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Clarification on the Florida Gators' flu precautions

GAINESVILLE -- Quick note here on the flu vaccine some of the Florida Gators recently received. The Associated Press reported that the Gators' received a round of flu shots. This is not true, according to one university spokesman.

According to associate athletic director Steve McClain, "about 30 to 40" players received flu vaccines in the form of nasal spray (FluMist) on Sunday. The vaccine was not mandatory, according to McClain.

In addition to the FluMist, UF's team doctors have handed out bottles of Purell hand sanitizer and discussed the importance of clean hygiene with the players. (If anyone has been inside a football locker room, then you know how hard it is to keep the place clean.)

Florida safety Major Wright told me on Sunday night that Florida's trainers and team doctors are even doling out squirts of hand sanitizer in between plays during practice. Wright, who said he sanitized his hands at least a dozen times during Sunday's practice, said many of the players are wearing gloves. 



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Gators are good and are #1. Tebow is tough. I went to MDCC but I am a Canes fan. I dont go to the games though. Pollo Tropical tropichops are good. Ok Im gonna go get me a churro now.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Thanks "D" Bag!

P.S. You're not funny, but it is your blog!

Go 'canes!

They got a Pollo Tropical at UF now. Steakchop!


Is there anyway you can block this loser from Sarasota from blogging? He' making the rest of us Canes Fans look bad now...what fool goes to school in Miami and goes back to Sarasota?

Blue haired old coots go to Sarasota, that's who.

He's a loser.

The excuses keep rolling out of the swamp... Please, the Gators act as if they are the only team dealing with this potential outbreak... In case U didn't notice, it is a worldwide problem and everyone is dealing with it...

Stop with the lame excuses Gators... I loved Kiffin's reponse to Oscar by the way... Absolutely beautiful!!!

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