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Players vote on five captains for the Florida Gators

GAINESVILLE -- Your 2009 team captains: Tim Tebow, Ryan Stamper, Brandon Spikes, Brandon James and Joey Sorrentino.

Tebow, Spikes and Stamper are mainstays. They're three of only eight Gators to be named captain twice in their careers.

Here's a raise of the glass to Brandon James on his captaincy. I never thought I'd be writing those words. He has come a long way since his freshman year and has earned the respect of his players, coaches and fans. Way to go kid.

Joey Sorrentino, wow! From walk-on to captain! Sorrentino, the smallest player on the team, is one of Urban Meyer's special teams dynamos. The senior will participate in kickoff, kickoff return and punt block on Saturday.

"We voted last Friday, and coach called up the guys you'd already assume and then said there was one more," Sorrentino said. "He called me up, and I was just in shock."



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Thats verbal blood in the water and the grammar sharks are circling.

This could get ugly when the Great White shark of grammar, Adam, gets ahold of this. Lol.

Cue the Jaws music while Goody paddles around on an underinflated raft.

What's the problem? It is a word, and it was used correctly. Thanks for the designation, though. Haha.

"Here's to swim'n with bowlegged women!"

-Captain Quint, Jaws/1975


Man I hate it when Nibbles eats my post.

MY BAD! It's a word and I am now chum. lol

I'm calling you out on the bow legged woman quote though. I'm thinkin you went IMDB on that. You knew the year? No way. Or Maybe Matzo Ball spelled it out in his kitty litter?

Matzo Ball uses the toilet, a la Mr. Jinx.


Man those toilet trained cats are the coolest. Meanwhile I'm shoveling kitty biscuits out of the cat box like a 49'er. I gotta look into that toilet training stuff.

Congrats to Joey Sorrentino. Trinity Catholic (and coach Kerwin Bell) sure turned out some class acts. From super prep-stud -- and ultimately patient (I believe he is the third best QB in the SEC) Johnny Brantley to walk-on turned captain for a week Sorrentino, the Celts have been well represented on the field and off in Gainesville.

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