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Receiver Riley Cooper signs with Rangers

GAINESVILLE -- It's official. Florida receiver Riley Cooper is getting paid.

Cooper signed a contract with the Texas Rangers on Friday morning. Baseball America reported that the contract comes with a signing bonus of $250,000. Cooper, a senior, will begin his professional baseball career when the football season ends. He was drafted by the Rangers in the 25th round.

Cooper rejoined the football team last week after a six-month hiatus to focus on his baseball career. It didn't take Cooper long to find his form on the football field, according to UF coach Urban Meyer. Meyer said that Cooper is currently a first-string receiver along with redshirt sophomore Deonte Thompson and redshirt senior David Nelson.



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So someone wants to be a jerk. Big deal. Ignore it and carry on.


Thanks Jo, Gator Clause has provided this clown a safe haven for years! What's funny is he rarely blogs about UF anymore! It's all Miami hate, all the time!

Soldy a bigger idiot than Curse? Can someone be a bigger idiot than themselves?

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