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The difference between Florida and Tennessee: Tim Tebow

GAINESVILLE -- Well, you're going to have to wait until the morning (Or whenever they post it on the web tonight.) to read my game story, but I'll give you guys a hint: Saturday's win was all about No.15.

Tebow's final stat line: 14 of 19 passing for 115 yards, one fumble and one interception. Most importantly, Tebow rushed for 76 yards ON 24 CARRIES! His one-yard rushing score gave UF a 10-3 lead in the first quarter. (Not exactly the kind of stat line you want for your quarterback.)

According to Florida coach Urban Meyer, some Florida's best players were sick this week with the flu. Defensive end Jermaine Cunningham, tight end Aaron Hernandez and running back Jeff Demps all played ill, according to Meyer, who said Demps had a fever of 101 degrees. Demps rushed for 31 yards on four carries, including a seven-yard touchdown to essentially ice the game at 23-6.

(Yeah, it seemed kind of like Meyer was making excuses during the post-game press conference.) 

UF linebacker Brandon Spikes played with an injured Achilles heel, according to Meyer. That explains Spikes' poor start to the begin the season. He missed several tackles on Saturday before he was taken out of the game. Senior linebacker Ryan Stamper moved from weak-side linebacker to interior linebacker and finished the game with 12 tackles.

Joe Haden and, of course, Ahmad Black had interceptions in the second half.

My prediction for this game (34-6) was looking pretty good until Tebow fumbled on the two-yard line in the fourth quarter. Oh, well. Much more on this game tomorrow. Off to watch the end of Auburn-West Virginia.



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According to Florida coach Urban Meyer, some Florida's best players were sick this week with the flu. Bla Bla Bla

Tebow to the NFL? To slow, no arm, and slow release.

There's nothing bad about a W. I know alot of Gator fans have been spoiled by our recent success, but 5 years from now the only thing anyone will remember is that this was a W. Give Tennessee alot of credit, they came to play hard and with a chip on their shoulder. But at the end of the day, the results were the same. I'll tell you what...I'll take a 1 point win for every game we have remaining...and the crystal trophy that would go with it.

Hey Alan, I was going to go dig up your post on our blog about the illness excuse factor, but why should I bother? You must be fuming now that Meyer played that card, right?

Is this karma, or just 1st game jitters?

Deonte Thompson????? Even if he were to have played, who would have gotten him the ball?? Your fullback, Tebow???

P.S. Funny you bring up Deonte! He wanted to transfer to The U, but Meyer wouldn’t let him! He knew what the Rock’s old team was cooking!

P.S.S. If the Golden Hurricane Club is not the nicest place to chill before a game, I don’t know what is! The Gino Toretta speech before the game was classic! The AD really has this “thing” hitting on all cylinders, for about half the money the Gators are spending on the same product! Who is their AD anyway, Bernie Madoff???

Go ‘canes!

Give Tennessee a lot of credit?????

News flash! They don't need U to give them a lot of credit, remember! They're just happy you didn't "step on their necks", or "hang 78 on 'em", or fulfill any of the other ridiculous statements you made since Lane took the helm!

Dare I say (I said "dare I say..." because Alan loves to say "dare I say..."!) you probably lost a couple of recruits tonight! Kid's want to play in an offense that will prepare them for the NFL! It took about a year to figure out "The Wildcat", now it's back to normal in "The League"!

Tennessee brought their freshmen and sophmores into your shyt dump and made the Mesiah look quite ordinary!

Nice spin move though, ReptilianRegurgitator!

Thank God KY is coming in next week, maybe it won't hurt as bad!

Go 'canes!

Dare I say UCLA is having trouble with Kansas St. Dorthy!

Who did UCLA beat last week???? Hmmmmmmmmmm...

You see what bad karma does to a fan base? You can win AND lose all in the same game!

Nighty night Alan! Tomorrow we'll go over how the entire college football landscape changed when Meyer came to UF, and you guy's started spending money like a Powerball winner from West Virginia!

What a "D" Bag!

Go 'canes!

The difference between Florida beating Tennessee by more points: Tim Tebow
This Tim Tebow propaganda is unbelievable, are we watching the same game?

Way to get the win UF.


