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Memo from the Texas Rangers to Florida Gators wild man Riley Cooper


This is a chinstrap. Learn how to buckle it.



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Mere chinstraps cannot overcome the inherent forces associated with a collision involving Stupor Cooper.

The mannequin head is accordingly gray, as in gray matter.

Jo, is it me or does DT look nervous catching passes? i've seen hem "pluck" the ball before and now it seems as he's letting the ball get in on him. Does he have a case of the "YIPS"?

Jo, is it me or do closet um fans posting questions about DT "looking nervous" look really stupid?

Looks like a case of the yips to me c

I'm calling him Riley THE Cooper since he "Barrels" through defenders on his way to the end zone.

You would think that after 4 or 5 helmets popping off, the coaches would PUT A STOP TO THAT $&#%!!!

Does Cooper also need to use a helmet with no facemask?

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