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Six more Florida Gators go down with the flu

GAINESVILLE -- The flu blug is spreading.

Six more Gators came down with the illness on Tuesday. The list includes starting strong-side linebacker A.J. Jones. The others: Mike Gillislee (freshman running back), Josh Evans (freshman safety), Justin Williams (redshirt junior receiver), Shawn Schmeider (redshirt junior offensive lineman) and Earl Okine (redshirt freshman defensive lineman).

 "We’re battling a little bit," Florida coach Urban Meyer said.

Receivers coach Billy Gonzales wore a germ mask and gloves during Tuesday's practice. Gonzales had a fever of 104 degrees on Sunday night, according to Meyer. (Meyer also didn't look too good but he didn't say he was sick.)

Meyer said that the sick players were held out of Tuesday's practices. Florida's coach also said that defensive end Jermaine Cunningham and running back Jeff Demps, who were ill this weekend, still are not "100 percent."

Receiver Deonte Thompson (hamstring) and linebacker Brandon Spikes (Achilles tendon) did not practice.



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If anything, this is a good time for the Gators to get the flu. Although, we have an away game this week, its against Kentucky, and we should be able to handle them. After this, it's a bye week and then we get our first true tough game

Wasn't going to get into this but a good point was made...having higher TV ratings because you're the only game on is not an indicator of anything really. That's all I wanted to say because I don't have the time today to refute all of the other absurd "points" made.

Posted by: Adam S. | September 22, 2009 at 05:03 PM

You got me again Adam! UM wouldn't want to have EVERY SINGLE RECRUIT IN THE COUNTRY (and their parents), and the pollsters watching our game at primetime before bed, now would we? Probably didn't have anything to do with the love UM is getting this week, right?

Keep SEETHING you # 1 rated also-rans!

I agree completely that UF has the same team this year that they had last year (Minus Harvin and Murphy, but who would miss those guy's?)! The problem is that UM is not the same team anymore! But you already knew that!

Got undefeated? All of the greatest teams of all time do!

Go 'canes!

We'll play in primetime in JANUARY ass clown.

U will play on a december afternoon.

WE ARE BETTER THAN U. But big congrats go out to you being ranked number one douchebag.

Wow Sarasota, you truly are a whiner.

Did I say you shouldn't be the only game on? NO. All I said was that PART OF THE REASON for the inflated ratings you have been claiming is because the UM game was the only game on at the time the first two times you played this year. Competing with other big games or big teams at the same time, the rating would NOT be as high.

If Letterman was the only late night show on TV, his ratings would be double or triple what they are. But because he competes with the Colbert Report, Conan, Kimmel, etc. each night - his ratings are lower. That is the same reason why Monday Night Football and Sunday Night Football ratings are higher than your 1:00 p.m. game on CBS or FOX. Because there is no choice - if you want to watch football - that is the only game on.

If you don't think that's the case, then you're just being blind and foolish.

I have no guff with UM...wish them all the success in the world. I just hate Canes fans...like yourself.


Kentucky will not be a pushover if all of Florida's players are sick.



Where did that come from? When/where did I say Kentucky would be a push over? Perhaps you are talking to "mike" in the first post?

Jo, it will not rain tomorrow if there are no clouds in the sky.


Again gaytor fan listen up and shake the meth out of ur head, when there's nothing else 2 do in a town like gaynesville(except go to the waffle house or 'cracker' barrel(appropriate name for a restaurant in central FL.), 4 a 4 course dinner, of course u'all will fill up a stadium, just like they do in other college crackerville's.. We have FULL lives in So.FL., NOT JUST GAMES AND METH..

Maybe Canes fans should check out the top 25 teams in recruiting for the next class and point out where Florida is and where Miami is? Ugly. GO spin that Canes fans. Those are facts. Not the Kool-Aid talking. There is a lot of Kool-Aid going around in Miami.

The reason why I dont like it is because Shannon is going might be fired after next year because of all the wild and crazy expectations. Once you dont win the ACC this year and next year, its over. That is bad because once Miami gets a real coach, they may be back. Miami is a very good head coach away from coming back.

Shannon just did an interview on The Paul and Ron Show. In one of his sentences he couldn't decide if he was trying to say "satisfaction" or "gratification". So he said "SATIFIGRACION."


He also had you smearing your underwear against FSU.

This buzz around him is completely amusing.

Watch how quickly it collapses. But at least your ranked number one in some wingnuts "computer poll."

Posted by: Delusional ACC clown | September 23, 2009 at 09:39 AM

And you listened to every minute of it "D" Bag!

(I mean "Shooter"!)

Go 'canes!

Isn't this suppose to be the best year of the gators history.

Instead you have urban meyer on tv crying about some fake flu. what happened to depth. i thought no one had depth like the dear gators. please change your name to Florida Excuses...


Now, miami is back all over ESPN with jacory getting early heisman consideration.

tebow's first game against a D1 school and he throws for 115 yards and no touchdowns.


remember when shannon said "this would help him out more then you know." well, he meant it.



