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Tebow knocked unconscious during third quarter

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- Florida quarterback Tim Tebow was knocked unconscious by Kentucky defensive end Taylor Wyndham with 3:57 left in the third quarter.

Wyndham, a back-up defender, was unblocked on the play and blindsided Tebow, who fell to the ground and laid motionless for more than two minutes. UF's entire team crowded around the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner while trainers monitored Tebow's breathing. Kentucky's crowd began chanting, "Let's go, Tebow! Let's go, Tebow!"

After several tense minutes, Tebow was helped off the field by trainers. He was replaced in the fourth quarter by back-up John Brantley.

Florida leads Kentucky 34-7 at the end of the third quarter.



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OMG I hope he's ok!

i hope he recovers. you never want see some one leave the game like that. JO u know i can sympathize on this

Hopefully no injury for Tebow. God bless him!

Whats he even doing in the game with a lead like that ???

Kentucky are haters

I agree. What was he doing in the game. I hope he is ok

I hope Tebow recovers quickly. Tell me, what was Urban Meyer thinking? Why did he not immediately send him to either the locker room, or the hospital. He probably had a concussion and the after effects were going to hit him later, as it did. Was there a doctor around?

The neck injury is the concern along with the concussion. I am from Ky. but I am not one of the rude and direspectful fans. I cannot tolerate the way these fans behave over sports in this state. It is just like bunch of rednecks. I am disappointed with the behavior of the fans. Please know that we are all not like that.

God Bless Timmy and grant him a quick recovery for he is the heart and soul of this team!

If he has a good doctor, he will be advised to avoid contact sports or he'll end up with permanent brain damage.


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