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Vandy's coach voted for Tim Tebow

HOOVER, Ala. -- Vanderbilt coach Bobby Johnson is off the hook. Johnson said on Wednesday at SEC Media Days that he voted for Tim Tebow as the All-SEC first-team quarterback.

"I don't know if you can find the culprit who didn't vote for him but is wasn't me," Johnson said.

Florida hosts Vanderbilt on Nov.7. The Gators defeated Vanderbilt 42-14 last season.

When asked to scout the Gators, Johnson deadpanned, "They got a good chance to be pretty good."



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Will be interesting to see how this plays out...

This is (even blog-worthy) news?

The only thing going on now are the SEC Meetings and jo is in attendance. Most of what other teams say (we do not go until tomorrow) is boring. Why not?

This is how you punish kids if you want the program to succeed.


I like it, as intriguing as a dog day of sports summer can be.

Someone please clarify for me - If Nutt couldn't vote for Snead, and if Meyer can't vote for Tebow, doesn't that preclude a unanimous vote for a single player? Wouldn't Meyer have been the one to vote Snead, and have the best possible explanation for doing so (he had no choice)?

No. Eleven votes count as a unanimous selection.


Tim Tebow is a great player

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