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The guy who got away from the Florida Gators

GAINESVILLE -- So, I've been away. Sorry, but I'm back.

The editorial board at Gator Clause was busy, busy, busy this week writing all the copy for our football special section, which hits news stands in a couple of weeks. Not only am I covering the Gators this season, but I'm Miami Herald's national football columnist. I love the new job, but it's a bunch of work (if you want to call it that.)

Anyway, I was pickingThe Herald's preseason Top 25 -- yes, UF is No.1 -- and trying to figure out where to put Illinois ... when it hit me. Man, Florida sure could use Jarred Fayson this season. Looking back, I bet coach Urban Meyer wishes he could have ironed out that whole fiasco a little differently.



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Welcome back Jo. What ever became of Fayson. I remember him transferring but I don't know what happened to him beyond that.

also, your conference realignment piece was strong. Did it fade into the past? Or is the NCAA giving it a look before they institute it?

g8tr luvr Says:
August 21st, 2009 at 8:22 pm

Dare I say Randy “taking care of his business” in private is going to hurt us more than we will ever know. Our coaching staff turns the nation’s consensus No. 1 recruit from 2008 into a glorified water boy riding the pine.

No surprise there!

That’s why we pay Rasslin Whaaaaaaa-dy the small bucks.

The Portland Drip is nasty stuff ..avoid Oregon skanks people Says:
August 22nd, 2009 at 8:09 am

Hey canestool, Forston , Bailey, Brown…ALL SCRUBS…..LMAO U CHUMP

OHOMO has a glass jaw. Nice to see you spent your entire evening obsessing on blogs loser. LMAO

The Portland Drip is nasty stuff ..avoid Oregon skanks people Says:
August 22nd, 2009 at 8:12 am

Shannon is a lying unethical corrupt POS. Right AE/canesrule/’soda? Look at the way he LIED straightfaced to the media. This guy is a sociopath big time.

Why do I keep getting these pop-up invites from Oregon skanks?

Oooops. Pardon me while I go punch myself in the face. Fayson went to Illinois as the post insinuates. And a little research reveals that he has three career touchdowns. He was in Percy's class and felt jilted by taking a backseat to Percy. Did we lose that much when he departed?

He would have been the No.1 guy this season at the "Percy" Position. It just struck me as odd when I saw his name on Illinois' roster. I had totally forgotten about Fayson, who was highly rated out of high school but was Percy's back up.


I totally forgot about Fayson also. He ever get his ring size measured?

Assuming overconfidence (on defense) does not pose a problem, What are some defensive records that can be pursued?

Fayson went to USF. SHould be eligible to play this year after sitting out last year.

Mike- Fayson went to Illinois, not South Florida.

Isn't it odd that he went to Illinois though with Arrelious Benn locked in as WR1? I think I remember him wanting toplay QB some too but Juice had that locked. Zooker is a hell of a recruiter.

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