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Florida Gators a 24-point favorite against Kentucky; Tim Tebow encourages Wildcats; Plus our usual dose of snarkiness

GAINESVILLE -- The University of Florida football team only scored 23 points against Tennessee last week but the Gators are 24-point favorites against this Saturday's opponent, the Kentucky Wildcats.

Florida has won 22 in a row against Kentucky, dating back to 1986. Florida quarterback Tim Tebow was asked about the streak -- or, rather, streaks in general -- on Monday. While in high school, Tebow lost four in a row against St. Augustine. The quarterback expects Kentucky's best shot this Saturday and doesn't think the streak will make a difference.

“[Kentucky's current players] weren’t on those teams," Tebow said. "They are a new team, a fresh team. They are going to put that behind them and say, 'That’s not us.' Those teams did that, that’s not us. This isn’t the Gator team that beat all those teams. We’re going to go in there and show we’re a new team and we have something to prove.”

Gotta love Tebow. He even gives opponents pep talks. Kentucky (2-0) defeated rival Louisville 31-27 on Saturday.

For those faithful readers who visit this blog regularly but still need someone to guide you through all of our great coverage, I'll lend a helping hand now:

--If you want to read about the latest nonsense between Urban Meyer and Lane Kiffin, the CLICK ME! It's in today's Miami Herald. Included in that report is a list of coaches and players sick with the flu.

--If you want to read a comprehensive follow-up to the Tennessee game, then CLICK ME! In this story, we talk about the missed tackles against Tennessee, the flu, Brandon Spikes' injury, etc.

--If you want to read an insightful supplement to that follow story, including five things we've learned about the Gators since the season opener, then CLICK ME! This is must read for any Gators fan.

--If you want to read about the precautions the Florida Gators are taking to prevent a flu outbreak, then CLICK ME!

--If you want to read about Florida's sick assistant football coach and worry that he infected all of UF's skill players this weekend, then CLICK ME!

--If you want to read about Urban Meyer's Week 3 champions club, then CLICK ME!

--If you want to compare the similarities to Yahoo!Sports columnist Dan Wetzel's Monday column on the Florida Gators to Joseph Goodman's game story, on Florida 23, Tennessee 13 (which was published on Sunday and written moments after the game) then first CLICK ME! and then CLICK ME!

--For complaints about this blog both ridiculous and obnoxious, please click below on the "comments" field and drop us a message.

--If you're the guy who stole my bike this weekend, know this you patheticly deadbeat riffraff, scum-off-my-shoe mucus brain: I will take justice into my own hands!



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Nice underhanded shot there with that last line, jo. The only thing ridiculous and obnoxious on here today is you. This was actually a good post...and it was about the Gators! Two for two! Keep it up.


Just messing with you. Did you see that someone stole my bike this weekend? If anyone sees a charcoal black/gray Marin mountain bike being ridden by a petty thief around Gainesville please email me at jgoodman@MiamiHerald.com.


You have my e-mail address - feel free to shoot me one if you actually want to discuss this. No need to go back-and-forth on here. Have a good one.

Nothing more egregious than a bike thief. Sorry to hear that Jo. I feel your pain.

I ride a Specialized M-2 and a Merlin Ti road frame. I wouldn't let those puppies out of my sight for one minute.

I'm guessing you weren't locked up?

Safety in numbers does not exist. Bike thieves search out bike racks. Or did you make the leave it in the carport mistake?

I'm blaming Lane Kiffin.


Definitely 32 toothpicks!

Go 'canes!

Happy Gilmore vs Shooter McGavin!


This is gettng ridiculous, and I'll be the first to admit it! This is a case of the media (ESPN) trying to script a UM/UF game, barely 3 weeks into the season! But I'll take it!!

I can understand the logic, but logic is not how these games are setup, unless there is something "in it" for the voter!

I'm out guy's (unless I'm forced to defend myself from the "D" Bag!)! Time to get ready for VT!! I'll be over at Eye on the U if you need me!

Karma is REAL!

Go 'canes!

Happy Gilmore vs Shooter McGavin! (It could happen!)

Media hype is stupid!!!

Florida and TN and GA and AL and LSU and AUB are equal in talent, speed, skill, strength.

FLA beating TN by 12 was great. Don't let the media jerks or fans tell you different Gators.

5 in a row over TN is incredible. How many can claim they beat a FB power 5 straight???

Sorry, meant FLA beating Tn by 10.

Same goes for FLA & Miami & FSU - all equal in talent, speed, skills (obviously some teams have "slight" edges over others in specific categories (ie - Miami running backs are better than FLA. FLA and Miami QB's may be a cut above FSU's). But overall EQUALITY is what exists. To think that FLA is ever really 28-30 points better than any major FB power is stupid. I called it before as a 27-24 FLA win over Tn. So tell me about the stupid "experts". Same goes for all FB powers.

