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Tennessee Volunteers billboard set for Oakland Park Boulevard and I-95

GAINESVILLE -- University of Tennessee football coach Lane Kiffin hinted at a Volunteers' billboard in South Florida last week during the Southeastern Conference Media Days. Well, here it is. It's going up in Fort Lauderdale on I-95 and Oakland Park Boulevard.


And which major high school is located off of Oakland Park Boulevard? Lauderdale Lakes Boyd Anderson, of course. Anyone other than me think Tennessee is going after Boyd Anderson cornerback Demar Dorsey? Dorsey is currently a Florida commitment. It will be interesting to see if that holds up.

According to UT, the billboard will go up next week.



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I've had about enough of this Lane Kiffin character....I hope Tebow and the Gaytors (lol) wipe the floor with those loser misfits.

Canes fans rise up. This is not happening in Gator Country, this is happening in YOUR neck of the woods! What really sucks about this is I am going to pass that facking billboard EVERY WEEK DAY. Will have to have some vomit bags in the car.

its time to suck dese huveos

imma take my choppa (ak47 4 u people dat dont know) to dat duckass billboard

Wear a mask and email me a video.


oh snap ... man i was only joking man but you made me crack up... damn u not dat bad for gator

He's not one.

Adam u refering to my comment... listen when u root for a team, u r considered to be whatever their mascot is. for example: u go to fiu, but u may still consider yourself a cane... you go to fau, but u may still consider yourself a gator

I guess that's what Canes fans who never went to Miami like to tell themselves.

Jo isn't a Gators fan just because he covers the Gators beat. He may be, but that is a big assumption for you to make just because he covers the team for his JOB.

It's cool, Adam. I get that ALL THE TIME. Every sportswriter does.

Emilio, I'm not a fan of the Gators. Sports reporters must be objective (for the most part) and can't be fans. I am a huge fan of the game, though.


oh ok

I didn't think it bothered you, jo, was just making the correction for emilio. I figured you were either a UAB and/or UM fan.


Deja de publicar sus tonterias en este board, sonas como un idiota. Lo cual sos, obviamente, por no eligir ser hincha de la Florida. Ahora, adante al board de los Dominicanos ...

Is the public purpose for the billboard to sell game tickets? Pathetic Vols, i cannot even remember the last time Florida had to create anything resembling adn advertisement for the prurpose of selling football tickets.

mira me on los ojos y veras lo k soy

Somebody needs to get out a paintball gun and see if they are a good enough shot to give Lame a black eye.

Come on, guys. The purpose of the billboard in South Florida is NOT to sell game tickets. It's for recruiting. Plain and simple. When I asked Kiffin during SEC Media Days about his situation at Pahokee and his recruiting efforts in South Florida, he volunteered the information about the billboard. Let me paint the scene for you...

REPORTER FROM MIAMI: "Blah, blah, blah question about recruiting in South Florida."

KIFFIN'S BRAIN: [Oh, this guy is from Miami and he's asking me about recruiting in South Florida. Now's a good time to hint at the billboard.]


JO... do u think what kiffin did violated a rule in ncaa recruiting?

i ask dis cuz tennessee has no relevance in south florida... das lyk um putting up a billboard in da middle south california... dey just dont matter in dat part of de country... i know fau had billboard there once but fau was trying to sell tickets and fau is in south florida.

rico pallazzo more like rico puto

The grammar and spelling in that last post is amazing.

It is not similar because South Florida has a plethora of top caliber high school football talent so UM does not need to waste resources trying to expand their brand to that area of the country.

What UT did is not new. Greg Schiano of Rutgers had a billboard down here for two years just a short while ago (may still be down in Miami for all I know).

thank you

If Lane Kiffin wants to beat the Gators he should just steal Tebow's steroids.

adam ive seen da billboard be4 they took it down i while back... ya i guess da billboard bisness aint nothing new

Billboards are not recruiting violations unless they say something like, "Hey, Demar, come play for Tennessee. You can start next season."


Tenesse will not get a bunch of S. Fl recruits or for that matter a bunch of Fl recruits. Lame Kiffen may get one or two a class. Just like the Old ball coach, Schiano and the rest of them. The big three Fl schools will always have the top FL picks!

I'm hoping UF puts up a billboard a mile down the road from this one that reads "...for another beatdown!"

What does Urban need to do to have 8 timeouts per half?

UF should put one up in Knoxville next year telling the Vols to get ready for the "Nailing at Neyland"


That's the post of the year! Well played, sir.


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