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Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin takes shot at UF's offense; Gators PR team responds in kind

Just in case Florida needed a little more motivation for this weekend, Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin took a swipe at the Gators' spread-option offense today.

Responding to a question on the subject, Kiffin told reporters on Tuesday that Florida's spread offense might be a reason why some recruits (Nu'Keese Richardson) have de-committed with Florida recently and headed elsewhere (Tennessee).

Kiffin said that the only time Florida misses on recruits is when recruits would rather play in a pro-style offense rather than the spread offense.

"You see some kids that don't want to play in that system because a lot of times it hurts them going to the next level for their draft status," Kiffin said.

On Tuesday afternoon, Florida's sports information staff responded to Kiffin's shot by releasing this factoid: Since 2006, Florida has had more receivers (six) drafted by NFL teams than all but two other college teams. LSU and Ohio State have also had six receivers drafted since 2006.

In its email, Florida made sure to remind people that Tennessee has had only one receiver drafted since 2006.



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I'm a huge Gator fan and hope Lane Kiffin gets clipped on the sideline this weekend by Brandon Spikes - however, there is some truth to what he is saying. There are recruits who have preferred to play in the pro-set offense rather than the spread, primarily because they ran it in high school, not necessarily because they are thinking ahead to the pros...

What Kiffin said is true. Kids want to get to the pro's and coming from a college that runs a pro O makes all the difference in the world.

"Since 2006, Florida has had more receivers (six) drafted by NFL teams than all but two other college teams:

What a misleading statement. Yes, UF has had 6 but two came from last years class,and UM only recruited one of them. Actually, the one he didn't recruit dropped the game winning pass in the in-zone this week. Who are the other 4?? Do they play??

Take a look at the receivers in the NFL, how many are 5 9" and under? A very small %, and that is what UM recruits. That is a requirement for the spread O.

Just send them video clips of Louis Murphy (Raiders) and Percy Harvin (Vikings) each catching touchdown passes in the first game of their NFL rookie season. Nine months removed from winning a Championship. Kinda kills that argument.

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