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According to Vegas, odds are good Gators will meet Canes in national title game

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- Just touched down in horse country. Beautiful place, Lexington.

As soon as you leave the airport here you're reminded that college football is actually third on the sports pecking order in this part of the world. First is horses, then college basketball then -- a distant third -- is college football.

The skies are overcast this afternoon and rain is expected tomorrow morning. It could be sloppy for kickoff. The rain probably favors the Gators. (Need I remind anyone of Florida 45, Florida State 14 last season.)

Anyway, some of y'all have already picked up on this but in case anyone hasn't noticed my national college football column in today's paper was about the possibility of a Gators vs. Canes match-up in the BCS National Championship. Here's a link to the column, CLICK ME!

I interviewed the COO of Las Vegas Sports Consultants and he supplied me with betting odds for a number of Gators topics, including the national title game, the Heisman Trophy ceremony and the mythical point spread if Florida played Miami this Saturday.

It makes for good water-cooler discussion, so leave a comment on the blog.



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Post this nonsense 15 days from now.

No I didn't bother with the link. It's like linking to a story about Palin's presidency.

OGGOA , where are you?

You would think normally this is something I wouldn't like. Incorrect. Jo, great piece.

Very interesting to find out how Vegas has reacted to the Canes already and how much faith they still have in the Gators. I think their assessment of both teams is solid. Think of it this way - who else is there in the ACC to prevent Miami from dominating? That being said, and I think (hope) Canes fans will agree with me, they should not be counting their chickens just yet. It's two games into the season, one of which was too close to call against a lackluster FSU team.

Anyway, good piece. Let's hope this thread doesn't get trashed with B.S. like the rest of them.

Alan - OGGOA coming VERY soon. Just working out one kink with our Web host.

I would love to see it happen, but there is alot of season left to play.

I'm just glad someone is talking about the U again.

Not only would I like to see this game played, I would also like to see the rankings (polls) delayed until the same week as the BCS.

Just last year Clemson was in the top 5 and look were they ended up, now Ole M. is ranked #4 and they shouldn't have been ranked in the top 25. 3 of this years top 5 have a loss, that's what I call bad preseason rankings.

Some of you guys need to lay off the coach-speak. I hear enough of that crap in practice.


Not sure what OGGOA is Jo, but it doesn't look good for you! It feels like a "mutiny" of sorts, but worse!


Go 'canes!

LOL Sarasota - that was funny.

You should have called me on the line...5 days ago in one of my posts I said UF -8 in Miami and UF -11 in Gainesville over Miami. Not far off.

I am glad to see the U somewhat back too

That would be Classic!!!

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