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FINAL UF 23, UT 13: Fourth quarter thoughts

GAINESVILLE -- I'll be writing for the newspaper for the next few hours. Until then, leave your thoughts on today's game. Mine? UF had Tim Tebow and the other team had the anti-Tebow, aka Jonathan Crompton. That was the difference in the game.



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you gotta be kiddin. if thats #1, then college football has gone way down. tenn. should not have been close. much like the miami game, if tenn. had an offense, gayturds go down. good chance if texas wins big, they will be #1.

Clipboard, meet Tebow, Tebow, meet clipboard! Is there a worse pocket passer in the SEC than Tebow?? UF is SOOOOOOO beatable without Harvin, it’s not even funny! You must be stoked about YOUR new OC! Lord knows we love ours!

Let’s not forget the speech, the gayest attempt to deify someone before they deserve it in the history of the game! AND LET’S NOT FORGET THAT THEY LOST THAT GAME! How does this sound, “You boy’s go out and LOSE one for the Gipper!” Doesn’t work, does it?????????????????

U almost lost to one of the worst Tennessee teams that UF has played in years, AT HOME! Those were freshmen and sophmores! Way to take Lane to the woodshed! Step on their necks????????????????? Child please!

This is going to be so fun to watch! I’m not sure which I love more, watching UM rise from the ashes, or watching UF crap the bed during their self proclaimed “GREATEST SEASON OF ALL TIME”!

Did Arkansas and UGA play last night??? Oh my bad, that was Boise and Fresno! The games look so similar so far!

Way to spin those stats fakey! Wait a minute, aren’t stats for losers??????????

Go ‘canes!

Unleash the offense?? Ohhhhhhh I get it now! Meyer was "sandbagging" the offense so KY doesn't "lube" you next week! Man is Meyer crafty!

He'll probably hold back against LSU so as not to show his hand before Arkansas! Gutsy!

Hi Alan!

Is there a worse pocket passer than Tebow in the NCAA?? How about the CBS analysts pointing out that what you see is what you get! Classic!

Go 'canes!

That was a bad performance for the #1 team in the country... UT QB is arguably the worst in the conference and one of the worst to play for Tenn that I have ever seen...

It is hard to believe that UT even hung in their against the "Mighty Gators"... A win is a win, but that was ugly...

At least you have a game against mighty KY next week to right the ship...

In all seriousness, it was probably just 1st game jitters for UF!

Go ‘canes!

hi Alan!!


Unimpressive outing, but a win is a win. What we are heading into is a season in which every single team on the gator schedule has had the gator game circled for months and they have been working on the gameplan. Unfortunately, Monte has now given every other SEC DC some real pearls on how to slow down the gator offense. With a softer outside receiving core than previous years, the gators are running the risk of looking more one-dimensional than I've seen in all of the Meyer era. This makes it easier to plan against us. It sure helps to have Berry on your team, though.

Nice job, UT! It seems that although your coach is a 34 year old arrogant prick and writes check with his mouth that his team can't cash- that kiffen has put together a great staff that is going to turn that program around quick. The UT athletic director should be congratulated on his vision, the rivalry is back!

Looks like certain Canes fans have no life but to get on a gator Blog!?! Go write and suck up to each other on your own blog. Or do you not fit in with the hip hop, Luther Campbell, word-to-your-mother, Canes crowd? What's it like to not have a stadium? What's it like to not be able to half-fill someone else's stadium? why the hell would anyone go to UM anyway?

UF looked extremely weak. Specifically, they seem to rely too heavily on Tebow. Seriously, they play like a one-man team. The rest of the offense needs to step up because at some point every great player gets injured, and what does the UF have other than its great QB?

Marc, to answer your question, we have a 2nd great quarterback on the bench in Brantley. Now, seriously, we will not stay undefeated if we continue to miss tackles like that and if our offensive line doesn't block/protect a whole lot better. A little screen pass in the middle would work fantastic for us. It gets our backs past the defensive line and one-on-one with a linebacker that will not touch Demps, et. al. (I know we ran one with Hernandez).

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