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TUESDAY TIM TEBOW UPDATE: Symptoms of concussion remain


GAINESVILLE -- University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow is still having headaches.

On Tuesday afternoon, almost three days after suffering a concussion during the third quarter of UF's 41-7 win against Kentucky, the All-American quarterback continued to show lingering symptoms of his brain injury. Tebow had headaches on Monday as well, according to Florida coach Urban Meyer.

"It's day to day," Meyer said. "It could change Wednesday. It could change Thursday."

Florida's medical team did not address the media on Tuesday but did release a statement without attribution: "Tim continues to rest and recover. He also undergoes daily testing and we continue to monitor his resolution of symptoms."

Tuesday's tests included measures of Tebow's internal equilibrium, cognitive response time and memory. Tebow will likely undergo daily testing for at least another week. Meyer observed Tuesday's testing for about 20 minutes.

"It's not like a test, 'How's your ankle? Fine. Good,'" Meyer said. "You have to pass the tests and he did good."

After his tests, Tebow met briefly with his teammates, received an ovation for being named offensive player of the game against Kentucky and then went back to his apartment to rest.

"I talked to him for a minute," Meyer said. "This isn't like a turf toe or a shoulder. This is a concussion. So, he's a grown man. He's going to take care of himself and I'm very proud of the way he's handling it, which you would expect."

According to Meyer, Tebow is not allowed to read or watch television "until later in the week -- maybe Thursday." Meyer said that UF's general protocol for players with concussions is a "non-stimulus environment, like a dark room, and rest as much as you can."

On Monday, Meyer said that he was hopeful Tebow could play against LSU but the coach was more subdued on Tuesday, telling reporters that he "hasn't even talked about" the subject with Tebow. "We're just trying to get healthy," Meyer said.

Florida's players remain optimistic that Tebow can play at No.4 LSU (4-0) on Oct. 10. No.1 Florida (4-0) does not play on Saturday.

"I think they're going to do everything in their power to get Tim ready to play," cornerback Joe Haden said. "And the bye week definitely helps."



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I agree with jo's statement in a previous post that Tebow should sit out this game no matter what. It is just not worth it for the player or the team.

If the symptoms subside Tebow will play. If not, he won't. It's that simple.

Do you think Tebo has the Yips?
Posted by: Bob Hayes | September 29, 2009 at 02:59 PM

great post Sarasota

Why should Tebow sit out??? Because people want to see the Gators play without Tebow? Tebow should play if doctors think he is able to play. If they dont think he should play, he shouldnt. It is that simple. No one else will make that decision.

Who wants to see the Gators play without Tebow aside from non-Gators fans? Everyone wants him to play. But he needs seven consecutive days of being asymptomatic BEFORE he can even practice, let alone play.

So if he has no symptoms tomorrow and continues not having any, that means he can't start practice until next Wednesday. Every following day he has a headache or something pushes that back. Even though Tebow is the best player on the team, if he doesn't step on the field for the first time until, say, next Thursday...who is better to go into the game, he or Brantley who has been practicing straight for two weeks?

I know they won't rush him, it is just important to be as careful as possible.

tebow needs to take his time in recovery so he doesn't come back and make any injury worse. WE NEED US ANOTHER CHAMPIONSHIP!! COME ON GATORS!! =]

Football is just a game. Just let him recover on his own time, and let the football take a back seat to Tim's health. I would rather see Tebow make a full recovery over a National Title. True Gator fans have our priorities straight!

get Brantley ready because he is starting at LSU. Maybe have Tebow dress if he is better but Brantley should get bulk of snaps. Bring it, LSU.

