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Va. Tech-Miami might be the next best thing to a Gators-Canes match up

GAINESVILLE -- It's too bad the Gators and Canes don't play this year. After the first three weeks of the season, the two on-again, off-again rivals appear to be a little more equal than last year. Who would win if the two teams played this season? Who would be favored? We'll probably never know, but it's fun to speculate. I'm putting the spread at Florida by 4.

For those wondering how the Canes would fair against the 2009 Gators, the best measuring stick might be this Saturday when Miami travels to Blacksburg, Va., for an away game against always-tough Virginia Tech. (Here me out, Gators and Canes fans, before you pound out a nasty blog comment.)

The Hokies are currently a top 15 team (No.11 in the AP) led by a dual-threat quarterback, run-oriented offense, excellent defenders and above-average special teams. Sound familiar? Yep, sounds like the Gators.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm rather certain that the Gators are better than Virginia Tech. Hokies quarterback Tyrod Taylor is no Tim Tebow and the Gators' offensive line and running backs are considerably better in Gainesville than they are in Blacksburg. But that doesn't mean we can't compare Virginia Tech and Florida. 

Virginia Tech is a poor man's Florida in nearly every way. If Miami loses to the Hokies this weekend, then we won't have to speculate about a mythical Florida-Miami match up anymore. If the Canes trounce the Hokies, then the debate will continue!



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Boring game. Another mediocore ACC team.

The more intriguing matchups would be Gators vs Texas. Two real QBs and top notch programs. Not some ACC team that has to squeak out a win because the other team's WR drops the ball in the closing seconds. Real teams win games on their own and not rely on other teams to not make plays to win.

Wait, hold on a sec. After all the nonsense that goes on here on this blog between Gators and Canes fans, someone is actually saying Gators-Canes would be a boring game and acting like they don't care.



Posted by: Chaz Reinhold | September 21, 2009 at 09:42 PM

Shows how stupid you are Chaz!

Wide right 1,2,3

Wide left 1

The drop

At least 3-4 other games decided by 3 or less, yeah you sure know your football Chaz! That game historically ends in the last second, with Bowden crapping his pants!

Let's not forget that we are 7-1 against you CHUMPS since 1985!

Jo, I'm now convinced that the Herald pays you guys to write these crazy blogs to "work up" the homers and the rivals! I love it!

I honestly think that all the major FL schools (UF, FSU, UM, USF, UCF) should play in a Round Robin format, home and home, with the team with the worst record dropping out each year, similar to Fed. Cup Soccer in England. I would remove the requirement for UF to play FSU every year. It's not fair to FSU to have to play UF and UM, and possibly have to play UM twice in a conference CG.

Sorry FIU, it's not your team, it's your conference. It's a terrible game for our teams strength of schedule points, as UF will find out at a very critical point in this years season.

We would play for the Governors cup. Now two guesses who would balk at this arrangement?? I realize it would require UF to travel every other year (heaven forbid!), but they will be forced to do something about their away OOC going forward. UM play in the Horseshoe next year, and FSU played @ BYU this year. USF travels to FSU next week, and UM hosts OK, and travels to UCF and USF later in the year.

It's ridiculous when UF tries to guestimate the strength of UM when they schedule our "series". Make it a home and home, and let the chips fall where they may. Just think of UF's strength of schedule if they were playing UM this year instead of in 2013! UF would be favored by at least 10. Instead they are playing Troy and Charleston. FIU gets UF a pass since they are a Florida school who is making all the moves to be competitive.

And one more thing, if we play in G-ville, we bring our refs, and when the turds play in Miami, they can bring their refs. It makes UF look soooooo petty when they try to dictate the terms of our series, as if they are better than us! We want to play U, but we do not need U. ND wants us back, OSU and OK are already scheduled, and it looks like we will be playing FSU twice a year going forward. It's your move.

It's a shame that we don't play more often, but with a little luck, UF might slip through and get to play us in Pasadena! Not likely, but it could happen! I'll be pulling for U!

P.S. Kind of funny how cyclical this game really is when you have the benefit of a historical perspective! And you guys thought it was your money! Ha Ha Ha We are going to generate a similar product this year, with a superior OC, for less than half the money UF is spending!

UF and the rest of the SEC looks so stupid right now it's not even funny! I mean that, it's not even funny because it's money that your schools could be using to save jobs and educational programs!

