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Florida Gators QB Jordan Reed gets the gag order from assistant coach Scot Loeffler

Reed GAINESVILLE -- Well, we wanted to write a nice article about UF freshman quarterback Jordan Reed but his new position coach, Scot Loeffler, had different plans on Thursday (one of the only days Reed will be available this year).

Loeffler told Reed [PICTURED] to answer every question on Thursday with the same stock answer. (It's annoying but funny at the same time. No one really cares what Reed has to say anyway, right? I'm kidding, of course.) Anyway, find out what not-so-free thinker Jordan Reed has to say by clicking on the audio link.



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That is great...very funny.

The Florida Gators got the number one ranking Friday morning when the USAToday coaches poll came out, which is no surprise to anyone. Just because the Gators are ranked number one and as loaded from top to bottom of the roster as any team in the country doesn’t mean Urban Meyer doesn’t have a surprise or two up his sleeve, however. Following the Friday morning practice, Meyer indicated that he’s got a wildcat package in the works for cornerback Joe Haden, who is expected to have an All-SEC type of season.
Haden was a high school All-American quarterback and the state record holder for passing yardage in Maryland but he’s started at corner for 27 straight games since arriving at Florida in 2007. He’s considered one of the two or three best cover corners in the country but his speed and athletic ability has Meyer and the Florida coaching staff looking for ways to utilize all his talents.
“He’s down there taking snaps,” Meyer said after practice. “He was a high school quarterback. We thought about playing him some at receiver but there’s a chance [we’ll use him in a wildcat formation] … let people think about that for a little bit.”
Meyer said he got the idea of using Haden in some situations at quarterback early in the summer when Haden threw a football at him.
“We were out there screwing around at the beginning of summer and he threw me a football and that thing came at me with a tight spiral and hot,” Meyer said. “I said do that again. He did it again and ever since then he’s been talking to me and working with Scot (Loeffler). That’s a possibility.”

Got this from an email chain. Anything to it?

That was funny man ! I would have definitely asked him if he was glad to be at Florida.

Why do people paste entire articles into the comments? lol

Urban was so surprised when he saw a tight spiral being thrown by a quarterback, being that he has not seen that in 3 years

I would like to interject that the author of this story is a soccer paying short story writer who also likes to write about water polo. What a stud!

That is all.


Haden is one of the most athletic Gators and was a HS QB. He threw for +5000 yards and 78 Tds.

He has been working with the QB coach lately, in addition to tending to his DB responsibilities.


Brad: Soccer is a great game. The author's credentials don't make this interview any less funny, do they? That is all.

MiamiGator: are you forgetting a Mr. Brantley? I hope everyone else is, too. He's going to scorch some secondaries next season.

That audio clip was so funny I had to post it on the Sun's message board!

Goodman, you are such a tool. Always pretending to be a "reporter" but never missing a chance to throw a smart-ass remark into every Gator report. What would it take for you to stay out of Gainesville? Oh wait, I'll just stop reading your dumb column, slanted for the Miami fans..


you are right I did not include Brantley in my statement, I agree next year will be interesting with some of these young receivers a year older like Dubose

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