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Florida Gators a 24-point favorite against Kentucky; Tim Tebow encourages Wildcats; Plus our usual dose of snarkiness

GAINESVILLE -- The University of Florida football team only scored 23 points against Tennessee last week but the Gators are 24-point favorites against this Saturday's opponent, the Kentucky Wildcats.

Florida has won 22 in a row against Kentucky, dating back to 1986. Florida quarterback Tim Tebow was asked about the streak -- or, rather, streaks in general -- on Monday. While in high school, Tebow lost four in a row against St. Augustine. The quarterback expects Kentucky's best shot this Saturday and doesn't think the streak will make a difference.

“[Kentucky's current players] weren’t on those teams," Tebow said. "They are a new team, a fresh team. They are going to put that behind them and say, 'That’s not us.' Those teams did that, that’s not us. This isn’t the Gator team that beat all those teams. We’re going to go in there and show we’re a new team and we have something to prove.”

Gotta love Tebow. He even gives opponents pep talks. Kentucky (2-0) defeated rival Louisville 31-27 on Saturday.

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