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Florida Gators 35, Troy 3 first-half notes, highlights, lowlights, musings and observations

GAINESVILLE -- Florida started slowly but scored four touchdowns in the second quarter on Saturday at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium to take a 35-3 lead into halftime.

--The first 17 minutes of the game were pretty nasty and not just because of the scattered rainfall. Florida fumbled the ball four times on its first six possessions. Jeff Demps, Emmanuel Moody, Tim Tebow and David Nelson were the culprits. Troy recovered the fumbles by Moody and Nelson.

--A dropped pass by UF receiver Deonte Thompson during the first drive of the game was pretty embarrassing. Thompson made up for the mistake later in the first half with a pair of touchdown catches. The second score -- a 33-yard play -- gave UF a 28-3 lead. Thompson appeared to injury his leg on the play.

--Jeff Demps has rushed for 87 yards on eight carries (12.4 ypc). Demps scored on a 24-yard option play with 4:03 left in the half to give UF its 35-3 lead.

--UF receiver Riley Cooper made an amazing block on Demps' touchdown. Cooper is an absolute wild man. His helmet flew off on the play and Cooper still held his block. After the play, Cooper gave Troy's cornerback a mouthful of smack. That's one crazy white boy.

--Ahmad Black started at safety.

--Will Hill played nickelback but also rotated to safety during the second quarter when the game was getting out of hand.

--Justin Trattou is having a nice game. He deflected a pass and recovered a fumble during the first half.

--Troy's offense is terrible. Having doubts that the Trojans will reach 14 points as I predicted. Florida should have no problem scored 55.

--Linebacker A.J. Jones recorded UF's first sack of the season.

--Janoris Jenkins' interception was the fourth of his career. Florida has intercepted a pass in 13th straight games. That leads the nation, according to UF.

--Tebow was pretty disappointed that the Gators didn't score to end the half. UF took over on its own 1 with 2:15 left in the second quarter but ran out of time at the Troy 16.



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Looked like DT was nursing his hamstring.
This could be a serious development.
Jo, I'd ask you to scurry to the locker room for a Thompson update bit I'm sure you wouldn't get past security since they wouldn't recognize you with all those face bandages you have post-Matzo Ball bath.

My bad, AB got the start. No bath for MB.

You and Volin BOTH had an Ultimate Preview. There can only be one Ultimate Preview. I smell a conspiracy.

Tell Volin to get his own Kettle Korn.

But Troy vs Miami? Maybe Monday night's game has swayed you but Troy has been more successful than Miami over the past 3 years. 24-14 record. 2 Bowl games. And before you cite the Sunbelt schedule, these guys have played @FSU, @NEB,@GT (in 2006)@ARK,@UF,Okla St,@UGA (in 2007),@LSU,@OhioST,@OklaST (in 2008).
Miami certainly didn't have a tougher gauntlet of top teams in 2007-08. Miami was 19-19 over that period. Miami went to the same number of bowl games as Troy and has the same number of bowl wins.

Posted by: 8 X 59 = FOUR HUNDRED AND SEVENTY TWO... BWAHAHA | September 12, 2009 at 11:40 AM

And the envelope says...Troy went ohhh and nine in those games!

What on earth is your point Gator Fan?? Using your Floriduhhh logic, Utah would have been National Champs last year!

'96 "The Do-over"
'06 "The Dell/Microsoft computer poll run to the 'ship".
'08 "The speech/no undefeated season for the greatest team Floriduhhh has ever fielded 'ship" (I guarantee that most rational UF fan's are highly embarrassed by "The Speech"! It's not folklore you fools, he was crying after losing to SEC also-ran Ole Mrs., AT HOME!)

P.S. Let's not forget the 3 loss Heisman run coupled by the Meeeeechigan beatdown.

Rather than try to buy and manipuate the system, why not just finish your business on the field FOR ONCE Floriduhhhhhhh??????

UF fans are a bunch of ego-maniacs with the worst inferiority complexes I have ever witnessed from ANY fan base!

Go 'canes!

Deonte Thompson OK, just a cramp with hopefully no lingering problem...we don't need anymore injured WRs!!!

C.S. Troy and now a bad TN team. I thought the SEC was tough, guess not. Alabama is the only other team in the SEC that is worth a crap. Florida might fall just for playing a HS schedule. Georgia lost big to OK ST. who turns around and gets beat by Houston at home?

and fsu goes to the last minute w/ 1AA Jacksonville St....comparing scores is a loser sport


and Alabama goes to the last minute w/FIU.....

and LSU goes to the last minute w/ Vandy.....

That's why they play the game! ND, OSU, etc., etc.

Jo, you're the Kirk Herbstreit of bloggers. Fair, honest, and balanced reporting, with just a touch of Homer!

Lets make this clear Mr Riley Cooper is a White Man not a boy like you may be.but Riley is a White Man! For those who want respect they first have to show respect!


It's just an expression. Relax. We all know Riley is the alpha of all men.


lets go gators baby theirs allways gonna b haters....

mtx- get a grip on reality dude

Guess you convinced us all- the acc is great, best conference in America, SEC stinks

To Jo's defense on Cooper, if you were at the game he described Riley quite accurately. Were you wearing a tan jacket?- thought I saw you at halftime.

The future is coming as quickly as suspected for UM....no more Independent schedule, and a good shot to be top 3 or 4 team in the state.

Oh well

Very few people go your games, and it appears mainly the cranky post:)

Excellent comments Paul. They still think they matter.

The Canes are back! Ohhhhh wait did Jacksonville State almost beat FSU too. BAWAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAH

Another false alarm for the Canes.

Jacksonville State did a much better job of stopping FSU than the Canes did. That is some weak defense they play in South Florida.

Can that little skinny QB last 2 games in a row, much less the year? We will see on Thursday night high school ACC football.

Harris will get knocked out and the season will be toast.

Harris isnt that good anyway. He thinks he is God's gift to football. Meanwhile TRUE freshman at USC and Michigan are lighting it up and winning.
Harris is a 4-7 loss QB at this weak ACC level. Maybe he should go back to high school and beat up on those weak schools they used to play.

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