With all due respect to everyone I think Tebow should sit. I know I am not a Gator fan and I will get fans calling me names and all that, but concussions can be a serious thing. To rush him back into a game just to get yourselves into a National Title game is ridiculous. If he goes out there and is not 100% and gets hit in the head again, you risk permanent damage or, the least of your worries, lose him for several games or the season. Shots to the head could affect his quality of life and all precautions should be taken. Besides why do you think you can only win with him? No offense, but have you seen the ridiculous amount of talent you guys have on defense? Have you noticed how overrated LSU is? Have you noticed the still underutilized potential of the friggin' track team you have in the backfield? You really never know about these things. He sits and suddenly you find you have other players you can count on and then when he is back the load is spread around. Just my opinion. I just hope the kid is ok.

I think wiht the abundance of caution he should not play. I really recommend Joe Haden, Brandon Spikes, Brandon James and Major Wright sit out as well just to be on the safe side.

Gators will play without Tebow against LSU, and win convincingly. The defense will play inspired football and hold the Tigers to less than 10 points, and Brantley will throw for three TDs. The nation will soon find out just how dominating this Gator D can be.

If Meyer plays this right he can keep LSU in the dark as far as their defensive game plan goes - Brantley? Tebow? Brantley/Tebow?. This situation puts the opposition in the same situation they were in back in 2006 when they had to prepare for the Leak/Tebow tandem. We should now be talking about the other questions on offense and defense like...can Moody carry the ball more then 5 times w/o fumbling, can our 5 star receivers get open, why doesn't Dunlap have half a dozen sacks...

Also Jo -- can you give us an update on the redshirt candidates? With injuries (e.g. Spikes) and disappointments (wide receiver corps) who is going to be suiting up and who is going on the practice squad from this past recruiting class.


Long time Gator fan from South Florida. Here is what my gut tells me. Tebow will be medically cleared by next saturday. Coach's will call it a Game Time decision to keep LSU on their toes. LSU has to prepare for the unknown Brantley ("pocket type pro-style passer") or so we have been told that, and then prepare for the Tim Tebow ("superman"). Tebow warms out and dresses for the game. In the lockerroom the Coach's give a "let's win this one for Tebow" like speech. Tebow gets up in the lockerroom and gives an inspirationally speech to the Team. Brantley starts the game and if after the first two or three drives we get nothing on Offense, TEBOW comes in. The headline, TEBOW back from concussion, rallys team against LSU.... Talk about a Heisman Highlight!

Now if Brantley has success early against LSU... Then their is no need to have Tebow come off the bench. If they are struggling with Brantley, then bring back Superman.

Tebow at this point in his Gator career probably doesnot need more than two practice days to get ready. However, giving Brantley two weeks to prepare should give Gator Nation some confedence that he could be effective to atleast start the game..... ON A TIGHT ROPE, THOUGH!

I agree with most of you, you sit Tebow for this game. And you *consider* sitting him for the next one, too, depending on how the tests come back and how his symptoms are.

Fact of the matter is, if he's ready to go and there will be no difference playing him in one week as opposed to another week - you play him. If that is not the case - you don't.

As Jo said, the Gators could theoretically still get into the title game with a loss. And I'm not even necessarily saying that would be this week (I think we beat LSU with Brantley), but maybe even the Arkansas homecoming game.

Tebow is not a prototypical QB who sits in the pocket and rarely gets hit. He takes hits, runs into the line, lowers his shoulder. He should be treated as an RB with a concussion, not a QB, because the majority of worrisome hits he will take will be with him carrying the ball.

If Brantley starts against LSU, who would be his back up? Jordan Reed?

If Brantley starts against LSU, who would be his back up? Jordan Reed?

Posted by: tbone1999 | September 30, 2009 at 09:54 AM


Yes, Jordan Reed would be the back up and then Joe Haden or Chas Henry.


Thanks for the response on Reed.
I think the defense is due for a big game. I've been disappointed so far with the d-line and the linebackers(specially Brandon). I keep hearing he is not 100% than why is he playing?Alot of missed tackles in my opinion. Dunlap got to the QB against Kentucky but I haven't seen much from him either. The middle of the line has also been a bit soft. These guys need to step it up. The secondary is a different story. No worries there. Not sure if they have ever had a better secondary. I don't think so.