People only transfer OUT of the U not to the U. The Canes are so overhyped for beating a bunch of pansy ACC teams. The Canes are lucky the ACC stinks yet they still wont win their division. Not with that coach and 180 lb QB. Just watch and mark my words. They were lucky FSU, a bad FSU team, dropped the ball at the end of the game or there would be a different tune down in South Florida. Now the Canes are back from beating two bad teams? LOL I am going to love the Canes fans hopes and dreams being SMACKED during this year. Few expected and UNEXPECTED losses coming. Then the EXCUSES. They dont call them the U = excUses for nothing.

You could easily make the case that FSU and GT are better than any of the three teams that UF has played so far.

Also, Brock Berlin transferred out of UF and into UM. He did not set the world on fire but he was no slouch, he led the Canes as they handed UF a nice thorough beating. Many people think Berlin was judged too harshly at the time, following Dorsey was a no-win situation. Dorsey, by the way, was also kinda thin. How'd that work out for him?

Finally, you have to love the irony of a Gator fan yelling at UM for making excuses in the comments section to a post where the UF coach is making excuses for a lackluster victory by saying his team has the flu.

Actually, I'm not sure there is such a thing as a lackluster victory, or a lucky victory. All I know is UM and UF are both undefeated and there is a lot of football left to play.

People only transfer OUT of the U not to the U. The Canes are so overhyped for beating a bunch of pansy ACC teams. The Canes are lucky the ACC stinks yet they still wont win their division. Not with that coach and 180 lb QB. Just watch and mark my words. They were lucky FSU, a bad FSU team, dropped the ball at the end of the game or there would be a different tune down in South Florida. Now the Canes are back from beating two bad teams? LOL I am going to love the Canes fans hopes and dreams being SMACKED during this year. Few expected and UNEXPECTED losses coming. Then the EXCUSES. They dont call them the U = excUses for nothing.

Posted by: Caniac | September 20, 2009 at 09:17 AM

Are U serious Fake Caniac? A bad FSU team that won 54-28 against the #7 team in the country on the road... U make your fan base look bad and if I was a Gator I would be cringing at your ridiculous comments...

If you are that stupid, than I've got some water front property in Port Au Prince that I'd like to sell you... What do you think?

I would like to point out that I am also trying to add SOME humor to what I am writing, while most of UF fans replys are just the usual hate filled garbage that comes with being historically inferior to The U.

Does UM have a "trap game" or three on our schedule? Probably! But it does appear that we are arriving to our party a year ahead of schedule!

Is UF the #1 team in the country? Nope, not this week. I would rank Texas ahead of UF in my poll, and I would move Colt ahead of Tebow in the Heisman. Last week USC would have been #1 for beating OSU.

They should not rank any teams until week 4 or 5 anyway. Every year the NCAA tries to tailor 3-4 teams for what they think will be the best reps for the "run". It's everything that is wrong with college football.

Look at Michigan! If the Heisman were given out today, Michigan's QB would be ahead of Tebow. Hell, Ponder from FSU is a better Heisman candidate than Tebow right now. If UF wants to deify Tebow before his college career is over, then go ahead! But it makes your fan base look SOOOOO stupid! I think it's quite obvious that winning is cyclical, and UM and FSU have planted seeds that have put us right back into the national picture.

Could UM be 2-2 in two weeks? Yep! But Alan said we would be 0-4! My money is on 3-1, but I'll take 4-0! Alan also said UF would be 14and0, but I would not hold my breath for that!

UF fan needs to lighten up big time! Especially you Alan! You are reigning champs for God's sake!

Go 'canes!

Cant wait for the excUses for da U. It is coming soon. Their fans will crawl back into their holes. Look at that WEAK ACC. North Carolina and Miami only undefeated teams and both were very close to losing too. There is no doubt both will lose, more than once, and it is coming soon. Then let the excUses begin.

The Gators dont need to make excUses for winning. We won and won without question or controversy. There was never any doubt. Tennessee played like Miami did when they came to the Swamp. They didnt play to win, they played not to get blown out. So they ran, ran, ran, and just did everything to prevent the big play. Good. Nice. But you LOST and lost by double digits. Tebow doesnt fumble inside the 10 and it is 30-6 Gators. Then it looks a little different. No excUses for winning handily. We will see how good FSU is when the Gators play them. Then the Canes fans will have different stories about that FSU team.

Canes are a joke. I dont really care if they think they are back or not. Its always good to have 3 good Florida teams. At least it makes things more interesting, rather than the Canes and Tennessee coming in playing not to get blown out, instead of trying to win the game.

