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Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow back in Gainesville

GAINESVILLE -- University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow is back in Gainesville after being released from University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center on Sunday morning.

Tebow suffered a concussion on Saturday night during the third quarter of the Gators' 41-7 win against the Kentucky Wildcats. He was taken to the hospital during the fourth quarter and was monitored throughout the night. Tebow flew back to Gainesville on the University Athletic Association's private jet.

"Tim is doing fine this morning," Florida coach Urban Meyer said. "His CT scans came back and indicated that Tim suffered a concussion. Our medical and athletic training staff will continue to monitor him to determine how much rest and recovery he needs. We will have additional information and updates this week."

No.1 Florida (4-0) is off this week and plays at No.4  Louisiana State (4-0) on Oct. 10.



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Knowing Tim, he will be trying to practice today. Hope he takes it easy this week, I'm sure the coaches will keep him under control for his own good. I'm from the era of Dick Butkus and those guys, but Tim's as tough as they come..

Dr. Adam again...I wouldn't expect Tebow to even step foot on the field this week, let alone today (I know you were just being facetious). With a concussion, return to activity is based solely on the existence of symptoms. Until all of his post-concussion symptoms are gone, and maybe even a day or two after that, he will not be doing anything but studying game film, I assume.

Percy Harvin to the HOUSE 101 yards!!!

Man... I hope he gets better... I'm glad he has an extra week to recover

Did you notice that even the Ky. fans were respectful of Tim's being hurt. While Tim may want to get back on the practice field come Monday, surely Meyer and the medical staff will tie Tim down if necessary in order for him to get the rest and recovery time a brain hit needs. While its not being said in public, a concussion means there's a pin point brain wound or hemorage, particularly if its a severe concussion. For us fans, I believe Brantley can do just fine for us in Baton Rouge.

Did Manny from the Canes blog contract swine flu???? Dude has been blogging like a 13 year old girl, weekdays, weeknights, weekends, and now the Canes lose and he disappears. HMMMmmmmmmmmm.

excUse U...I told you it was coming. All the Canes hype was completely unwarranted and overblown. One more loss and they are right back to where they started....irrelevant and unranked.

Kentucky fans were VERY respectful. Players - not so much. Even after he was down and everyone knew he was down they were celebrating.

Way to stay on topic "pimp"le! It's obviously 'canes 24/7 with U!

Manny's blogging like a 13 year old girl? SNAP! Maybe he has the UFlu or something!

U sure called us on "Excuse U Gate"! Pretty clever how we channeled our excuses through Meyer! It almost sounded like all the UF receivers were injured, and 35 kid's from YOUR school had the UFlu! But I digress!

Man where does the time go "D" Bag? Remember when I took this pic of you at Erin Andrews graduation party?


You snuck into her parents bedroom that night and "pinched a steamer" into her parents tub! Dude you are REALLY crazy! (and really creepy!) Boy you really had a "thing" for Erin "D" Bag! Are you still selling spy cameras and stuff?

Anyway, I deleted you off my Facebook page! I couldn't help it! Your screen name is "Pull My Finger", and Facebook kept suggesting my real friends add you! But nobody ever liked you, remember??


Hey Adam,

I didn't notice what the players were doing, but I think Jo reported that KY's coach was still questioning whether Tebow fumbled the ball after the game was over! Is he "F"ing kidding?

Tebow almost breaks his neck, and this moron is thinking about field position at the end of a blowout!

Truth is strange sometimes!

Jump on and watch one of the youtube videos. About 40 seconds after Tebow goes down the players are shown still celebrating.

Coach Brooks still has to coach the game, no matter what happens to an opposing player. But the only way that is acceptable is if he legitimately though the ball came out bc one of his players recovered it. If that is not the case, asking for that is ridiculous, I agree.

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