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Florida Gators ranked No.1 in coaches poll

GAINESVILLE -- As expected, the Florida Gators will begin the 2009 college football season ranked No.1 in the coaches' poll. The poll was released this morning. LINK!

The Gators received 53 first-place votes. Texas, ranked No.2, received four first place votes. Oklahoma, ranked No.3, received one first-place vote. Southern California, ranked No.4, also received one first-place vote.

Alabama is ranked No.5. Somewhat surprising, right? No.6 Ohio State, No.7 Virginia Tech, No.8 Penn State, No.9 Louisiana State and No.10 Ole Miss round out the top 10.

Georgia is ranked No.13.



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I know everyone has Ole Miss over LSU in so many preseason rankings, but I think this is more realistic. IMO LSU has more overall talent and they've been there before. Ole Miss isn't going to be sneaking up on teams this year.

Wire to wire baby!

The FSU romp in The Swamp Two years ago was the funnest game I've ever attended. More of the same this year for Feeshoe.

Actually UT's visit will probably surpass the FSU beatdown.

It would be nice if the UAA could spend some of it's deep coffers to purchase extra timeouts for the UT bytchslapping. "So with :37 seconds remaining Meyer calls his ninth timeout of the half." You will feel the wrath of Gator Nation Kiffin.

We better be on our toes for the UGA Smelldawgs. They will be highly motivated.

This is shaping up to be the greatest season in Gator football history.

And, nothing would be sweeter than meeting PAC-10 pansies USC In Pasadena for the BCS title game. Please make that happen football gods. We've already tooled Big-12 and Big-Ten teams in the last two Championships. Bring on a USC for the BCS Title Game Grand Slam. Sorry ACC, your not in the conversation.


Careful what you wish for...Lots of 'invincible' teams (92 UM, 06 OSU) can attest to that maxim. But I do agree that the ACC AND the Big East are not in the conversation. It's a long season and we just need to take it one game at a time. As you could probably tell, I am a 'wait till next year' Gator from way back (well early 80s at least). I do find it surprising that Bama is #5, but we shall see. Just seeing this makes me wonder who is the bust and who will be the Dark Horse/Cinderella? Can't wait to find out.

CCGator, I am careful what I wish for. I see a team that has, above all, amazing leadership. UF came extremely close to the same goal in 08 but unbelievably became complacent. I think Meyer shoulders some of the blame for the Ole Miss fiasco as well but that's a topic for another day. What really impresses me at UF football is that they are continually improving and don't seem at content to rest on their laurels. Some will say the 07 team did just that but that team had holes in it after the whole defense left.

Do you think any football program in the country worked harder than our boys did this summer? You see I feel highly confident since I know that our incredibly deep team from last year outworked the competition.

This team is heading toward a crescendo of greatness in 09. I just can't lower my expectations and sit on my thumbs for 14 games worrying about a slip up. The pieces are in place to go wire to wire. That said, I will gladly accept going 27-1 over two years.

Urban is still building this machine Gator Nation. We'll probably see a drop off after 09 since there will be a mass exodus to the NFL. But the leadership and development of players will remain and I think we can all safely say that UF will be a top 10 team in 2010.

CCGaotr? My brother and I used to sit at Florida field ( south endzone had aluminum bleachers) and do this silly little Dubose chant. And that's Jimmy Dubose I'm talking about not Andre. He was the greatest thing on earth to us as we watched him lead the Gators to their first 9 win season. Doug Dickey was the coach and the Gators ownership deed sat in a box in Athens. We both remember when the SEC was a flat out power running conference. That was until Spurrier turned the league on it's head. I will forever revere SOS for how he put UF football on the map and the SEC on it's ass. Anyone remember him, humiliating Georgia and calling the same end zone pass three times in a row after it was called back on penalties the first two attempts? Seven points Gators ! . I went to a handful of games during the 1979 0-10-1 campaign. Pell's first year. My first Gator game was in something like 1975. It's been quite a journey. It's still getting better thanks to Foley, Meyer, and Gator Nation. It's great to be a Florida Gator.

LOL! Another old timer. I am SO enjoying our cuurent run and hope it continues. I agree that we have the greatest coaches, players and other intangibles in place for a long stay at the top. I am confident, but let's win the SEC first! I am going to every home game this year sans Troy and FIU, so I am totally stoked. Already have a source for BCS tickets lined up as well. GO GATORS!!!


My first Gator game was in something like 1975. It's been quite a journey. It's still getting better thanks to Foley, Meyer, and Gator Nation. It's great to be a Florida Gator.

Posted by: 14-0ToPasadenaWeGo | August 08, 2009 at 11:18 AM

So we already know you have a 14-15 year old daughter and now you tell us you have been going to games since 1975, which probably makes you about 45-55 years old.

Why would a 45-55 year old boy spend all day on the UM blogs spewing garbage like a 13 year old? You are the biggest loser on the web! Bar none, it's not even close!

What causes a normal, law abiding citizen to turn into the biggest internet baby in the world?

I understand that there is A LOT of heartache in there since 1975 at the hands of UM. But c'mon "14", what on earth causes what will follow? Grow up little man, if your dick is that small, then for God's sake go buy a Corvette like all the other midde aged losers do!

You're a middle aged man? With a teenaged daughter? What kind of "dip" does that girl of yours chew? I'm betting Skoal!

