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Hey, Patrick Schuster, you're a dumb jock!

GAINESVILLE -- We're not going to spend much time on this, but it probably needs to be addressed.

So, does anyone remember the story about a high school pitcher from New Port Richey (Patrick Schuster) who signed with Florida and then pitched four no-hitters in a row? It was a pretty big deal at the time. Anyway, that pitcher made himself look pretty foolish this week.

Schuster was drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks in June but still enrolled at Florida this summer just in case he wasn't offered enough money. Well, Schuster got his money -- $450,000 signing bonus -- and now he's a professional athlete. Good for him, right? We wish him well.

But in leaving Florida, Schuster said something really stupid to the Phoenix, Ariz., newspaper.

"I got [to Florida] and, you know what, I don't like being treated like I'm stupid," Schuster told the Arizona Republic. "I went to a good university, a good teaching institution, and they treated me like a dumb jock. I didn't appreciate it. I didn't like it. As soon as I got the phone call that said [the Diamondbacks] got me my money, I packed up and left as soon as they told me. I was ready to go on Thursday and ready to come here."

So, let me get this straight. Schuster didn't like being treated "like I'm stupid", so he ... dropped out of school. Brilliant!

Now, we realize that's not the reason why Schuster dropped out. He got paid, so he quit school. I probably would have done the same thing. But come on, Schuster, grow a brain and think before you speak.



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Gainesville Sun:

But Schuster told The Sun on Wednesday that the quotes were blown out of proportion.

"What happened was that I wanted a major and couldn't get it because of baseball," Schuster said. "It was irritating. But I really loved it at Florida. I loved the guys on the team. Sully (UF coach Kevin O'Sullivan) is the reason I went to Florida. Sully is great. The program is the reason I went to Florida. That's a great program.

"I did feel like I was treated differently because I was an athlete. But that's not why I left."

So he used UF until someone paid him more? Classic! Reminds me of Bryce Brown!

Man have I got some fun stuff on tap for tonight Gator "fan"atics! Our favorite cane hater, and #1 blogger "14" has enough new (old) crap to fill The Swamp!

Stay tuned!


Jo, when are you going to ban this guy from posting on the board? He ruins the comments section on every one of your posts. Step up.

Adam S.,

He told the Sun that after the fact. Apparently, he learned quickly.


(reality has never been your strong suit U dope)
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Posted by: The Curse of Art Kehoe | August 13, 2009 at 12:32 PM

Hey 86, U giant tub of goo. How do you feel about your homeslice polluting every blog in Florida?

They can do wonders for pock marks these days 86. Check it out.

And who's the guy with the cheesy bicep tattoo and the Vinny Barbarino t-shirt? Soup? Solar? Succatash? I get confused. Regardless, that guy looks like a dumb meathead without the meat.

Posted by: The. Space says we'll win 10 games but the over/under is 7-1/2....wager THOUSANDS | August 13, 2009 at 02:09 PM

Jo, I know. I was just finishing the story for you.

Not a lot of 18 year old brainy baseball players out there. Sort of like some of the denizens of your comment section.

WilliamWallace Says:

August 13th, 2009 at 11:15 pm
The Canes will be “non relevant”? How much of an idiot are you?

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