And cue Lane Kiffin saying "It's still all made up as an excuse for why they didn't blow us out..." (rolls eyes)

Apparently Kehoe missed Tebow running for 79 yards and a touchdown on that solid Tennessee defense coached by the great Monte Kiffin, who had no answers for that. So total that up and once again you have the Tim Tebow show.

I don't get why Cane fans are such jackasses. I grew up in Miami, went to Canes games, went to UF for undergrad and UM for law, and I enjoy the success of both teams. I'd love to see a UF-UM championship, although I don't know if Miami will make it JUST YET. But I am with Lou Holtz feeling the Canes are for real and are back, which is good for the Florida rivalries and the ACC. You people who think the flu is fake are just morons. The kids are being isolated and Demps playing with a 101 degree fever last weekend. But I'm sure in your conspiracy theory laden minds it's all for publicity and to preserve the #1 ranking. Hahaha, comical.

Ric (Marlboro)

Do you think Jacory Harris has a chance to be a NFL starting QB at some point in his career??

Mel Kiper (1:28 PM)

Definitely. He has a chance to be real good. The way he throws the football, you can't ever underestimate a kid that has height. He's 6-3, 6-4, outstanding arm and he's accurate. You can't teach accuracy. You can improve arm strength. We've seen that. Harris is a tough competitive kid. He's got some talent around him and he's only a sophomore. He's going to be a big time NFL prospect.

jim (attleboro, mass)

are college QB'S ready to play in the nfl earlier than in the past

Mel Kiper (1:25 PM)

You can see in the NFL at QB, the league is rich at QB. We'll have more QBs coming in the draft. Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, Jevan Snead. We'll see about Tim Tebow. Tony Pike, Jarrett Brown, Dan LeFevour.

I didn't write it!


Go 'canes!

What's going on w/ this flu virus?? Looks like it's spreading.


But in response 2 all u gaytor fans who must be on meth, that say Miami doesn't put players in the NFL, We had 7 players in the pro bowl LAST year(how many GAYTORS?), 49 players in the NFL at the start of THIS season. And this is what Canes did last weekend in the pros.
>All-pro RB Frank Gore, 49ers, 16 carries 4 207 yds and TD runs of 79, 80 yds, plus 5 catches 4 39 yds.
>All-pro WR Andre Johnson, Texans, 10 catches 4 149 yds and 2 TDs.
>All-pro RB Willis McGahee, Ravens, 15 carries 4 79 yds and 2 TDs.
>All-pro RB Clinton Portis, Redskins, 19 carries 4 79 yds and 2 catches 4 19 yds.
>All-pro TE Kellen Winslow jr, Buccaneers, 7 catches 4 90 yds and 1 TD.
>All-pro TE Jeremy Shockey, Saints, 4 catches 4 49 yds.
>All-pro WR Devin Hester, Bears, 4 catches 4 21 yds plus 67 yds return yds.

U'all we be seeing this list and feeling the pain every monday, GAYTORS..

To true Cane fans,

Tone it down with the smack talk, we haven't done crap yet! Florida is still #1 and until they get beat they deserve it. Maybe Miami will continue winning and we could meet in the BCS title game, but.... there is alot of season left so let the play talk on the field.

Posted by: MTX-Cane | September 23, 2009 at 03:22 PM

You make no sense MTX! First you say to tone it down, then you say UM might end up in Pasadena! We are bloggers, not journalists!

Not one word we write (or do not write), has an impact on our respective teams. Fans are fans, players are players!

You're an interloper here, nothing more.

Adam S. is never going to congratulate you for your "fair and balanced" approach to blogging! When I come here, I'm trying to make 'cane fan laugh, and make Gator fan SEETHE! It strikes at the very heart of our "non-rivalry" rivalry!

Go 'canes!

Hey "Shooter"!

Sarasota, I don't know why you are so worried about me. I have zero problem with the Canes; my only problem is with idiotic fans like you. I don't come on your blog or bother you or start arguments with you. I come here to talk about the Gators. I like talking with MTX on here - he's normal - even though he disagrees with me sometimes. He doesn't make absurd statements, try to throw out things that are completely meaningless and back away from arguments when he gets proven dead wrong (like you do).

And by the way, you're not a blogger. You're a commenter on a blog. A moronic one at that. Get an education - please.

Perfect example being how you stopped arguing when I lambasted you earlier in this topic and moved on to saying other idiotic things.

You don't make me seethe - you make me pity you and your small brain - you make me laugh that someone like you trolls other teams' blogs and tries to minimize their accomplishments even though they are the defending champions and No. 1 ranked team in the country. You are definitley hysterical - just not in the way you think you are.

^5 Adam

You're on a roll bro, with butter.

You can't have an intelligent conversation with that idiot. He makes idiotic statements at every turn. Constantly bashes the number team in the country. The same team that is overwhelmingly picked number one by almost the ENTIRE media. His word du'jour is "seethe." I think he is just projecting his own frustration onto Gator fans.

He's propping up Miami saying that ESPN Gameday "might be coming" to Miami. Hilarious. If the cretin knew his facts he would know that Gainesville is the NUMBER ONE stop for Gameday as they have been the host city 28 times. Those are the "FACTS."

