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Florida Gators open the week a 28-point favorite against the Tennessee Volunteers

GAINESVILLE -- One Las Vegas sports book opened the betting line of Saturday's game between Florida and Tennessee at a whopping 28 points.

That's not a spread. That's the Grand Canyon!

The Gators remained No.1 in The Associated Press and Coaches polls this week. (Duh, right?) Two wild weekends of college football have shaken up the Top 10. Other Southeastern Conference teams in the AP Top 25: No.4 Alabama, No.5 Ole Miss, No.9 LSU and No.23 Georgia. Link to the polls.

It's a good thing I'm not a gambler. I went an amazing 1-6 against the spread last week! On Sunday night, one gambling expert told me that a monkey could make better picks. Next week I'll shake things up and experiment by allowing Cahaba The Dog to pick against the spread. The only pick I landed: Florida, of course.

On Sunday morning, Urban Meyer told reporters that he used to visit Tennessee defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin when Kiffin was the DC for the Tampa Bay Bucs. Kiffin even visited Gainesville after the 2007 season and spent the day with UF coaches talking defense.

Having built a relationship with Kiffin over the years, Meyer said he was surprised by Kiffin's son's comments this summer directed toward Meyer. Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin falsely accused Meyer of recruiting violations.

"Just because I was fairly close with his father and I just know the way he is," Meyer said. "Like I said, that's all over with. Coach Monte Kiffin and myself have a very good relationship."

In today's Miami Herald, we take score of the interesting offseason involving Lane Kiffin and his shots at the Florida Gators. LINK!

The Vols' offense managed 208 yards and one touchdown (compared to four turnovers) against UCLA on Saturday. UT coach Lane Kiffin called it embarrassing. LINK!

Two weeks down. Two Georgia starters down. LINK!

Kentucky-Louisville week is here. LINK!

South Carolina still searching for an offensive identity. LINK!

Vandy banged up after loss to LSU. LINK!

Battlefield promotion for Alabama freshman running back Trent Richardson. LINK!

Auburn running back duo turned in a historic performance against Mississippi State. LINK!

LSU's defense allowed just 81 yards in the second half against Vandy. LINK!

Mississippi State's offense a work in progress after loss to Auburn. LINK!



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It's gonna be WILD at the SWAMP! Wear the Blue and bring your signs! Bozo and the circus will be in town!

"Wear the Blue and bring your signs! Bozo and the circus will be in town!"

No, the circus and Bozo come to town the last game of the year at the Swamp.

So I log into typepad and then try to link to your Herald content. Link sends me to a Herald "member page"? Two tiered log in? It's sports opinion not national security. I'd love nothing more than to read your additional content Jo. But I'm not registering with the Miami Herald to do it. This will drive down their hits,and yours.

Wake up Miami Herald. There is a bottomless list of content out there. Get I.T. on the horn and at least make content accessible from Typepad. My computer desktop is already buried with post it notes for passwords and usernames for banking and bill paying etc. I'm not adding another layer to it to read Herald articles.

Why would anyone think TN has a chance? Not enough speed to stop the Gators, plus their QB suxs! I want to see how Kiffin SR. tries to stop Tebow, should be interesting.

Gators 37 TN 7


Usernames and passwords are very frustrating. But, hey, it's free content. Seems like a pretty good trade off.


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