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Florida Gators linebacker Ryan Stamper gets the hook after mentioning Vols coach Lane Kiffin

GAINESVILLE -- It was all going so smoothly on Tuesday afternoon ... until Florida Gators linebacker Ryan Stamper brought up the K-word!

Ryan Stamper, surrounded by a few dozen reporters, talked about the need to shut down the Tennessee Volunteers' running game. He said Vols running back Montario Hardesty is going to be the best running back Florida has faced this season. He said stopping the Vols' running game would pretty much equal a Florida win. And then Stamper made a major mistake, an oral misstep. He mentioned Tennessee's coach by name!

REPORTER: "Do you think it's going to be borderline violent here on Saturday? People have been amped up about this game for months."

STAMPER: "Yeah, you can tell just by the campus. You know, students on campus talking to us about the game and family members just talking about all the hype of the game, so I think it's going to be a real good environment. Probably one of the best Florida has had in this stadium in a long time."

REPORTER: "What have they been saying?"

STAMPER: "You know, just asking us what are we doing to prepare and stuff about, you know what I'm saying, the whole Lane Kiffin thing. That's about it."

FLORIDA PR GUY: "OK. Thanks, Ryan."

Stamper got the hook faster than George W. Bush at the Apollo! And that was it. After Stamper mentioned Kiffin, no more players were made available on Tuesday.



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