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Florida Gators freshman Andre Debose out for season

GAINESVILLE -- Florida coach Urban Meyer announced on Tuesday that freshman receiver Andre Debose will undergo surgery to repair a hamstring injury and will miss the entire 2009 season.

According to Meyer, Debose partially tore a hamstring tendon in May while running track for his high school. Debose was the nation's No.2-rated high school receiver in 2008, according to Rivals.com. His touchdown catch in the large-school football state championship game helped defeat Miami Northwestern.

Meyer raved about Debose on National Signing Day in February. This is the third straight year that one of the Gators' top recruits hasn't been able to contribute as a freshman. In 2006, defensive tackles Torrey Davis and John Brown were held out. In 2007, defensive tackle Omar Hunter missed most of his freshman season with an injury.



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Really really really unfortunate. Most important thing with an injury, especially at this age, is to not push too early on the rehabbed area and hope they do not get complacent and depressed about not being able to get on the field. I have a feeling the Gators strength and conditioning team and coach Urban Meyer will help Debose along this path quite well.


Hate to hear that.He is a very talented kid who showed the ability to be a tremendous player. The hamstring injury can be tough to come back from, so many players continue to have problems after injuries like this. Hope this isn't the case for Debose.

Doctor, What do you mean "esp at this age not to push him"?
Like its gonna make a bigger difference if he was 30 years old...the hamstring was partially torn and in need of surgery!

Debose can learn from Omarius Hines' experience after a thigh injury set him back for months--work hard in rehab and you may come back even faster (if that's possible).

We'll need Debose in 2010 when we lose Cooper, Nelson and James.

John Brown and T. Davis were the 2007 class. You really need to do more research before you post.

Any player needs to go through a complete rehab and be more than 100% healthy before putting him on the field - but a lot of times older players and some coach will push them to go before they are completely healthy. Look at Daunte Culpepper in Miami as a great example of that. There is no doubt Debose enrolled in Florida this year with one thing on his mind - stepping on the field. With that being said, I believe it is important not to rush him in that regard, no matter how much he protests to want to get out there. No need to be a condescending D-bag, "Geed up." It is just an opinion.

Hope an injury like this doesn't happen to Tebow, the season would be over.

Watch out for Alabama. I hate Saban for the Fins debacle, but Saban has built Alabama into a team that is built to stop the spread O just like the NFL would do. He has recruited big big big players at every position. Let's see if Tebow (if they play) can run against them. It will be tough when you have LB's that are larger than him and a D line that is the best in the country. Plus, their DB are big and fast.

Hope an injury like this doesn't happen to Jacory, the season would be over.

Who cares about Alabama? That game (IF it happened) is three MONTHS away.

Bama had huge guys last year and got spanked in the fourth qtr. by the National Champions. The supposed "finesse team" smacked UA right in the mouth. This guy knows nothing.

Know this about Alabama: After getting beat down in the fourth quarter by the Florida Gators and then losing badly to Utah in the Sugar Bowl, the Crimson Tide has since adopted portions of those two teams' spread offenses.

As for Adam's comment about not rushing Debose back to the field, he is absolutely correct. RB Chris Rainey was used and abused in high school and he's just now, finally, returning to form. (Anyone other than me notice how Rainey made sure not to fall on his shoulders when he dove into the end zone on Saturday?) Rainey's shoulders will always be a problem because he played through serious injuries while in high school.


Exactly, jo. Players not listening/lying to trainers about health and coaches rushing players on to the field too soon after serious injuries can threaten not only that next season but the player's entire career. I would rather Debose sit out for 13 months (meaning miss a month into next year) and be 120% healthy than sit out 11 months and start going hard at 90% healthy. That's all I'm saying. Though I'm sure he'll be fine to go at training camp/practice next summer.

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