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Did Tim Tebow have a slight concussion after collision with Eric Berry?

GAINESVILLE -- My brother back home in Birmingham (who I think is turning into a Florida fan) brought this to my attention today: Did Tim Tebow have a slight concussion after colliding with Tennessee's Eric Berry two weeks ago?

After re-watching the video of the play, I can see my brother's concern. Tebow shakes his head briefly after the play as if to shake off the hit. A Florida team spokesman told me on Sunday that Tebow's concussion against Kentucky was the first of his career. It certainly wasn't Tebow's first blow to the head, though.

Against Tennessee, even Florida coach Urban Meyer was briefly concerned about Tebow after his collision with Berry. After the play, Meyer said he made a point to ask Tebow if he was OK. Florida called a timeout on first and goal two plays after Tebow's collision with Tennessee's strong safety.



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If this would have been head on head...they may have both been out

This is not meant in offense to your brother at all, but...did Tebow have a concussion when he hit ___ or when he hit ____ or when ___ hit him or when ___ hit him? My point is that players take hard hits often and there are probably plenty of times he got hit that he and every other football player has had to shake it off. See what I mean? I think this may be one of the instances that if you look for something extra you will find it.

Well, that's my job. To look for things. Maybe you should watch the YouTube video again. Not an "ordinary" impact absorbed by Tebow's head and neck.


Again with you being defensive. Jeeze. "This is not meant in offense" is how I started my statement. My point is that there are probably dozens of those hits every season that he has taken and any of those could have been the same thing - yet there is no proof that any of them were. Players shake off big hits all the time without them being concussions.

Speculation, it's such a beautiful thing. Maybe Tebow substained a concussion when he tripped over the "grassy knoll" on campus...

I'm just as concerned about Tebow's health as the most passionate fan. Just bringing up something that worries me.


If we had an every down back (like every elite team should have) we wouldn't be having this conversation. I'm with Jo on this. I was at the UT game and saw that impact live. My buddies and I were certain something happened there. Whether it's a potential concussion or shoulder injury this guy shouldn't be the every down back that he has become. He should be distributing the ball and running as a last resort.

A valid concern and point taken...May well never know if it happened earlier but that's the way these injuries can build on one another, like a boxer gets over time...

I had the same questions after the Berry collision especially after seeing it in super slo-mo. It's not that there aren't countless collisions , Adam, it's that this particular one looked like it exerted huge impact to his neck. I was left wondering how he didn't sustain a neck injury. I actually thought the same thing after Saturdays injury, especially after seeing him lay motionless. When all is said and done, It really wouldn't surprise me to learn that neck/spine issues are at the bottom of this.

Thanks for the shout out brotha. I think Adam S is employed by the UF football PR folks to blurr everything. Good to see other fans with there heads on straight.

Ask this team about concussions? Steelers Mike Webster, Terry Long and Justin Strzelczyk died before the age of 51.


cgood - I am not employed by UF. However, I will admit, I did work for the UAA at one point (I've said that before). But that was years ago.

Alan - I think it is certainly a possibility, my point was that you could find similar hits all the time in his career.

Things may be going down tomorrow...keep your eyes open.

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Who is the backup for Brantley? How much prep time is he getting as LSU will try to ding Brantley right away.

Why do the Gators need an every down back when they pretty much lead the nation with 3 backs plus Tebow?

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