P.S. Your new JumboTrons look like my bedroom TV compared to the HD systems we have at Landshark! And we have BEEEERRRRRRRR MMmmmmmmmmmmm Beeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........

Hey "D" Bag, you just read every word of it!

Go 'canes!

we are better than U dlpshlt.


ACC is a bunch of soft pansies. Last three BCS champs come from you know where. you soft bltches are 2-9 in BCS games. shut your pie hole loser.

Actually no shinebox, I didn't read any of your nonsense aside from a quick scan. That's because your a delusional clown.

Wow, that was a serious post, Sarasota. I like the idea of the Governor's Cup but you've got to eventually rotate FIU into the system to make it fair (just my opinion). Of course, I've blogged before that if I was the king of college football for a day, then I'd put all the Florida schools in one conference.


in Miami UF -8
in Gainesville UF -11

that seems like solid blog, jo. It would be a very serious game to watch, no doubt about it. when these two teams, anything can happen. just look at last year or whenever the last time these two teams played. Once again, good blog Jo


FIU could get in to the Governors Cup, but the worst team still gets knocked out every year, and has to sit out the next year as their punishment for underachievement.

Could you imagine MLB if one team would get knocked to the minors, and one team from the minors gets promoted to the majors! It's how they do it in Europe with Federation Cup Soccer. It keeps teams from taking the money and running.

I think FIU should join the Big East if they ever realign, and create a Super Conference with a CG.

In reality UCF is probably a better fit for the Big East, since they are already I-4 rivals with USF. Then Conference USA could go Super Conference and bring in whoever is left.

ND will have to join a Super Conference soon, but I see them joining the Big Ten, and leaving the Big East in all other sports. In fact if ND joins the Big Ten, then UCF and FIU could BOTH join the Big East. But that screws Conference USA.

In 5-10 years, teams will have a hard time playing in a BCS game without first winning a Conference championship game.

It's also a way for the Big East to gain a stronger foothold in the recruiting hot bed of America. Same goes for Conference USA.

P.S. There already is a Governor's Cup in Florida, but since UF dropped UM, it is rarely discussed. It is only given out in years where the "big three" play each other. The Governor's Cup is really not relevant anymore with the rise of USF, and the expected rise of UCF and FIU. Sorry Rattlers!

UM and UF used to exchange a Seminole canoe when a team won, but UF treats it like a piece of garbage. When Randy brought it to Gainesville last year, they pretended like they didn't know what it was! I guess they didn't know what it was since UF had not seen it for 25 years! You should write a blog about it!

UF refuses to acknowledge one of the best rivalrie's in college sports! But that in turn makes it one of the nastiest rivalrie's in all of college sports!

UF disses UM off the field, UM usually disses UF on it! It's a fact, look it up!

We ain't scared, why should you be?

Karma is REAL, "D" Bag!

Go 'canes!

Actually no shinebox, I didn't read any of your nonsense aside from a quick scan. That's because your a delusional clown.

Posted by: sebacious lesion | September 21, 2009 at 11:10 PM

Did you just acknowledge that your name is "D" Bag????? Classic!!!

Go 'canes!

P.S. If that was UF's "Bonzai" offense on Saturday, then Meyer should perform hari kari!

(This shyt writes itself!)

Interesting?? There is alot of season left but I would think that if the two teams played this weekend UF would be favored by 10 points. I do not think UF is as good as last year and UM is much better, plus UM played pretty well last year in the swamp. I would love to see it, but both teams have a long way to go. I figured UM would go 2-2 and end up winning 9 games, but who knows?? I thought UF would go undefeated, but I now think they have a shot at losing to Fla ST. and Alabama. But again, until someone beats UF they are the #1 team. What they have accomplished in the last 4 years is unbelieveable, but they still have not done it without a lose.

What a non-sensical article. Looking forward to playing you girls in a bowl game. Guess thats the only way y'all will play us. 7-1 last 8 games. I can understand why you won't play us every year. Us CANES want you gaytors EVERY year not every 5th year. We have scheduled non-conference games recently with you girls last year (and it took a blown call on a pass completion to beat us), Oklahoma this year, Ohio St. next year. Who have you scheduled, any top 20 teams, any top 50 teams, and I'm not talking about division II teams.. But if you girls played us every year that would have all the homes in gaynesville getting there 'wheels' back on ready for travel to go back to mommy and to thier therapist..
PS. After seeing you girls barely get by the Vols. I see you losing to LSU, ARKANSAS, GEORGIA, S. CAROLINA, AND FSU. Have fun in the Humanitarian bowl.. Say hi to mommy...

