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UF 13, UT 6: First-half thoughts

GAINSVILLE -- We have a game, folks. Florida leads Tennessee 13-6 at halftime. Who'd a thunk it? Lane Kiffin, maybe?

Both Florida's and Tennessee's defenses are playing well through the game's first two quarters. This one has the feel of an old-fashioned SEC rivalry game.

--Florida Gators linebacker Brandon Spikes left the game in the second quarter with an injured left ankle. Spikes missed several tackles in the first half.

With Spikes sidelined, UF weak-side linebacker Ryan Stamper moved to middle linebacker, senior Dustin Doe was inserted at weak-side linebacker and A.J. Jones remained at strong-side linebacker.

--Spikes returned to the field on the defense's next series.

--The second-quarter interception by Tennessee safety Eric Berry was his first of the season. Berry had seven interceptions in 2008. The pick led to Tennessee's second field goal of the half.

--Florida took a 10-3 lead at the beginning of the second quarter on a one-yard touchdown run by Tebow. The drive was jumpstarted by a 23-yard run by UF reserve running back Emmanuel Moody. Tebow took over from there, completing two passes for 22 yards and rushing four times for 16 yards.

--UF sophomore kicker Caleb Sturgis gave UF a 13-6 lead with 51 seconds left in the half. The drive's largest play was a 21-yard gain by Demps on the series' first snap. Demps carried Tebow's speed-option pitch to the UT 42.

--Aaron Hernandez's only reception of the first half -- an 18-yard gain on third-and-14 -- put Sturgis within field goal range.



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any reason why the Herald's Front Page has Tennessee with 8 points instead of the 6 they actually have??

Open up the stinking playbook already. Meyer seems to have decided to just pound them for the win.

No catches for Deonte? Throw the damn ball.

UF won the game but it was a Vol moral victory in that they came into the swamp against the #1 team in America and played a tough game. The Vol's didn't exactly back up Kiffins big mouth, but the Gator's didn't exactly shut him up like they really wanted to. We all thought this would be a 35-3 kinda win for Florida but it didn't happen, next year Gator Fan, fear Tennessee, CANE FAN.

35-3???? These homers thought it was going to be 78-0!

Greatest season of all time?? Child please!

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