The Gators will be in a BCS game. Will the Canes? We will be waiting for you. We will do our part, will you do yours, especially in a WEAK ACC? I highly doubt it! The young excUses, and the Randy Shannon excUses will be coming.

Hope you Canes fans are around for the whole year. We just started playing.

Canes are a Joke. Ha Ha
And now AP #9!

Speaking of “hugh” wins in non conference play - dare I say that’s what the D-IIII teams are saying.

“Fakey” Sarasota ‘cane Says:
September 20th, 2009 at 11:40 am

What is “hugh”, Fakey? Man I wish these things had spell checker, UF fan looks SOOOOOOOO lost without it!

P.S. Your argument is so last week! Didn’t FSU just knock off # 7 BYU IN THEIR HOUSE? I believe VT just beat NEB yesterday. Besides that, how can UF question any team or conferences OOC schedule??? With the exception of UM, UF has not traveled to an away OOC game since ‘93 against Syracuse, and they lost that game! We certainly know how UF played against UM over the last 25 years, home and away! Hell we beat UF with their recruit the last time they rolled into the OB!

UF fans are ego-maniacs with the biggest inferiority complexes in all of college football! You want your record to be like UM’s record so bad that it consumes your every thought!

UM is the greatest team in state history because we were beating the greatest teams to get there! U beat one of the worst Tenn teams that you have played in years! Congrats!

Meanwhile UM is navigating through the consensus #1 hardest schedule in the NCAA. UM’s 1st 4 games are considered the hardest opening 4 games in the last 23 years! We will play 4 ranked teams in our 1st 4 games, UF will play none! And this is UF’s self proclaimed, “GREATEST SEASON OF ALL TIME”!

In 1987, UM beat a FSU team considered to be one of the best of all time! (11 players from that game went in the 1st round of the NFL draft!) We went on to beat an OK team considered to be one of the best of all time! Jimmy Johnson vs Barry Switzer. It was a game of the ages!

There is nothing in UFs resume that even compares! Our “Ole Miss. trap game” in 2001 was against Boston College. On the verge of losing the game, UM intercepts the ball, and Ed Reed rips the ball from the hands of his own teammate and runs it back 90 yards to WIN the game. Tebow plunges into the line on 4th down against Ole Miss., and doesn’t convert…game over…”The Speech”…Gay…computer…yawn…

See the difference? That’s just 2 championship seasons! What about when we beat UF with Brock Berlin? That was one of my favorite games of all time. Do you realize that if Zook simply runs the ball in the 4th, you win! But U didn’t win…U lost…again…

We are better than U…always have been…always will be…

P.S. Stats are for losers!!!!!!!!

Go ‘canes

(Man this shyt just writes itself!)

It should be really fun to watch the Canes free fall! This is the best news all day! Let the excUses BEGIN and all the next year or year after next or next next year, BEGIN!!!!!!


Tennesseee and Miami played the same. SCARED. They played not to get blown out. Coward coaching. At least Tennessee's stats will show

They threw a parade down Biscayne because they lost to the Gators by double digits and expected the Gators to hang 100 on them.
It helped Miami more than we will ever know. BAHWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH


It was pretty obvious yesterday that Tim Tebow was the difference in the game.


Look at little Alan! Using another alias, again! You sure put that 14and0 crap away real quick! You call UM "Excuse U", and then Meyer comes out and says UF played so bad because they had the flu????? Even Jo so it for what it was, an EXCUSE!

UM's coming out party is a year ahead of schedule! We can't lose, even if we lose! Meanwhile if UF doesn't go undefeated, you've failed, AGAIN!

What are the odds of UF going undefeated?? I mean they have never done it, EVER! It seems to me the odds are pretty low that it will happen this year with games against LSU and ALA looming. Hell ALA already has 3 of your 1st place votes this week!

Since you won't play us, it looks like we'll have to play FSU twice instead! I thought maybe we'd see you in the Peach Bowl, but now I'm not so sure! You may have to rep the state in that game without us!

Se you later "D" Bag.

Hey is the KY game going to be on ESPN 360?


Posted by: Randy Shannon = Ron Zook without the brains | September 20, 2009 at 02:06 PM

Evil laugh this early in the season, after that game??????


Jo disagree. UFs plan to win is play outstanding defense and run the football. UFs D played bend but they didnt break. Tennessee was basically given a TD after a fumble recovery and return and a bad penalty. UFs D is the best in the country.

