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Florida Gators coach Urban Meyer indirectly threatens reporters on first day of practice

GAINESVILLE -- Here's a link to my story in today's paper about the start of fall practice for the University of Florida football team. LINK! Basically, everyone is buzzing about the Gators' willingness to talk about the goal of an undefeated season. Well, on Thursday afternoon, UF coach Urban Meyer wasn't too happy about his players' candid and forthright answers to questions about 14-0.

"Of course I don't want that kind of talk," Meyer said. "Our goal is to go to Atlanta. That's it. I read some of that, too. We gotta move on. I look forward to the when [the players] are off limits. That may be sooner than you think. We just have to take care of our business and practice hard. That's what counts. Not what people say. Not what reporters say. Not what kids say. Kids need to focus on the next practice."

Reporters, you are warned. Stop asking good questions or else. Ask about the next practice.

So UF wants to go undefeated. What team doesn't? No big deal. Let's move on.



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meyer is protective of his kids, as he should be against the media vultures who love to raise kids up just so that they can sink their teeth into the stories of disappointment.

meyer is smart to want to protect his kids from the manipulative media who love to toy with the minds of the young players and have even been known to ask players about their private sexual life.

I am not surprised by his reaction at all. Just as I am not surpised that the question was asked. Everybody has a job and/or agenda. Moving on!

Toy with the minds? I hope this post was sarcastic.


Who asked the question toTebow anyway?

It's an obvious question and it had to be asked. Better for UF to get it out of the way on the first day, I say.


So Jo, ask the players about their next practice, and everyone wins.

ridiculus headline!

Meyer knows that an undefeated season has never been done in over 100 + years at UF! (Auburn did it two years in a row with a new coach!) Why would he want to talk about that?

Big: What?

Tuberville went undefeated once (2004). Bowden went undefeated once (1993). The '57 team went undefeated and won an AP NC.

The only time Auburn went undefeated two years in a row was in 1913 and '14, with Mike Donahue as coach. He could not have been a new coach in both years. And there was no SEC at that time.

Care to try again?

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