Only a [WORDS DELETED BY GOODY] like [WORDS DELETED BY GOODY] Sarasota would create a name and try to say that has better RB's. [WORDS DELETED BY GOODY.] And only a fan of a lower tier school would try to run that crap in here.

Texas, LSU, Alabama, UF, USC, all have much better talent than your dreamy .500 ACC school. Go look at your sorry conference BCS record. It's pathetic. For fans that speak endlessly about their ancient 'ships, it sure is funny to watch you ignore your conferences dismal BCS accomplishments. It's called cane logic.

Nobody listens to your nonsense and certainly nobody cares about some half baked link you drag in here. Go tell your friends at [WORDS DELETED BY GOODY] Sarasota.

Did you see that someone stole my bike this weekend?

You mean it's not equipped with an alarm system, GPS or the club?

Bikes and college go hand in hand!

Posted by: Delusional ACC clown | September 22, 2009 at 02:11 PM

How ironic you chose the name "Delusional"! I'm already using a fake name "D" Bag! If I decide to create an alias for my alias, then I'll tell you!

P.S. Word is UM just swung a UF DB recruit from, are you ready for this, Gainesville! Seems the kid was at the GT game and liked what he saw!


Go 'canes!

Delusional ACC clown,

There is no need to embarrass yourself on this blog with derogatory references. Please don't make me start deleting posts due to hate speech.


How stupid is Meyer, as the literal definition of bonsai is tree in a pot... HaHaHa... What a douche!!!

Sayonara biatches...

Go Canes!!

This was just pointed out to me the other day on a blog.

Bonsai is a tree.

Bonzai is a war cry.

STOP IT u gaytor douches, ur delusional with all this talk about the 'sec' is some sort of SUPER conference. U have a couple of top teams(ALA,LSU,FL.sometimes,Georgia sometimes), a couple of average, 2 below average teams(Vanderbilt, Miss St, S. Car., Kentucky, Miss, Arkansas, Tenn, Auburn). So it's like every other conference, a couple of top teams(UM,FSU, Virginia Tech) and the rest average 2 below average. The big ten(Ohio St. Penn St, Mich.). The big 12(Texas, Oklahoma). The pac 10(USC)..

If the kid from Gainesville liked what he saw at the UM/GT game...then I guess he likes games played on baseball fields with half empty stadiums located off campus. Gotta love that UM gameday experience.

(even the lower level had empty seats...it boggles my mind that any recruit having attended a game at Alabama, Texas or Ohio State would pick the the 'Canes.)

PC police say:

Douche, douches, d-bag.......OKAY

douche canoe......not OKAY

Great job Jo.

Yeah you're right Chad. I can't see why a kid with NFL aspirations would want to play in a pro style offense in an NFL stadium on Saturdays!

Most of these kids do not have the same "fraternal" connections to these schools that you do. A lot of them are poor, and they want to get into the league so they can help their families.

UM has historically been "one of" the best places to go to get in front of a large # of scouts in the State of Florida. A lot of scouts DO NOT live and work in Gainesville. A lot of scouts DO live and work in South Florida.

Keep in mind that their are usually 6 home games a year for most teams (some teams "BUY" a couple of extra home games, usually against inferior D2 patsies!), but the kids have to live in these towns 365 days a year! I know college towns are fun, but a lot of inner city kid's do not want to live year round in Gainesville, Columbus, Baton Rouge, Tuscaloosa, South Bend, etc., etc., when they can live in Coral Gables!

Most of your SEC school towns are also years behind Miami in terms of race relations. That's putting it MILDLY! SEC fan is so fixated with cramming 90 large into that dump you call the Swamp, that they think the athletes must be as excited as they are.

Besides that, more kids watched our team play last week than watched your team! UM has one of the largest TV audiences in the country. UF has more fans in Florida, but UM has a larger national fan base. On top of that, our "haters" watch our games as much as our fans do!


Go 'canes!

P.S. We can put it out there for half the price! Ha Ha

pro-day at UM is an ancient relic. U don't put squat "in the league" anymore delusional douche bag. Back when PED usage was unchecked you filled the league. Now you're just mediocre doormats. accept that reality.

As if you know anything about what inner city kids want douche bag. At least you believe you.

The game day experience is a huge factor in the majority of kids decisions. Empty Mudshark Stadium is NOT the college experience.

Schedule mid week games when no one else is playing and then claim you have a bigger audience douche bag. typical delusional douchebaggery.

You are a completely delusional douchebag.

"We don't want No. 9, Harris said. No. 9 is nine spots away from being No. 1. We want to be No. 1 in the nation. We want to be where Florida is."

Sorry U lob fade throwing twig legged pup. U aint gonna sniff number one. It's impossible to see number one from a gurney beanpole.

