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More reaction on the Tebow hit

By Mike McCall

While we wait for more information on the severity of Tebow's injury, here's some post-game reaction.

UF LB Ryan Stamper

On the hit: “To me, when I saw him, my heart just dropped. I’ve never seen him like that before, where he’s not moving. I wanted to put a big emphasis on watching the offense this game, because a lot of times I try to sit on the sideline and work things out on the defense and get my rest. I wanted to watch the offense, so I saw the play, and I saw the lineman coming the whole way. When he hit him and he didn’t get up, I was just praying to God that it wasn’t a neck or a spine problem. I think that lifted up the defense to play a lot harder after that.”

On when he visited Tebow on the sideline: “He still looked pretty out of it. I went over and shook his hand, and he shook mine back. I didn’t want to talk to him because I didn’t want to take his attention. He was already going through a lot.”

UK DE Taylor Wyndham

The play: "What happened was that the tackle blocked down and I was unblocked. I came from the corner and hit him. It was just a normal hit. I didn't really think that much about it. He is a big guy. I just thought it was a normal play and a normal hit and everything."

UK coach Rich Brooks

"I feel bad for a guy like him to have a concussion, but when you look at how many times he carries and throws the ball, he hasn't had too many injuries, so he has been a pretty fortunate guy."

"It was a clean hit. ... It looked like it knocked him out, and it looked to me like the ball was on the ground."

UF QB John Brantley

“I was taken aback because that was a nasty hit,” Brantley said. “The way he just froze up, it was unbelievable. My thoughts and prayers go out to him, and I’ll hopefully see him [Sunday] or Monday.” 

Urban Meyer said if Tebow can't play Oct. 10 against LSU, it'll be Brantley leading an offense similar to the one run by Chris Leak.


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Did the Uk coach really just question whether it was a fumble when they asked him about the hit??? As if...

I hope he clarifies that.

hey vermin, stay on your own delusional blog. No rational fan over here wants to hear your hating nonsense.

God Bless Tim Tebow.

After seeing Tim go down, the replays seemed to show his helmet snap backward as a result of a hit to the facemask(not the chest alone) before the head snapped forward afte hitting the knee of a lineman.
It really didnt look like a completely clean hit, as you cannot lead with your helmet as it appears he did

What do you expect when Meyer continues to put Tim out there to throw when we're up 31 -7? He has been really lucky so far. Just the odds catching up with him.

There was NOTHING wrong with the hit, Tebow was simply unfortunate in that his head hit off the OL's knee and snapped on the way down - that was the cause of the concussion.

As far as him being in the game - it was his last series. They were going to score and then take him out. A lot of starters play for a lot of teams (see Texas, Oklahoma, etc.) with only 24-point leads.

may god invigorated timothy tebow and protect his greatest representative in college fotball.

Clean hit by Wyndham, no fumble which was incredible, and Tebow hit teammate Marcus Gilbert's leg and snapped his head forward. I hope he's okay. Incredible he asked Meyer if he held onto the ball when he got to the sidelines.

Tim will only come back stronger.

This is the adversity that great teams rally around...expect a fired up, vicious defense and a efficient, multi quarterback offense to show up at Baton Rouge and beat LSU....cant wait to see what meyer has up his sleave....whom is LSU going to prepare for? I expect all three quarterbacks to play and even Joe Haden in the wildcat...Go Gators!

Tim is superman in many ways. He will only come back strong and better than before. I feel bad for all the teams that must go agaist him after his recovery. MORE rushing touchdowns for TEBOW!

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