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TIM TEBOW UPDATE: Looked 'terrific' on Tuesday night

GAINESVILLE -- Florida coach Urban Meyer addressed quarterback Tim Tebow's status on Wednesday morning during the weekly Southeastern Conference coaches' teleconference:

"I've turned this over to our medical staff," Meyer said. "And every day -- because I don't know and I don't want to mislead anyone or say something that's not right -- so every day, because I do the same thing, 'What's new with Tim?' it's day to day and there is nothing earth shattering. They're continuing to monitor. Last night I saw him around 9 and he looked terrific. That's the best I've seen him look. Yesterday during the day he looked OK. He looked good. So it's day to day with him. I've yet to see him today."

Meyer will speak to reporters around 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

Meyer said during the teleconference that back-up cornerback Moses Jenkins of Lauderdale Lakes Boyd Anderson, who also had a concussion on Saturday, is receiving the same care as Tebow.

Offensive lineman Marcus Gilbert of Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas has a bruised elbow and bicep. Mike and Maurkice Pouncey are also slightly injured (Mike's ankle; Maurkice's shoulder) but should be fine by next week.

--The flu continues to spread through the team. On Monday, cornerback Markihe Anderson and safety Will Hill were sick. On Tuesday scout-team quarterback Andrew Blaylock and reserve defensive end Kedric Johnson had a fever.

"The good thing is we're going to go Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and then Friday, Saturday, Sunday they're off," Meyer said. "And they're back Monday morning read to go, so we're hoping that kind of wipes it out."



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I wasn't talking about Dodd. I was talking about Doyle. Did you read that article?

hopefully tebow will be back for the lsu game and better than ever.

Have the team doctors actually treating Tebow issued any statements or given any interviews? I would much rather hear from them than Meyer.

Help me!

tbone, doubt they're allowed to. Maybe they will have them do so if there is a decision reached to let him play.


I, too, would rather hear from the team doctor, but they're not making him available. Makes you wonder...


Meyer won't give a straight answer until next Thursday. It will force LSU to prepare for a "battering ram" AND a pure pocket passer! I don't think LSU will be able to match UF score for score anyway.

LSU's best shot on offense (Perrilloux), is now playing for Jacksoville State!


I hope sarasota çane is correct. Not sure what to make of the information or lack there of that is coming out about Tim. Can't decide if they are respecting his privacy, holding the cards close to the vest, and or not wanting to release negative information. I feel like no information is bad information as If he was feeling well and passing all the tests I think they would release that...?...

I think Tim will be back and running in top shape. This is just a minor set back, but Tim is super strong. We are going bet LSU

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