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Florida Gators special section ... the outtakes

GAINESVILLE -- In case anyone hasn't checked the sports pages, The Miami Herald's football special sections hit the newsstands today. Go buy a copy!

If you're living outside of South Florida, then CLICK ME! for college football special sections.

UF_Preditor_embedded_prod_affiliate_56 The Florida Gators' coverboy this season was senior middle linebacker Brandon Spikes. How could Tebow not be the cover, you ask? Well, that's how much The Miami Herald respects the Gators' defense this season. Here's the cover story, CLICK ME!

This year's theme for the special section: movies. I begged and I pleaded with my editors but my cinematically themed Tim Tebowisms were left on the cutting-room floor. Good thing I've got this blog. Here are the outtakes...

Tim Tebow hunts on the Predator planet (Predator/1987).

Tim Tebow doesn't need a bigger boat (Jaws/1975).

Freddy Krueger has nightmares of Tim Tebow (Nightmare on Elm Street/1984).

Tim Tebow loves the smell of napalm in the morning. He uses it to shave his face. (Apocalypse Now/1979).

Tony Montana, Kayser Soze and Marsellus Wallace are all Born-Again Christians thanks to Tim Tebow (Scarface/1983; The Usual Suspects/1995; Pulp Fiction/1994).

Tim Tebow taught Mr. Miyagi the crane kick and taught Lloyd Christmas how to read (Karate Kid/1984; Dumb & Dumber/1994).

A Jedi padiwan of Tim Tebow Yoda was (Star Wars/1977).



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