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Florida Gators a 34 1/2-point favorite against Troy

GAINESVILLE -- The Gators are 34 1/2-point favorite against Troy, according to Vegas. Place your bets now.

This is the first official betting line of the season for the Gators. Last Saturday's game did not have an official line. Sports books generally do not set lines or take bets on games between FBS and FCS teams.

Florida was 13-1 against the spread in 2009. The Gators defeated Troy 59-31 in 2007.

Any thoughts on this line? Seems like a big number to me.



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Well, Troy lost to Bowling Green by 17 so I would think the line should have been higher. This is another JV team that Florida shouldn't play.

The Gators will score around 60.

Nobody cares what a cane fan thinks about who we play. Uf's schedule is fine. Some years are light. Most are brutal.

UM has enough problems without worrying about UF's sched.

FSU, VT, GT isn't that tough by the way. Sure it's tough for you guys. But you guys kept your starters in for Charleston Southern. UF pulled all of its starters in the first half. It was all 2nd and 3rd string getting reps.

It is pretty ridiculous that people are giving the Gators grief about the schedule. Are CSU and Troy cupcakes? Sure. But our conference doesn't have Duke to beat up on like the ACC or Indiana like the Big 10 (just examples) do. Our schedule is nothing to sneeze at - especially when you include the SEC Championship.

Actually Adam, you have Vandy.
They were 7-6 last year and lost to Duke.

Sure, pick one game, dummy! We also have Tennessee, LSU, Georgia, FSU, etc. or was your reading time up so you had to stop? PLUS, we'll probably meet Alabama in the Championship Game. (Oh, I forgot - CHAMPIONSHIP is not in the "U's" vocabulary.

Arkansas is going to be pretty good this year. Don't forget about the Hogs.


I realize we have Vandy - but they are a capable team year-in and year-out. The overall difficulty of an SEC schedule - any SEC schedule - makes it unnecessary to schedule difficult out of conference games. Yet, we have FSU every year.

The fact of the matter is, for every year our schedule may appear weaker (due to our SEC West opponents being a "down" Arkansas and Miss. St.) there are years when we play Alabama and Ole Miss-caliber teams at the same time along with LSU, Georgia and Tennessee (who we play every year).

I don't hear the sympathy when we face a schedule like that...??? Nobody complains about our opening games when that is our schedule. So I don't want to hear the B.S. about "cupcakes" just because this year, on rotation, happens to be easier because Arkansas is "down" compared to what it has been in the past. It's complete B.S.

And the SEC Championship evens out an "easy" schedule just fine.

Florida should play Miami every year.


Should - but don't have any reason to. They should also play USF and UCF every year in a perfect world.

Goody is correct! They should play Miami every year. Also, Miami is playing UCF and USF this year and will continue to play them if they sign the contract.

Great game, speed kills and Miami sure has speed. It's just a matter of time before Miami takes over again.

Pro style O on national TV, recruits want nothing better!

WOW, did FSU blow that game with poor time management at the end. For awhile, I didn't think either team wanted to win that game although for the fan it was entertaining to watch. That is, unless you actually like to see defense being played!!! Neither team is in the same class as Florida...

This much I know: Aaron Hernandez would not have dropped that pass at the end of the game.


I understand the SEC is tough, maybe not this year, but these two cupcake games to start the season has to stop, why don't we play a weak school from the larger conferences? Just a little but tougher than CSU and Troy: Indiana, Connneticut, Duke, Minnesota, someone, I mean come on, its embarrassing

The Gators schedule seems to work quite well recently . They end up with a very high SOS, and a good shot at the NC. All other talk is just banter. Get a brain, learn to use it, and pipe down.

MiamiGator, because it is not as easy to schedule teams like that early on in the season. You can't just give UConn money to come to Florida and play - they don't need the money and they will want a home-and-home. The point is to get playing time at home before the tough SEC schedule.

Troy is like Cincinnati or East Carolina awhile back. They are Division 1 and trying to get better by playing better teams. I think the Gators cover this spread though.

Quit making scheduling excuses, TN isn't.

SI.COM - Kiffin wants USC on Vols schedule

"Despite Lane Kiffin's ties to Southern California and his plan to restore the Vols to prominence alongside the program he used to be a part of, eventually he won't mind testing his new team against the Trojans on the field. The future schedule appears to be booked with a series with Oklahoma slated to start in 2014, another with Nebraska in 2016 and then Ohio State in 2018.

That's how you schedule, no SEC excuses! This will only make TN better in the long run.

Scheduling excuses? No one is making excuses. And Tennessee doesn't have an annual OOC opponent like UF does in FSU. Give it a rest.

Miami has a short memory. They played Charleston Southern in 2008.

Our early season schedule that year was Hawaii and Miami. Nobody could have predicted how bad they were. :)

then lets do a home and home, come on other teams do it, these first two games every year are a joke

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