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Florida Gators freshman Andre Debose behind schedule

GAINESVILLE -- Florida coach Urban Meyer said on Monday that freshman wide receiver Andre Debose is behind schedule due to the hamstring injury he suffered this summer. Debose (5-11, 180 pounds) is eventually expected to contribute offensively this season, according to Meyer.

"I wish Debose was a little further ahead," Meyer said. "His heart is in the right place. He's trying. That hamstring limited him a little bit in preparation for this summer but he certainly has the talent, which he showed a little bit today."

Receivers coach Billy Gonzales said that Debose performed well in a one-on-one tackling drill on Monday.

Percy position frontrunners
Meyer said that sophomore running back Jeff Demps and senior return specialist Brandon James are currently "the two guys fighting" for the "Percy position," which is essentially the slot-receiver position.

"Right now that's what it looks like until Debose gets ready," Meyer said.

Meyer said that Demps is having trouble adjusting to the nuisances of the receiver position. "He can catch the ball," Meyer said. "It's just the elusiveness of being in man-to-man coverage. He doesn't have that right now. And we're tying to work on it but it's hard to do if you've never played receiver."




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Wow no deonte thompson no frankie hammonds lmao y'all shouda stayed home, ur letn a injured freshman bypass y'all geesh. U guys let Urban Cryer lie to U.

Yeh..they could've 'stayed home' & been on a sucky 7-5 scUM team whose coach will be fired @ the end of the season.

LOL--sounds like a plan, G..

This will help Shannon's recruiting more than we'll ever know! LOLOLOL!!

Hey I bet they wish they were on a 7-5 team now at least they would b playing trying to get to the nfl, sorry no gator wr are factors in the league right now r they lmao.

oh yeh--definitely..TONS of 1st round wide receivers came out of Duh U this year, huh?

This aint 'the league' it's COLLEGE--know the difference? Maybe that's why only 20 fans show up for scUM games--clueless..

I am trying to understand what happened to Percy Harvin, Louis Murphy, Travis Taylor, Jabbar Gaffney, and Andre Caldwell. Did they all just get fired? Last I looked Minnesota was redesigning their ofense to feature Harvin, Murphy was bieng touted as beating out a guy drafted ahead of him and being the best rookie on his club, Caldwell was practicing some wildcat QB and was a featured WR for team.

But go ahead and have your Clueless "Da Ewe" delusions. I am sure it sucks having been good once and now being mediocre

O ya chad jackson jus caught a touchdown pass in the cfl. Taylor who jacobs o the pro bowler lol, andre cadwell o he's the 7 receiver in the nati right. Be foreal florida gator wrs suck in the nfl. O ya I forgot about travis ima bust taylor o not even n the league anymo. We will c wat percy I have a cold I can't practice harvin does in minny hope he doesn't fall out ridn on the plane to green bay.

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