A "nonsensical article" (if you even want to give it that much credit) was kind of the point.

They still play the Humanitarian Bowl? Speaking of bowls, what are the scenarios that would match the Gators and Canes together in postseason?

1. National championship game: Self explanatory. Tebow vs. Harris in Pasadena.

2. Peach Bowl: At this point in the season, an invitation to the Peach Bowl would be a major disappointment for both teams.

3. Sugar Bowl: Florida loses to an undefeated Alabama in the SEC championship game. Alabama plays for the national title and Florida acceptes bid to Sugar Bowl. Miami loses to FSU in the ACC championship game but receives a BCS at-large bid to Sugar.

4. Orange Bowl: Really stretching it now. Pitt runs the table and plays in the NCG. Miami wins the ACC but loses somewhere along the way. Florida receives a BCS at-large bid to the Orange after losing to a one-loss SEC West team in the conference championship. SEC West team to the Sugar. SEC runner-up Florida to Orange Bowl because the Big East didn't have another team other than Pitt qualify for the BCS. Pitt and Cal play for the national title.


It is not happening cause you guys don't want to play us.

I agree this will be UM's toughest game yet. I think where ther is a major difference is the defense.

VA Tech allowed Alabama to score 34 points, now Alabama is a great team, but not usually a high scorer (UF held them to 20 in the SEC Championship) I think this is key, because what I have not seen Harris do is overcome an in your face, big strong defense.

Whenever you see an ACC game, it looks like there is only ten men on defense on most plays. Defense is just not really played. Look at the UM/FSU game. Neither team really ever stopped the other. Whoever possessed last (enough time permitting) was going to win that game. Had FSU had more time, I have little doubt they would have found the end zone. Thay had all game long at will.

I think a better comparison will be the Oklahoma game.

As to the point of whether all the Florida teams should play each other, I really could not care less, but would be against it, since I can't see how Florida could do it without interfering with the SEC schedule.

Besides Gator fans are much more interested in playing teams like LSU and Alabama than UM or USF. Think about the LSU game (which I am going to!!!!) Three NC's in the last three years shared between the two teams.

Anybody think we need to play UM to have exiting games? Anybody actually think that UM is the same caliber as LSU? I don't.

UM and LSU seem pretty equal, actually. I made that point a few days ago.


Screw your imagined governors cup. UF might have a light sched in 09 but play FAR tougher scheds over time than UM does. FACT!
we already play one ACC chump every year.

Playing an eight game schedule in the premier conference puts plenty on our plate.

Look no further than Paul Dee the next time you are crying about your imagined slight U also-ran. He ROLLED THE DICE AND LOST! Boo frickin hoo loser. You begrudgingly joined the ACC in what you thought would be the best move. Dee snubbed his ignorant nose at the SEC overtures.

And now UF is the bad guy because you have to sleep in the bed you made? Laughable! Your a .500 team with ZIPPO conference titles. Nobody involved with champions gives a rats ass about you or your perceived panache. With all your embarrassing and tragic ACC history you should just zip it and focus on a realistic goal off winning the perennial .500 conference. Pop off all you like, it's just more delusional cane logic.

LSU develops their talent.


So what if duhU is 2-0(WOW!!), they still have huge depth issues.

Anybody think we need to play UM to have exiting games? Anybody actually think that UM is the same caliber as LSU? I don't. You can't see how Florida could play Miami without interfering with the SEC schedule?

Posted by: thebigrooster | September 22, 2009 at 09:19 AM

What a tough SEC Bla Bla Bla,
Charleston Southern High
Troy High
FIU High
interfer with your schedule.

Quit making excuses and step of to the plate! Now I see where Kiffin is coming from!

OK...let's think of the least relevant thing to post on a Florida Gators blog...hmm...I got it! Let's post something about the Miami Hurricanes having to play Virginia Tech and how Virginia Tech is a "poor man's" Florida Gators. Are you freaking kidding me?