I'm new here but what's your purpose coming on here Sarasota'cane?

I like Jo's blog. You?

I come here to talk about Gator football and in the middle there's a Cane guy talking nonsense. So I wanted to figure out why you weren't on a Hurricane blog talking about the "swagger is back" and Jacory for heisman instead. It's not like you are adding anything here.

tbone1999 hit on the biggest issue so far....our line play (on both sides of the ball) has been average at best. Dunlap should be putting up Alex Brown-like numbers as far as sacks go. Linebacker play has also been way below expectations. Forcing LSU to pass against our secondary would be a sweet strategy. However d-line needs to dominate and thus far they haven't.

Sarasota'cane but you still lost to the Gators during one of your so called dominant championship seasons. Like if Miami is a clean program.Pell Grant and Luther Campbell giving out money on the sidelines ring a bell. I'll give you guys credit for not getting caught until the 90's.

Posted by: tbone1999 | September 29, 2009 at 06:27 PM

I rebutted this yesterday, but you never responded tbone.

I thought the Ditka comment was funny, but maybe it went over your head. Chris Farley, Michael Jordan, John Goodman on Saturday Night Live, the "Ditka" skit? Ditka was the answer for everything...

Nothing to offer? Yesterday I believe I had the best answer for Adam and Jo's question about 1 loss teams.

Sarasota Cane' was it you that said the Sooners would go over Florida if both were one loss teams?

Nope. If all the major conferences have one loss, UF will get the nod, assuming they beat an undefeated SEC west opponent in the SEC CG. The ACC has no shot at the title unless there is a 2 loss team from both the Big 12 and the SEC.

The PAC 10 and the Big Ten could be passed by a ACC one loss team because they do not play a conference CG.

The "recency effect" in the mind of the pollsters - I love it! I don't understand why the Big 10(11?) and PAC 10 don't get it with the championship games.

Keep in mind that this is all based on what we have seen to date. If UF beats LSU, but loses to say SC, and ALA loses to LSU or Ole Miss. yada, yada, yada.

The bottom line is that right now, if you win the SEC CG with one loss, you are probably going to Pasedena.

The nightmare scenario for all the conferences outside of the Big East would be for Cincinnati or USF to go undefeated. If the Big 12 winner or the SEC winner has a loss, and one of those Big East teams is undefeated, then they DESERVE to go.

Who then would they play? I still think if UF had a loss, but beat an undefeated ALA for the SEC, they would go ahead of a one loss Big 12 champ. There will not likely be a one loss team out of the ACC because of FSU's 2nd loss to USF. Again the PAC 10 and the Big 10 cannot get into that scenario until they create a CG for their conferences.

I predict all the major conferences will be super conferences within 5 years. It's as close to a playoff as we are ever going to get. I used to want a true playoff, but I think it would diminish the regular season. Right now every Saturday is a playoff, and since only two teams play for "The Title" each year, why screw up EVERY Saturday in the fall to placate two teams in January?

I want to add that VT or Miami could end the season with one loss, but a win over two loss FSU would probably not get either team in front of a one loss SEC or Big 12 team.

The only problem for UF with one loss would be if they faced a two loss SEC opponent in the SEC CG. Under that nightmare scenario, the late season FIU game could come back to haunt UF's SOS. Highly unlikely.

All this aside, Alabama looks like they could run the table. That win against ARK was impressive, and they did it without John Parker Wilson, and that sick O-line from last year!



I think you bring up some great points about the gamesmanship that's going to go on between Meyer and Les Miles next week. Meyer said on Tuesday that there is "no deadline" for Tebow's return. This is key. As an example, Meyer referenced an injury a few years ago to receiver Dallas Baker. According to Meyer, Baker was injured but practiced on a Friday and then played on Saturday. If Tebow is cleared to play on Friday before LSU, I wouldn't be surprised if he still played. I still think, however, that Tebow should rest.


