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Florida Gators QB Tim Tebow and others expected to play despite illness

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow is expected to play on Saturday despite suffering from a respiratory illness, according to a team source.

Tebow, receiver Riley Cooper, safety Major Wright and cornerback Joe Haden are the latest Gators to contract illnesses that are moving through the team. Haden and Wright are roommates and Tebow and Cooper are roommates as well. The four players flew to Lexington aboard a different plane than their teammates on Friday. The majority of UF's football team were on a chartered flight while Tebow, Wright and Haden flew to Lexington aboard the University Athletic Association's private jet.

According to the source, neither Tebow, Wright or Haden had a fever on Saturday morning. According to Joe Haden Sr., his son had a fever of 102 degrees this week and received fluids intravenously after practices. Haden Sr. expects his son, Tebow, Wright and Cooper to play on Saturday but Haden Sr. said that all four players are sick and less than 100 percent.

Eight UF starters have become sick in the last week: Cooper, Tebow, Wright, Haden, linebacker A.J. Jones, defensive end Jermaine Cunningham, running back Jeff Demps and tight end Aaron Hernandez. According to Florida coach Urban Meyer, more than 35 cases of illness have affected the football team in the last three weeks. According to the souce, neither Tebow, Wright or Haden had a fever on Saturday morning.

No.1 Florida (3-0) plays Kentucky (2-0) at 6 p.m. at UK's Commonwealth Stadium. UF owns a 22-game winning streak against the Wildcats.



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That can't be good news.......................
Stay at home and let the others play, we don't need this virus spreading to others.

Probably too late for that. Even Gator Clause has the swine flu.


I smell a 2 QB system on the horizon if Brantley has a big day! What's good for the Goose...

What's the ethical call Jo when you know one or more of your players is SERIOUSLY (and contagiously) ill, and a team allows them to participate in a full contact sport anyway?

From a strategic standpoint, I'm surprised we've gotten so much info this week. What's a teams responsibility to report an illness, vs an injury?

Go 'canes!


All that Cane National Title talk seems a little funny now, doesnt it.

Why do people overblow a team one way or another after a game or two??? They are always proven wrong. Miami is an annual 4-6 loss team. That is until they bring in a real, proven, head coach.

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