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Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow received injections last season

GAINESVILLE -- On Monday, Florida quarterback Tim Tebow told reporters that he received pain-reducing injections before nearly every game last season.

Tebow said that he injured his shoulder during the first game of the season (Hawaii). Instead of undergoing surgery and missing the season, Tebow put off surgery until after the season and played through pain. Tebow received injections before every game after the first game of the season.

Tebow had surgery after the season and said he now feels better than he has in over two years. Tebow played with an injured shoulder during his sophomore season as well. It is common knowledge that Tebow received pain-reducing injections during his Heisman-winning season.

"It's more comfortable than it has been last year or the year before," Tebow said of his shoulder. "It's so much easier now. You can takes hit and smile instead of grunt."

Tebow said that his sore lower back is improving and shouldn't be a problem to begin the season. The quarterback said he injured his back "just overworking like I do everything -- over lifting, over training, over playing."

Tebow was held out during practice last week in order to rest his back but he said he likely would have sat out many of the plays regardless. Meyer often rests the Gators' key players -- Tebow, Brandon Spikes, Jeff Demps -- during full-contact drills, according to Tebow.

--Tebow on Monday's practice: "I felt good. Ran around head butting people."

--Defensive line coach Dan McCarney said on Monday that freshman defensive tackle Gary Brown is not prepared "for prime time" and will not play to begin the season. Brown reported to UF this summer well over 300 pounds and is still out of shape. As a guide, starting tackle Lawrence Marsh weighs 285 pounds.

--Tight end Aaron Hernandez on his daily struggle to block Florida's enormous defensive ends: "It's a constant struggle. I'm a lot lighter than defensive ends but I go hard I have decent technique."

--Hernandez on his expanded role and picking up the slack left by Percy Harvin: "You can't really replace a guy like Percy. It's just that I have to step up in my role, David Nelson has to step up, Deonte [Thompson], Carl Moore, everybody."



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Mmmm Mmmmmm Mmmmmmmm Says:
August 24th, 2009 at 6:48 pm
August 24th, 2009 at 6:05 pm

Lambda Lambda Lambda could beat up The U’s team, in fact they already did, reference FIU. How woeful is that?

Wasn’t that Ron Zook’s team who got beat up by Lambda Lambda Lambda in REAL LIFE??????????


Funny, neither of these Canes are even 1st team ACC. You can count on clueless Shannon to mess them up.

Posted by: Jorge | August 24, 2009 at 08:26 PM

canesrule 21 'ships Says:
August 24th, 2009 at 7:36 pm
Dare I ask - Why isn’t the Miami-FSU game sold out?

Here are my top ten reasons direct from Exuse U

1) Doak Campbell Stadium is just too big.

2) Local car dealerships did not offer free game tix with any test drive.

3) The $8 scalper’s price is just too darn expensive in this bad economy.

4) You don’t have to listen to, watch, blog, or twitter about college football to be a Canes fan. You only have to be able to pronounce the phrase “We’s build’n depth, cuz that’s what Miami do”.

5) Football? What’s that? UFC fights and locker room rasslin are the new sports of choice at DaU.

6) Whhaaaaaa-dy forgot if the depth chart order goes 1,2,3 or 3,2,1.

7) DaU’s bus has gotten a lot shorter.

Tallahassee is a lot further away than Did I Hear A Pin Drop Stadium.

9) No one cares, not even our own fans. Both team’s are irrelevant on the national scene and in my heart of hearts I know neither team will play in the ACC Title game.

10) Openly complaining about an end of game field goal has hurt our fan attendance more than we will ever know.

Who let the trolls in?

Hopefully, he didn't take Propifol

The trolls wander between here and the PB Post blog.

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