In defense of UF's D-line, it did hold Kentucky to minus-1 yard in the first quarter of Saturday's game. Allowing just seven points on the road is impressive. The injury to Lawrence Marsh has been a problem for the defense. Marsh has a high-ankle sprain and should be ready by the LSU game. On Tuesday, Meyer called it a 4-6 week injury and Marsh is currently in Week 5. Marsh is the Gators' best defensive tackle.

DT Brandon Antwine started alongside Terron Sanders against Kentucky but Antwine's status is now uncertain after suffering a shoulder injury. His arm was in a sling after the Kentucky game and his status is questionable for Oct. 10.

I'll say this for Spikes, he's playing and still making a difference on the field, so why sit him? The next two weeks are critical for Spikes' Achilles heel. He will probably stay off the ankle and allow it to heal as much as possible before next Tuesday. Marsh's return is important for Spikes as well. The two players work in tandem on the field. Many of Spikes' tackles last season were set up by Marsh.


BigBird1966, The reason I'm on the Cane blogs is because every time I go to a Gator story there is comment by a UM idiot so why not get a taste of your own medicine. I'm very impressed by your defense of Sarasota Cane. But after further thought i realized that you were in college in the late 60's. It was a time of drugs and free love. It didn't matter whether it was a boy or a girl, a score was a score. Therefore i have concluded that you have feelings for Sarasota Cane'. By the way your Superman argument regarding Tebow is pretty stupid. Everyone knows that a guy running the ball constantly can get hurt. I for one was against him running so much. No one thought there was no chance he would get hurt. Who said he was a higher power? Show me the post where it says that. Again its just UM guys making stupid stuff up. Face it you are obsessed with Tebow. You want to sniff his boxers.

It didn't matter whether it was a boy or a girl, a score was a score.

Posted by: tbone1999 | September 30, 2009 at 12:03 PM

That's what your two Dad's told you tbone, and you believed them!

Take a close look at the picture in the enclosed article, Tebows head is almost hitting his knee.


Good one Sarasota 'Cane. I'm impressed.

I wouldn't call that an "interesting read." I'd call it an absurdly written piece. It's being universally panned right now - deservingly so.


Regarding the defense I see what you are saying with Marsh and Spikes but I figured having Omar Hunter and Gary Brown might provide some depth and the drop of wouldn't be as big.
I'm not familiar with Spikes injury but if rest makes it better I would have prefered to sit him.
The pass rush has been mediocre at best. Carlos Dunlap hasn't been that impressive. I understand he hasn't played complete games but I expect more from him based on his size and speed.
Don't get me wrong, this is a very good unit. I just don't think it has lived up to it's potential. Hopefully they do against LSU.

Dont be surprised if Ole Miss beats Alabama. Eventhough I think Alabama is legit (top 10 offense and defense overall), Houston Nutt coached teams notroiously lose weird games they arent supposed to, and win games they arent supposed to.

That's what your two Dad's told you tbone, and you believed them!

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | September 30, 2009 at 12:14 PM

I just realized you came out in defense of BigBird1966. Does this mean the feelings are mutual....


Dennis Dodd is a respected voice among college football writers. Everyone loves Tebow and everyone has their own way of raising concerns about his premature return. Obviously, Dodd is attempting to back Meyer into a corner.


Hey Sarasota Cane Don't mind tbone1999. He's just mad about having 2 dad's, a do it yourself kit, and a hole in the wall. it's one of those complex issues. that why they are called GAYTURDS.

BigBird1966, I see they taught you how to type without using all caps. Who said they can't teach an old dog new tricks?
BigBird if my math is correct you are about 64 years old. Now should a guy your age be on here messing around like you do. Don't you have a bucket list to complete?

I just thought it was funny tbone. For a minute I thought you appreciated the joke! Live and learn!

Some of your stuff is funny Sarasota Cane'. BigBird is a different story. There is alot of anger in his posts.

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