You're a middle aged man? With a teenaged daughter? What kind of "dip" does that girl of yours chew? I'm betting Skoal!

Posted by: 14 is an abberation (100+ years doesn't lie) | August 08, 2009 at 01:59 PM

She "throws" a nice one! Trust us! -The UM BB Team

Daddy's watchin'!

OK, let's not get personal, guys. I know plenty of attractive woman who dip Skoal. It's good for the gums.


OK, let's not get personal, guys. I know plenty of attractive woman who dip Skoal. It's good for the gums.


Posted by: Goody | August 08, 2009 at 05:08 PM

It's not personal Jo, it's business!

Hey Jo,

Somebody left this by mistake! I thought I'd bring it home!

Now I know you're reading every word "14"!

P.S. You could bounce a quarter off of that thang!

canesrule 21 'ships Says:

August 8th, 2009 at 11:24 am
I was there, and truth be told, since I am very good at higher math and countong on my fingers, it was more like a grand total of 8 fans who showed up. That’s the way Miami do!!! From what I saw at practice we look like we are at least a Top 30 team in “The Quad” rankings, the equivalent of a Top 60 team in the Coaches Poll.

In all serious though, the manner in which our baby canes were running aimlessly around the field makes me question why we’re paying Randy “Short Bus” Shannon the small bucks? I mean really, who’s changing the diapers on this team? It’s three years later, and he still refers to them as the Baby Canes? No way in Coral Gables that we reach 5-7 this season even with our cake walk schedule which makes our days in the Big Least look like the toughest conference in the nation. Dare I say we only play 1 team in the Top 10!!!

CANES LOGIC: The Canes still have the most players in the NFL, and coincidentially we’re irrelevant on Saturdays. Therefore we only watch football in What-cha-ma-call-it Stadium on Sundays. In my heart of hearts the very reason why we have not sold out a game in over five years. “The crowd was fairly quiet”, copy, paste, post to describe the 25,000+ Canes fans who may show up to any game this season.

This was a fun one Jo!

And Daddy's reading every word of it! Not that he needs to mind you, he just wrote it at lunchtime today. I'm sure he remembers what it says!

just run your MVP out on 3rd down and U will improve your stats Says:
August 8th, 2009 at 11:53 am

Hey Kirk, you’re offensive line is probably the worst in your conference.

“We just don’t have any depth,” Stoutland said. Do U have a CLUE what a thin O-line means to a teams chances??????

Winning football starts on the O-line. U have no offensive line Kirk. Can U say Pipho will start? U will be losing. Kudo’s for your unbridled enthusiasm but dude U got no clue.

Kirk...stick with researching refrigerators in Consumer Reports, your football prognostication skills are beyond reproach Says:
August 8th, 2009 at 12:05 pm

I hope you’re joking. My guess is that you’re not really a ‘Canes fan. Or you simply can’t disguise your contempt for Randy Shannon.
This guy should be working at NASA.

As you are well aware, UM has the toughest starting schedule in the nation . The Champions crushed 2 out of those four in the last 10 months. Same team returns.

FSU knows how paper thin your line is. Ponder will have his way with exhausted UM in the fourth quarter.

Beamer is wayyy better than your dumpster fire head coach. U beat them last year and they were as young as U were. So what.

GT? FOUR HUNDRED AND SEVENTY TWO dweebhammer! They’ll throw some wrinkles in and only gash you D for 250 this year.

OU? I don’t think we really need to comment on this one kids.

given the combination of now-restocked talent, the coaching prowess of new offensive coordinator Mark Whipple,and more experience across the board.

CANE LOGIC: no one else in the country has “more experience” so the canes will naturally be better than teams that took them behind the woodshed earlier. Silly cane fan..EVERYONE has more experience across the board. But U should note that your atrocious O-line has LESS experience. NOT GOOD

turning the corner this year and starting back on the path to greatness…” HUH??? Whu??
The bottom of the barrel UM salary structure has your coaching carousel stuck in a rut you Somewhere Over The Rainbow moron.

U typify everything about delusional canefan and their inability to see that the competition tries harder, prepares better, and matures more than U. U are an ACC also-ran who will finish 4th or maybe even a grand THIRD in the mediocre ACC

U probably didn’t believe your wife was cheating on you either.

Was this written by the guy the police thought killed all the kids on campus, before they realized it was Danny Rolling? Remember him? That freaky guy with all the emotional issues (student at the time) that they rounded up in the early days of the invesigation? Are you him "14"?

canesrule 21 'ships Says:
August 8th, 2009 at 12:08 pm

“the coaching prowess”
“more experience across the board”
“turning the corner”

Sometimes my alter egos amuse myself. Truth be told, although we only play one team in the Top 10, our 19-19 record says we will be horrific for at least another 10 years.

Kirk...stick with researching refrigerators in Consumer Reports, your football prognostication skills are beyond reproach Says:
August 8th, 2009 at 12:08 pm
1 practice w/o pads and you guys are ready to throw mud on the Randy and the program?

NO Einstein, it’s based on year after year of atrocious play and NO player development. But it’s all fixed now right? RIGHT?????? Great job applying Cane logic.

Stick to the 49′ers U clueless moron.

I sometimes forget how pathetic the CANE trolls are on the Gator boards. I never go to Cane Blogs, so I guess it must be pretty bad if they all come over here.

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