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Freshman running back "de-striped"

GAINESVILLE -- Florida Gators running back Mike Gillislee was the first newcomer of 2009 to lose his freshman helmet stripe, according to UF coach Urban Meyer.

Gillislee lost his stripe on Saturday during the Gators' first scrimmage of the preseason. Offensive lineman Jonotthan Harrison lost his stripe as well. Being "de-striped' by your upperclassmen teammates is a rite of passage for freshmen Gators.

INJURY UPDATE: Offensive guard James Wilson (ankle) and offensive tackle Matt Patchan (concussion) were held out of the scrimmage.



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...rite of passage.


i was wondering how Mike was doing. had heard nothing about him all fall.

Did any of the other 28 players lose their
"prison stripes" ????

Thanks for the edit, 21. Wrote it quickly.


What's up with Wilson's feet? It was both of his feet last year or was it his back ? He was so highly anticipated coming in yet hasn't seen the field. Was he a redshirt last year ? I don't remember him playing at all.

He has already taken a redshirt. This is Wilson's year to prove his worth.


Let's leave religion out of this.

ACC has the largest television audience of all the major conferences

posted by: 'soda


Largest Market, NOT largest audience.

Big difference dumbazz

Posted by: At least U might have a shot at beating .500 in that Pansy conference, merely mentioning the Big Least shows how far U'v fallen. Who cares BOTH conferences SUCKKK | August 16, 2009 at 02:04 PM

What's up with Wilson's feet? It was both of his feet last year or was it his back ? He was so highly anticipated coming in yet hasn't seen the field. Was he a redshirt last year ? I don't remember him playing at all.

Posted by: 21 days Gator fans ( bye week before LSU) | August 15, 2009 at 10:00 PM

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What do Christian Ponder, Matt Grothe, and Rusty Smith all have in common? They are all far better QB's than Jacory Curl. Bring on Cook. Winning anything with duck throwing Jacory Curl is fantasy.

What do Travis Benjamin, Sebastian Duh Ibis, and Jacory Curl all have in common? U could fit all six of their legs in one of Tebow's pant legs.

Posted by: Ohhhh the historic blowout losses that await | August 17, 2009 at 09:10 AM

Hey, Wizard that's called tradition at a classy program. What do they do at your favorite school... either cheat on tests or being thugs in the streets of Miami? lol. Stop the hate!


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