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Decision to shelve Florida Gators receiver Andre Debose nearing

GAINESVILLE -- University of Florida football coach Urban Meyer indicated on Monday that freshman receiver Andre Debose might need surgery to correct an injured hamstring.

Meyer said Debose's injury is "very unique" but UF's coach was vague in describing the ailment. Meyer called it a "problem" with one of Debose's hamstring tendons and said a decision will be made in the next 24 hours on whether or not the freshman has surgery. 

"It's certainly not career ending, is what they told me," Meyer said. "It's just, do you fix it or do you give it time? He's had a lot of time."

Sounds like surgery to me. If that's the case, Debose will likely be redshirted this season.

Now, here's something to consider. If there's even a chance that Debose's body can heal itself, shouldn't UF allow that to happen? Give it two months to heal. If Debose is ready after two months, then he can still help the team this season. If Debose still needs surgery after two months, then perform the operation in November. There will still be plenty of time for Debose to rehab before next season.



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4-6 weeks ... FULL REST ='s Full recovery .

4-6 weeks? Laughable for a tendon tear. He'd be out minimum 3 months. Depends exactly what the injury is and what they need to do.

Paging doctor Adam, paging doctor Adam, doctor Adam to surgery...

You're an opinionated panzy! Now you're giving medical assessments? What a putz!

I'm a panzy for having an opinion? And you're not? Good one. Get a life.

I say take no chances, redshirt him and take care of the issue now.

If Dubose would have made the difference in accomplishingh the season goals, then perhaps our Gators weren't as complete a team as they should be. with all the playmaking talent on this roster, Dubose is/would strictly be a luxury for this year.

Who knows if Percy's career would have been different had the type and extent of his ankle injury been diagnosed correctly the first time it came up in high school.

Rico, Percy had a heel issue from high school. It was successfully operated on after his sophmore season. Don't confuse that with his ankle injury late last year.

I diasagree with the "injury prone" tag he got. He played through the heel stuff. Anyone can get their ankle hurt, especially when guys are diving all over the place to tackle him. Migraine headache? Not an injury. Did I miss any others?

Completely agree with Alan. Percy's heel was not an injury - I believe one of his bones was longer than it was supposed to be an had to literally be shaven down. After that healed, he was fine. As Alan said, ankle sprains and hairline fractures can happen to anyone - look what Percy did without it fully healed. Only other thing he had was a one-week collarbone or shoulder thing (I forget which).

Jo, have you joined the Twitter Generation yet? Check out @MrCFB ... c'mon, make it easier for us to know when you post.

I misspoke, meant to say the heel, which affected him on many occasions and was misdiagnosed as something else. Pretty sure Urban said as much in previous years. Yes, aware that the ankle injury in the FSU gam last year is different.

Again, would still shirt DeBose.

Probably will have to redshirt him Rico, I agree. Still waiting to hear what he says today...

They will make an announcement tonight...

Looking like they'll hold him out til November. Then see how he responds after 8 weeks of rest and treatment to be able to use him for the stretch run. (he runs ok, just some sporatic pain) Word is, by going this route, this will not put him at risk, even if he reinjures it by fully tearing it. If he were to get surgery now, they would detatch it anyways and then reattach it (like Oklahoma's Demarcus Murray) and he would "likely" miss the season . (but Murray was rehabing within 4 weeks and running in 2 months). All depends on the individual trauma... Redshirting him really isn't that big a part of the equation either way.

So who knows. Either way, 8-10 weeks with a shot at using him FSU -SEC Champ- Bowl Game.

Maybe ...


And if they were to wait, immediately after the Bowl game it would be fixed and good to go in 2010 .

He'd be out minimum 3 months. Depends exactly what the injury is and what they need to do.

Posted by: Adam S. | September 01, 2009 at 09:37 AM

True, the extent and procedure are key . Very rare, but with these things, they are leaps and bounds ahead of where they were just 3 years ago.

The key is, how can they get him in uniform in December even at 90%. The REDSHIRT is a moot point in this case. The kid wont be staying 5 years regardless. Just have him ready for 2 games and it will well worth the investment this year. To hell with his redshirt. If healthy enough in the 2 biggest games, he's playing.

So just what is the best plan of action to use him for the 2 'Ship games will be the course they go. Resting it would do him wonders in 8-10 weeks. Or fixng it, knowing the window will allow him to play in the final 2 BIG GAMES... Remember, Murray had surgery in late December (22nd i think) and was at full speed for Spring in late March (27th.) ... 10-12 weeks. That would be right on schedule for Atlanta and hopefully Pasadena.

Gotta go all in ... 'Ship or Bust (or POP)

Mom, I think you're putting too much emphasis on having him suit up for 09. A commenter pointed out the other day that if UF needs him that badly then we aren't as deep as we think we are. Even if he wasn't injured he would likely see limited time ala Percy's freshman year.

If he does need surgery and they delay it his role will be more along the lines of getting a feel for the college game by experiencing the bigger players and atmosphere. Meyer has beaucoup weapons at his disposal and will bring AD along slower than you seem to want regardless of the hammy situation.

I had confidence going into last year that Urban would develop solid play at DT. He did just that. I have the same confidence in Meyer's 09 WR's. The Percy position can be filled to some extent by the lightning fast tough as nails Jeff Demps and others. Percy's touches can be spread around very effectively.

I'll be very surprised to see any AD this year beyond a handful of plays. I'm fine with that.

Mom, Pops - you're right, it totally depends on the extent. I was going off of a partial tear - which it SEEMS is the minimum it is. Even if it is 8 weeks instead of 12 weeks, I wouldn't want him back on the field this year. Better to get 40+ weeks of rehab than 8.

Even if he only plans to stay for three years and leaves as a redshirt sophomore, that is two years of him playing with Brantley. You put him on the redshirt BECAUSE there is always the chance he (a) gets injured again (b) needs more time to get NFL-ready or (c) does not want to leave early.

With that, I agree with Alan - not necessary for him to play this year - though it is obviously preferred. I'd rather not have a freshman start his first game in the SEC Championship if we're lucky enough to be undefeated at that point.

But on a side note I feel strange calling any commenter "mom.". LOL

Posted by: Alan M. | September 02, 2009 at 09:37 AM

Posted by: AM | September 02, 2009 at 10:01 AM

great points all ... I'm in G'ville and the word could come at any time.

I suppose they'll all do what's best for the kid. But I won't be the least bit surprised if this kid finds his way to the field somehow late this year. He's gonna want to give it a go. Doctor Pete has full Veto power though.

Go Gatuh

Mom, I think you're putting too much emphasis on having him suit up for 09. A commenter pointed out the other day that if UF needs him that badly then we aren't as deep as we think we are. Even if he wasn't injured he would likely see limited time ala Percy's freshman year.

Posted by: Alan M. | September 02, 2009 at 09:37 AM

When U run 4-5 wide 50% of the time, unfortunately WR depth will be an issue. The redshirt Fresh. aren't there.


True Percy was limited his freshman year, but he was the key those last 3 games...

Doering, Ackerman and others seem to think because of the delay, they are going to wait in see and fix it later when/if needed.

we'll see

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