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Top 10 ways for the Florida Gators to embarrass the Tennessee Volunteers this weekend

Because for many Florida fans, winning just isn't enough:

10. Take quarterback Tim Tebow out after halftime and let John Brantley finish off the Vols. Let the Bull Gator wound the beast and then allow him to watch from the sidelines as his young apprentice practices the death roll. It's nature's way!

9. Call timeout midway through the third quarter so Tebow can take his post-game lap around Florida Field a little early.

8. Better yet. Don't even play Tebow. Just save him for Kentucky.

7. Insinuate before kickoff that Eric Berry couldn't start for Florida.

6. You know how Florida fans always sing We Are The Boys From Old Florida at the end of the third quarter. Replace that with Rocky Top.

5. Honor Phil Fulmer before kickoff.

4. Post-game chant: "All night long! All night long! All night long!"

3. Urban's post-game handshake includes this one-liner: "They should have promoted Pat Summitt."

2. Urban coaches the entire fourth quarter with his shirt off.

1. Would Charles Woodson be willing to play the part of Mr. Two Bits?

Gator Clause is all for staying classy. Our sportsmanship initiatives are legendary.



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