In the end it's amusing that this hater finds nothing but fault in the team that steamrolled to the NC last year and is the near unanimous pick to do it again this year. It's called Championship Envy.

Ben just tweeted that they are practicing with "My Old Kentucky Home" blaring over the speakers. Hilarious. Poor mildcats.

You don't hate the 'canes? Doohhhhh! Foiled again!

Should we, "takes it offline" Adam? What a wuss!

Your like two peas in a pod!

Hi Alan! Let's "debate" sometime, you big "D" Bag!

Go 'canes!

Definitely 32 toothpicks!


Sorry, Adam, it won't happen again!

Go 'canes!

In the end it's amusing that this hater finds nothing but fault in the team that steamrolled to the NC last year and is the near unanimous pick to do it again this year. It's called Championship Envy.

Posted by: Alan M. | September 23, 2009 at 06:11 PM

I think Ole Mrs. would like to talk to you about your "steam roller", "D" Bag!

Got undefeated? You must, UF's been playing the game for over 100 years...I'll find it....not there....just give me another minute...it won't be long now...

Go 'canes!

Take it offline? I gladly would...if I was so much of a loser (like you are) that I would allow a sports argument to start a physical fight.

Great retort when you had absolutely NOTHING to say to back yourself up in any way, shape or form. You have, ONCE AGAIN, been proven to be weak, feeble-minded and absolutely pathetic.

Dude I was talking about e-mail you idiot! I was mocking your exchange with Jo yesterday! Lighten the "F" up Adam! It's just a game you tool!

For God's sake I return from dinner and once again the "Rain Man" has completely lost his mind! Get over yourself! This is a public blog and I'm just poking at you! Stop taking the bait! You're the one who keeps proving MY point!

P.M.S. You're SEETHING "Shooter", mission accomplished!

Go 'canes!

Definitely 32 toothpicks!

So this is what you say when you are so jammed up that you continue to have no reply to actual facts and legitimate opinions. "Seethe," "tool" "Rain Man" "PMS" "shooter."

As I said in my last post:

Great retort when you had absolutely NOTHING to say to back yourself up in any way, shape or form. You have, ONCE AGAIN, been proven to be weak, feeble-minded and absolutely pathetic. It is time for you to step away from the keyboard and find some type of life. Seriously, you need major help.

Back myself up? What am I backing up? I'm trying to get under Gator Fan's skin, and hopefully make a wayward 'cane fan laugh! C'mon Adam, lighten up!

I hope the irony of the first three weeks of this season is not lost on your hatred for me! Gator Fan is in the midst of their greatest season of all time, and EVERYONE is talking and writing about the 'canes! The "ohhhh and four" 'canes! Jacory is going to be siting next to Tebow in NYC wearing a purple pimp suit (figuratively speaking!)! UM is the darling of college football right now! I still think we have a let downs on our schedule, but as each week goes by, I'll reevaluate this prediction.

I love to debate football, but I usually do it on a 'canes blog! I've offered to debate UF/UM football with you, but you declined several months ago! No problem here, I completely understand your position.

I'll tell you what Adam, if you don't comment on my posts, then I'll never type your name again! It's the best I can do! When I use the term "Shooter" and "D" Bag, I was never refering to you anyway until last night! You know, and HE knows who I'm referring to.

Final thought, it's not your blog. All of the public blogs are for everyone, friend or foe. I hate it as much as you do, but I've learned to embrace it! And you know what, when your teams are winning, it's kind of FUN!

Go 'canes!

Doesn't bother me that people are talking about the Canes. Again, you seem to think I hate your team - I don't. I've lived in South Florida almost my entire life. The only team I hate in this state is Free Shoes University up in Tally.

So you talk college football on the Canes blog and come here to get under opposing fans' skin? Why bother? Do you get a rise out of coming off sounding like an idiot when you criticize the defending national champions and No. 1 team in the country?

It is not my job to debate UF/UM football with you - nothing you ever post on here lends itself to a legitimate argument about the teams - it is all talking crap and B.S. Besides, I do not remember declining such a "request." This is not a message board - it is a Florida Gators blog.

[[I'll tell you what Adam, if you don't comment on my posts, then I'll never type your name again!]]

I don't comment on your posts unless they are directed at me. In fact, I do my best to ignore them.

[[When I use the term "Shooter" and "D" Bag, I was never refering to you anyway until last night!]]

Maybe so, but you've called me other things with ZERO justification in doing so other than you being flustered/frustrated when I have rebuffed your trash talk with actual facts and figures.

[[Final thought, it's not your blog. All of the public blogs are for everyone, friend or foe.]]

I am well aware of that. But there are PLENTY of people who come on here to legitimately talk about the team and football and not get into flame wars with opposing fans who bring absolutely nothing to the discussion. I have no problem with talking with Canes fans like MTX because they will actually debate issues and concede when a good point is made against them (allowing me to concede if a good point is made against me). But I do have a problem talking with people like you and the other UM=NC person because they bring nothing to the table other than trash talk (though you do talk football on rare occasions here).

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