On the offensive side, UF wears you down. You could see by the time the second half came, Tenn's D was gassed. Similar to the Alabama game. You could hold UF for a half or quarter but they will break it open eventually. We have too much speed on the offensive side of the ball. Look at our rushing stats. RBs had like 8 yards per carry and take out Tebows sacks and he is at 99 yards rushing. You think giving up 8 yards a rush is good defense and almost a 100 yards to a white QB is good defense?

Just keep showing up week after week "Canes fans". Start preparing the excUses now. The fall will be great!!!

PS nice conference. SEC 4 of top 7 spots. Where is the ACC??? WEAK!!!!

Meanwhile UM is navigating through the consensus #1 hardest schedule in the NCAA. UM’s 1st 4 games are considered the hardest opening 4 games in the last 23 years! We will play 4 ranked teams in our 1st 4 games, UF will play none! And this is UF’s self proclaimed, “GREATEST SEASON OF ALL TIME”!

Personality wise, UM's team is Happy Gilmore to UF's Shooter McGavin! Go get 'em "Shooter"!

Go 'canes!

(This shyt just writes itself!)

Jo, forget the polls, rank the funniest blogger on here! I hate to tute my own horn, but I think I am hands down the funniest!

Alan is just plain angry, and while Adam is the smartest, sometimes I think he sounds like the "Rain Man"!

Definitely 32 toothpicks!

Hi Alan!

Go 'canes!

C'mon Jo, rank us! Alan just left the post below on the UM blog. Originality, effort, etc. I'm giving it an F. Now look at my Happy Gilmore joke above, that's just good fun!

PS, Bryce Brown leaving UM was horrible. At least you have Lamar Miller. BAHWAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

Posted by: Randy Shannon = Ron Zook without the brains | September 20, 2009 at 01:05 PM

Ohhh hardest schedule. Poor babies. (Maybe do some research on where UFs schedule was last year, bozo). They play in the ACC, one of, if not the weakest conference in college football, poor babies. They have a coward, baby, and a liar as head coach, poor babies. They are too young, poor babies. Lets see where UFs schedule and win/loss record ends up by the end of the year as compared with UM.

Just start preparing the excUses. Dont say I didnt tell you they were coming.

Gay from South Florida blog called, they are missing their #1 poster, Sarasota 'cane. They said once Miami loses in the coming weeks they will get him back.

Never mind Jo, his last post says it all! This guy couldn't be funny if he slipped on a bananna peel!

Go 'canes!

(But angriest fan is all you Alan! It's not even close! You win! No mas!)

P.S. Funny how we are "preparing" our excuses, when this blog is about Meyer using an excuse for UF's poor play yesterday! I guess you win again Alan! No mas!

That dude is the butt of a lot of really bad jokes, and doesn't even realize it! He is cracking up before our eyes! Remember the Norwood character from the 1st Ace Ventura movie?


Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | September 20, 2009 at 03:11 PM

Ohh look who is #1, AGAIN in ALL polls!

Poor Canes looking up to the Gators again.

OMG Tim Tebow nearly touched me once and I was healed of cancer. I swear to God it's true! He can do anything. He's the greatest person to ever live!

Great comeback Alan! The old assumed identity trick! Clever, very clever!


You know it's obvious you're not even in my league when it comes to having fun! I'll be breaking down all of our post later in my new segment, "Funny or not, here I come!"

You are such a "D" Bag! I own U!

Go 'canes!

P.S. Nobody cares that U are #1, except U! The toast of the state is Jacory Harris and the Miami Hurricanes! U have not played anyone yet!

Don't even say Tenn. You were going to hang 78 on them, and step on their necks! 1st year coach with a bunch of freshmen and sophmores! They are going to hang 78 on U next year, and then STEP ON YOUR NECKS! Ain't karma a byatch!

The U will have played 4 ranked teams before U get a look at 1! U are right where we want U! Don't go anywhere!

Go 'canes!

#1 is all that anyone cares about.

It is going to be 3 National Titles in 4 Years BUDDY!!!!!

Not to mention we have the best coach in the Nation and constant top 5 recruiting. We are just SICK right now.

At the end of the year no one will remember U. They just remember #1 and 3 National Title in 4 years. DOMINANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy our run and thanks for coming by our blog.

What a clown. This UM clown is imagining things. First time I've looked at this blog today but according to wacky cane clown I've been going at it with him all day. I'm nowhere near this blog today yet I'm so far up in your head. Take a break from your nonsensical ramblings clown you've lost your mind. Seriously dude.

