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Florida Gators freshman Andre Debose possibly out with tendon tear

GAINESVILLE -- A bit of breaking news to report this morning. Florida Gators coach Urban Meyer said after practice that the hamstring injury suffered by freshman receiver Andre Debose this summer might be worse than initially assumed.

Meyer told reporters that Debose might have a torn tendon and that UF's medical staff will know more about the injury on Monday. According to Meyer, Debose apparently injured his hamstring at the beginning of the summer during the FHSAA state track meet. Debose was considered one of the nation's top high school prospects last year.

“We found out there is some damage to his hamstring. It doesn’t happen very often," Meyer said. "It’s a tendon, and we’re going to evaluate the significance of it. It’s a real injury. We were worried it was just a tight hamstring, a hamstring pull or a hamstring strain. It might be something more. We’ll have more details on Monday.”

On National Signing Day, Meyer compared Debose to former Gator Percy Harvin. UF's coach had hoped that Debose could contribute at slot receiver this season but that option seems to be growing increasingly doubtful.

“There’s possibly a torn tendon," Meyer said. “I just found this out last night. It’s not a common injury. It must have happened in that state track meet. A lot of times you don’t MRI hamstrings, you just heal them and get going.”

--Miami Herald writer Mike McCall contributed to this report.



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2-3 months if it is partially torn - season if it is completely torn - if not turn then 2-4 weeks.

He did not injure his leg working out with the Gators. He injured it at a state track meet for high school.

Thanks, Jenn.


so is it most likely that he redshirts, Jo? not good to be missing another weapon. ouch.

Too early to speculate. If the tendon is indeed torn, then surgery might be necessary. I don't know. I'm not a doctor, although I play one on TV.


Man, hamstrings injuies are not only nagging but highly painful as well. I hope he doesn't have a tear. We probably won't be seeing any AD this year. Hope I'm wrong.

NO undefeated season again this year.Injuries are piling. I say 8-4. If the probators had a real schedule I'd say 6-6.

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