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Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow, safety Major Wright and others fly separately to Lexington

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- Florida quarterback Tim Tebow might be playing sick on Saturday. 

The senior quarterback, along with safety Major Wright and other Gators apparently suffering from flu-like symptoms, flew to Lexington, Ky., on Friday aboard a different flight than the rest of their teammates, according to a story first reported by the Independent Florida Alligator, UF's student newspaper. The Alligator reported the story at 12:37 a.m. on Saturday, citing an anonymous source.



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Looks like GAYTORS r lining up the excuses b4 the game 4 a poor performance instead of after the game(like they did after Tenn. game). Oh, it was the Tenn. game plan. Oh, we had some guys sick. Oh, we got some guys nicked up. Boo f-ing hoo..
But please win the game 'cuse the CANES want you girls in a bowl game(bad)..
U c we don't SHY from competition we live 4 competition..

Any spelling or grammar errors, adam's apple(r live in MOM's basement english professor)..

I'll take another ten point win.......this aint going to be a cakewalk.....

Good article in the Orlando Sentinel by Jeremy Fowler. I'll paraphrase 4 the GAYTOR fan who don't get a newspaper or can't read. The GAYTOR football staff of 45 saw thier salaries go from 4.78 mil. in 2008, 2 7.56 mil. in 2009. And this doesn't include 'Rural' myers or asst. coaches updated salaries. All this during 1 of America's worst recessions.
Kinda like when George dubya left office and bailing out his wall street buddies with 700 billion. "RURAL"S doing the same on his way out of GAYniesville on his way 2 NOTRE DAME..
PS> read the end of Bianchi column about GAYTOR excuses, I guess he's on board with UM=..

Thats not the Gators lining up excuses that is Jo lining up excuses. Big difference.
The Canes are the KINGS of excuses so it kind of rubs off on those Miami Herald people.

Too young. I think I have heard that excuses for 4 years from the Canes. LOL. What do they want some 80 year old playing for them?
It was the O-coordinator. I dont know how many O-coordinators they have gone through in 4 years.
It was the D-coordinator. Same as above.
Jacory Harris wasnt feeling well and had the sniffles.
Marcus Forston had female issues.
Randy Shannon thought the half came with 9 time outs instead of 3, it isnt his fault.
I cant wait for this years excUses. They are coming. Dont say I didnt warn you. NEXT YEAR. NEXT YEAR. NEXT YEAR!!!!! BAWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

And let me tell you they arent winning ANY National Title next year either. I am willing to put my money where my mouth is.

There's old "D" Bag chiming in with the "evil scientist" persona! You look sooooo stupid!!

First off, I don't want UF to lose unless we are the one's who get to do it!

Second, UF is starting a linbacker at wide-out today! Sounds like a "depths" issue to me!

Third, way to roll Jo under the bus for doing his job! They aren't excuses if they are true!


Go 'canes!

Hey "D" Bag, if UF were to lose today, you should tape Timmy's thermometer next to the "Speech"! Then sick people could come and touch it, and they would be healed!

Go 'canes!

Jo is reporting that Tebow turned Major Wright's vomit into wine!

A dork at the Purple Porpoise told Tebow he couldn't get laid. Tebow told him to go to the other side of the bar, and when he did, the kid had ten girl's swarm him! (They were all fat chick's though! Tebow's the Messiah, not God!)

Go 'canes!

Wow.... We may get to see Frankie Hammond, TJ Lawrence, Omar Hines and their favorite QB, Brantley... You know the one that reads coverages and doesn't think he can run threw a wall;-) It will be interesting to see how many people get the ball when Tebow is limited!


Let the Canes excUses begin. I have told you everyone all along about that team. FRAUDS!!! OVERHYPED!!! OVERBLOWN!!!! Now we have to deal with next year talk. LMAO!!!!!!!!

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