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Florida Gators safety Will Hill misses practice time to be with his new family

GAINESVILLE -- Florida Gators sophomore safety Will Hill missed time with the team this week to be with his new family. Hill became a father earlier this week. 

"It's gotten some of his time and attention as rightfully it should, so it's a real good thing for him and he's very excited about that," Florida safeties coach Chuck Heater said. "You got to manage that and get back to do the job here but also take care of what he needs to care of there. Things happen in life every day. It could be school. It could be something personal like that. It could be any number of things. It's all about managing it and being able to balance it."

Hill, a New Jersey native, is listed as a starter at strong safety and free safety on the Gators' depth chart. He played mostly nickelback against Tennessee and recorded five tackles. Ahmad Black started at strong safety and Major Wright started at free safety.

Heater said on Wednesday that Florida's coaching staff worked with Hill this week, allowing him to focus on his responsibilities as a new father.

"You let a guy do what he needs to do," Heater said. "You got to let him do what he needs to do and know that we support him and the time that he has. When they come back you try to get them ready to play. That's the right way to handle it and that's certainly what we did in this case."



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Completely agree with Alan M.

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Who cares about the NFL? i could not care less.....I dont watch the THUGS.....None of my money goes to Drew Rosenhaus......the fact is the canes have not been relevant in a long time (the definition for relevent for you canes fans is "you be not mattering to anyone"). I like Randy Shannon but I find it hard for me to root for the canes to comeback because the fans are so crappy...to the point, I get on this blog to see what people are talking about regarding the Gators and I have to see a bunch of losers write about sour grapes because they have nothing else going on in their life! Go blog on a canes site and get a life.

mc2i4J I want to say - thank you for this!

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