Win your sorry conference you smack talking dumbazzz

Wasn't going to get into this but a good point was made...having higher TV ratings because you're the only game on is not an indicator of anything really. That's all I wanted to say because I don't have the time today to refute all of the other absurd "points" made.

the aerial shot of mudshark during the GT snoozefest was one big SEA OF EMPTY ORANGE SEATS.


The champs are SPANKING U in recruiting. Don't forget, Manny said the first thing dade recruits utter is "Florida." U can have the kid from gainesville. so what. Our scraps. The Shannon recruiting mirage is quickly fading.

Alabama has 12 NC's
ND has 13 NC's

and DEFINITELY NOBODY CARES about UM's five playing the biggest pansy schedules imaginable. So you juiced up and spanked people with your indy schedule for years. Great job UM. The PED culture is gone and you joined a conference and strangely you are just chumps now. OH MY A TWO GAME WINNING STEAK....So what U clowns.

You're still.500 also rans. Feel real good and holler we're back alot fools. Get back to us in 10 weeks when we are making Pasadena reservations and U are making Nashville reservations you untested chumps. God you clowns are nothing short of DELUSIONAL douchebags

Post links and your garbage here and act as though you are so confident and in control now. LAUGHABLE. All you have done is win TWO stinking games. that's it. stick your fantasy gov's cup up your delusional azzz you moron. UF has no need for ACC also rans. We play on big stages. U play in nut bowls. We win championships. You get blown out in the here and now. We have a coaching staff that is amongst the finest in the nation. U have a merry go round of has beens. Keep drinking that washed up Whipple kool aid. We have a fan base that is enormous. You have....empty seats. We are a top tier school that is loaded with cash. You are a groveling bus riding no money has been. Ranked number NINE...ohhhhh myyyyyyy. Your heads have gotten tremendously big over nothing which will result in you getting smacked down as all who are arrogant get. It's coming.

You seem to be hung up on karma and latex suits and gay bars. Karma is unchecked decades of PED use and chump schedules leading to being an also ran in a wannabe conference. That's karma U cane tard....THATS KARMA! Now head back to you mycanes persona and post dozens more homosexual rants. K?

You are YEARS and YEARS behind anything remotely close to what the champions field. Stick to your homosexual rants over on your cane delusion blog.

PLEASE, gaytor fan tell me what u do when there's no game. EXAMPLE> go to laudermat 2 wash out ur vomit, trick up house's concrete blocks, go 2 cracker barrel or waffle house 4 a 4 course dinner, etc. etc.. Cuse' us cane fans have a few other things 2 do, like 4 pro team to support, so. beach, the keys, beaches, etc.
So 2 sum up, gaytor fans have 1 passion and nothing else 2 do, Cane fans have a passion but LOTS else 2 do...
So stop with who has the best fan support, LOSERS..

Wow! This going to be soooo much fun!

Adam, are you suggesting that more viewers are going to log-in to ESPN 360 to watch UF "lube" KY this week, than will tune in to ABC at 3:30 to watch UM and VT? How about next week when OK rolls into our "rented fish house", possibly at 8pm, with the Gameday crew in tow?

You guy's sound so petty! You must be SEETHING right now because of all the press UM is getting! I saw a computer poll that has UM at #1, and UF at #36! Computers don't lie, you won 2 'ships because of a computer! A lot of analysts already have a seat for Jacory at The Downtown Athletic Club in N.Y. Who's not going now? Do you think Randy is going to let him wear his purple "pimp suit"? Stay tuned...

How could the wheel's already be falling off "THE GREATEST SEASON OF ALL TIME" for UF fan? I didn't say it, ESPN did! And they just gave you 20 gazillion dollars!

And another thing, Thursday night football on ESPN is the college version of Monday Night Football! The ratings are through the roof! You didn't mind watching our beloved Dolphin's on the main stage last night, did you Adam? When ESPN calls, we answer!

UF didn't reinvent college football, you FOOLS, and you can't buy what UM has! Remember boys, we took one of your castoffs, and crammed him down your throat sideways in one of those late night rumbles! Long live Ron Zook, and long live The U!

Karma is REAL, and The U has it!

Go 'canes!

Happy Gilmore vs Shooter McGavin! C'mon "Shooter", do that thing where you blow the smoke off the tip of your finger like a six shooter! C'mon, do it! DO IT NOW! Ha Ha Ha Ha

The votes are in, you guy's couldn't be funny if you slipped on a bananna peel inside of a packed comedy club! But I'm laughing...

will hill had a baby today.

Congrats to Will Hill.


Congrats to Will Hill.

Computer ranked #1huh?


Nobody cares about 'Bama's 12.
Nobody cares about ND's 13.
NOBODY cares about your soft schedule 5.
But you STILL live in the past. Congrats on being NUMBER ONE RANKED. Keep rolling with that clown.

In the HERE AND NOW U are doormats.

UF is on ESPN2 - get your facts straight.

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