Regardless, were number one unanimously and you're not. Were defending champs and your 2-0.WOW! Get a grip or go away or both.

Acc schools climb the polls then drop like rocks. You UM is no different.
Beat it chump.

There are only three reasons to go to UM:

1. You are from up North and your parents are rich and you con'ed them into believing the U would be a good experience and education for you while you secrelty have delusions of going to south beach and partying.

2. You got full scholarship.

3. You a Cuban American Princess and your parents wont let you out of town.

Thats it.
and if you went to the U you missed out on a real college experience and a real education. And you greatly overpaid!

We are just SICK right now.

Posted by: Rawpimple | September 20, 2009 at 04:05 PM

That's what Meyer says, but it just sounds like an EXCUSE to me!


I think Miami would have been better to stay in the Big Least. BAWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

At least they wouldnt have to play in a conference championship game, oh wait, they dont anyway!!!! BAWHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA

The Gators continued wins and the Canes fall is going to be great. You will hear excuses and all the next year talk. Its going to be great to hear the backtracking.

The polls foster false hope. There is no way UM is one of the top ten teams out of 120 teams.

So what if FSU beat BYU, they were terrible against the canes. Wasn't one dimensional GT without Dwyer?

The UM excuse machine will crank up.

I wish I could support a local column as a Gator fan, but for a more interesting take on Saturday's game (without the soon-to-be humbled scUM trash talk): http://www.staugustine.com/stories/092009/sports_092009_055.shtml

The one full of excuses seems to be Oscar himself... He is already downplaying the atrocious and embarrassing performance against Tenn... For all the trash you spoke about Kiffin, he actually looks pretty good...

He came in with arguably the worst Tenn team in decades against "the greatest team" in history on the road and only lost by 10... LoL... I don't know, but I wouldn't be surprised if KY takes you to the wire...

Now bend over and take your HGH shot Tebow, I mean flu shot... Sorry, my bad

Tebow is a great college FB player and great kid, but his style will not make it in the NFL. Just ask Donavan McNabb (Broken Rib) and Matt Hasselbeck (Broken Rib). As I stated before, a great DC will figure out how to stop Tebow,and TN has a great DC. I still think the Gators are a great team, but after wathing them I do not think they have the WR to keep up with a scoring team. I think Florida ST will give them alot of trouble and Alabama will beat them in the SEC Championship game.

I think you are a jealous LOSER MTX-cane

You don't need to comment because you're a typical cluelees cane idiot. But thanks for stopping in to check on the unanimous number one team and champions. Grab a mint as you exit LOSER.


First off I would take their record anyday over the last 4 years of our record. With that said...

Questions remain about whether they even deserved to play in those games, given the teams that were left out. Do you want your 'ships decided by a game of musical chairs, or would you rather dominate on the field?

The Dude lost 3 games leading up to the Heisman, and then lost to Meeeeechigan in their bowl game! (Who had lost to Appalachian St. in their opener!)

All of UF's recent accolades strike at the very heart of what is wrong with college football. The Golden Rule is alive and well in the NCAA. Those with the gold, rule! Or in this case, the SEC had a big hand in making a lot of that stuff happen!

Have we squeaked out a 'ship or a Heisman that another school could debate was theirs? Probably! But keep in mind that we have 2 'ships that are not only indisputable, those teams are considered to be 2 of the greatest to ever play the game, in ANY era!

That's what UF wants so bad that it consumes their fan base day and night! Look, if UF runs the table, we will be looking at one of the best teams in recent memory. But if they lose even one game with that schedule, the whole run will look contrived!

The pressure UF is under is crushing! Spikes is hurt, Deonte has a problem with his hammy, Dubose is out with a hammy, Tebow looks lost under center, Harvin is gone, swine flu, new OC, excuse, excuse, excuse! I'm betting they lose at least one game, maybe two. Time will tell.

Our best DE is out with a broken jaw, but God forbid we mention it here! Gator fan would have a field day! There is most certainly a double standard with our "excuses" and their "excuses"! But don't get me wrong, I'm glad our enemies hold us to a higher standard than we hold them too! It makes us STRONGER!!!!

I understand your point though about Tebow. Any team would take him in a second, college or pro. I personally think he could be the next Mike Allstot, or Tony Gonzalez. I'm just not sure if he's ready for Sainthood yet!

Go 'canes!

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