start with me, right? Definition of the pot calling the kettle black. You're a little crybaby. Your team is so in the dumps that you spend your days on an opposing team's blog talking trash about the team and other posters who are not trying to engage in conversation with you. I'm here to talk about the Gators with other fans. You're the one on here starting crap and making yourself look like the pathetic loser you are.

C'mon, I'm waiting to see your post on the FNL issue. What's your take? Are you menstrating again?

Not going to re-type it. Have you checked yourself into a mental facility yet?

C'mon, lets see the post. Someone said that Rivals or Scout is reporting that both Nix and Glenn were on fire during the drills portion. None of the other recruits could handle them.

Tavadis should have realized that he was in Gainesville and that he was only bringing bad attention towards himself by doing that. If I were a Gator fan, I would hate him and, as a fan of the Canes, it makes me a bit squeamish thinking of the antics this kid will pull once he's at the U.....BUT that doesn't change the fact that this makes the coach come off as wee bit childish.

I seem to remember Tebow drawing a 15yd penalty for giving the chomp during a game last year. The ref did not put his arm around him and tell him not to do it again, as a sports writer described happened with Glenn at the camp. Rather--BAM--15 yd penalty - unsportsmanlike conduct. That is real life.

The presumption in attending a sports camp is to watch, listen, comprehend and learn thus improving and getting your money's worth. Hopefully Glenn learned something that may prevent him from receiving a 15yd penalty flag dropped on him in a game for taunting via a sign. If so, he, and his future team, got a good deal.

Gator fans fully support Adam S. He brings plenty of knowledge and calmness to the board....and it was quite engaging to notice the post by Don(e) above. What a great name for a You-Em fan...Done..as in all done:)

If only I was running for political office - LOL! Thanks Paul.

This really is a non-story. The REAL stories coming out of FNL should have been Brown's commitment, the fact that Powell has been to UF twice recently and has come away extremely impressed both times (No. 2 recruit in country, may steal him away from his hometown USC) and that Dunkley performed like a stud and we may get him, too.

Granted this is the Herald and any South Florida mention will get publicity, which is fair, but why overlook the big things that happened there for something so minor and unimportant?

From what I have read, I doubt that Glenn will ever play for the Canes. He was kicked out of his school and his transfer to another school has not been approved. He spent most of last year at an 'alternative' school due to discipline problems and it is likely that he will not even graduate.

let's see how good urban meyer is without tebow. plus with a full team recruited by him and not his predecessor, zook

Every player on the team WAS recruited by Meyer you moron!

Tavadis Glenn throwing up the U during Florida's FNL. It's at the end


Was your recruit in that youtube video? Sorry...I was too mesmerized by the recruits that we are getting to notice. See ya next year in Miami, candy canes. Try to have more fans show up than we do...mmmkay!

Adam S.,

Don't waste your energy on this Sarasota clown (you live in Sarasota? what are you, 70?). We are on top of college football right now and all this guy can do is brag about "moral victories" in the 26-3 loss and some semi-retarded high school kid throwing up his lame school gang sign at a camp.

Wonder how the kid felt to get kicked out in front of all those other recruits. "But, but, but...I paid muh $35, sir!!"

LOL...hit the bricks, loser. This is our camp. Plenty more where you came from.


Glenn told Rivals.com that he was upset for a bit about the incident but then brushed it aside. However, he did have some choice words for the Gators: “If we play them I’m going to make them pay.”

I wouldn't be surpirsed if their the 5th best in the state now. Obviously UF and FSU and then USF and UCF could probably take them too.

Before you get all high and mighty, Gator fans, just remember the role was reversed a few years ago, and you all reacted just like FSU fans. How soon you forget.


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