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Bozo the Clown is a Tennessee Volunteer?

GAINESVILLE -- Florida Gators offensive tackle Matt Patchan on Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin: "He's a bozo."

Shame on you Matt Patchan. As a childhood fan of Bozo the Clown, I find this very offensive. It was Bozo the Clown, after all, who basically invented beer pong. It was Bozo the Clown, after all, who fueled our nation's love of space exploration by sending kids to space camp!

That is all.


Found this on a message board.



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Just another example of "14" and his minions work! It comes in about 3 times a day, EVERYDAY!

u hurricane fans are pathetic, we have a better recieving core than u all. attention hurricane fans: your leading reciever runs a 4.6 and had a total of 332 yards for a season. last time i checked that wasnt good. the glory days are over for u all and u guys refuse to see it and its sad.

Posted by: gators3in4 | August 14, 2009 at 12:44 PM

The hits just keep on coming!

watching u all tryin to make a comeback is like watching elvis past his prime. PATHETIC.

Posted by: gators3in4 | August 14, 2009 at 12:47 PM

WilliamWallace Says:
August 13th, 2009 at 11:15 pm

The Canes will be “non relevant”? How much of an idiot are you?

I love this persona, "Ebonic Racist"!

Listen ZarOKoN i dnt care wat he did his stats and none of the other receivers stats add up to the best in the nation. what do u call best when no one have proven themselves and also how many catches did he have over 20 yards. da cat cant stretch the field sumthn tommy streeter can do. u um fans are Pathetic i see you guys will do anything to bring hype to a non existing program. they never play the right players as you can see dvd is still a starter and the development isnt there anymore. how can you explain a pretty much veteran oline dat hasnt come as one in some years.you guys should reach for winning atleast 8 games before yall start throwing these expectations around from wat i see harris cant get da ball down the field on his back and mike james should be starting ove james and cooper he's the only factor back yall have the rest is all flash and dvd is a touchdown waiting to happen i could route him rite now he need to change his last name to van trash cuz dats wat he is. oppossing receivers eyes light up when they see that cat on the other side. after the season shannon will be fired and you guys may do something with the next coach but wat does dat say about ur organization when the playeres want to play for shannon but you guys dnt want to extend him till after the season dats sad u guys have no trust and continuity its sumbody new coming in every other year

Posted by: 1lewy | August 14, 2009 at 12:58 PM

This is absurd!

Yup, sure is.

bulletin board material. Tennessee might end up being more jacked for that game than UF is. They've been given no chance by the media and now, a gator openly disses their coach...baaad combination.

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