Kiffin just took more jabs at Meyer, Meyer took some jabs at Kiffin. Players are injured. Players are out with the flu. A TON of recruits just came in for the weekend. UF has Kentucky coming up (first road game) and then LSU. And THIS completely hypothetical, nonsensical thing is that you post?

Jo, I love your blog, and I've said over and over again that I like your writing. But this is absurd and exactly why I criticize (not hate, criticize) you sometimes. No relevance. Not important. SO MUCH MORE TO TALK ABOUT!!!

^5 adam

CHAZ needs some medical attention. UM a favorite if it played UF? Crraaazzzzzyyyy!

UF just beat you last year with basically the same team except for Murphy and Harvin. If you want to play UF, make it to a bowl game, UF will be glad to beat you there too.

I love UM fans. They have a two game winning streak and they think they are th best team in college football. "Anyone, Anywhere . . ."

It's more like, ok, you beat us last year, but if you give us a rematch and we play at 4PM, during high tide, the weather is sunny we can beat you.

Worry about winning the ACC and stop dreaming about some imaginary state series.

Adam S.,

You take yourself -- and football -- way too seriously. I can write about whatever I want. Just because everyone else is writing about some stupid Kiffin-Meyer BS, I don't have to follow. That's pack journalism, friend. And the editorial board here at Gator Clause wants only to kick those lemmings right in the teeth! If you want the standard fare, don't come to this blog!


Again I do not think Miami and Florida are in the same league.

Florida has an experienced and tough defense going 2 deep at every position.
Florida has one of if not the best QB to ever play the game.
Florida has a very good offensive line.
Florida has an amazing secondary.
Florida has the best coach in college football.

Where does UM win in a head to head matchup against Florida? The closest matchup would be WR. Thats it.

You guys underestimate this Florida defense. They are very good. Not many teams will be putting up points against them this year. It took a fumble return, and horrible call to get Tennnessee in the endzone and the game was basically over then anyway.

People overreact over a game or two. Things even out over a season. Let it play out a little before saying Miami is going to a NC, which I believe is ridiculous talk. FSU makes a catch at the end of the game and Miami is 1-1 and they are questioning that team.

Adam S.,

You take yourself -- and football -- way too seriously. I can write about whatever I want. Just because everyone else is writing about some stupid Kiffin-Meyer BS, I don't have to follow. That's pack journalism, friend. And the editorial board here at Gator Clause wants only to kick those lemmings right in the teeth! If you want the standard fare, don't come to this blog!


Posted by: Goody | September 22, 2009 at 10:21 AM

Let him have it Goody!!!

U should ask the Herald to join forces with Manny and create a UM blogging super power...

Why does the Herald have a Gator's blog anyways?

Look at the # 1 positive... U would be allowed to leave that toxic, trailor park, flu-ridden dump of a town and work in Miami... Beautiful ladies, beautiful beaches, great food, great nightlife, etc... Yeah Miami has it's downfalls, but what major metropolis in the world doesn't?

Fresh off the press...

According to the US Minister of Health, we will now be changing the strand of H1N1, commonly known as swine (baby pig) flu to Baby Croc Flu...

This is due to the fact that reports have shown that the mutating strand of virus is only affecting players of the Fla Gators fuzzball team...

We will have more for U, once we figure out how we are going to corintine the city...

Well the Rooster has spoken! Didn't see that coming! You're calling out our schedule? So far UF has played an unranked TENN team. Congrats! We are playing 4 ranked teams in our 1st four games!

I know you don't want to hear this, but UM is the "toast of college football" right now! Herbstreit is not only carrying our jock, he is wearing it over his head! Everything the press is writing about UF is negative, and makes UF look petty! UF IS EXCUSE U!

Meyer and Kiffin look like they are both having their period this week, or maybe it's a yeast infection? Either way, they are bloated and moody!

U need a team "like" UM on your schedule this season more than teams "like" UM need U! Remember, this is your self-proclaimed "GREATEST SEASON OF ALL TIME"!


Go 'canes!


I take MYSELF too seriously? You can't take any freaking criticism without crying like a baby!!! Yes, you can write whatever you want. I would just prefer to read GATORS stuff when I read your GATORS blog. If this was a college football or state of Florida college football blog, I wouldn't say peep. But it's not. The post had nothing to do with the Gators, as much as you tried so desperately to make it work, you were simply just pandering to the Miami Hurricanes fans that LITTER and SPAM your blog.

And JRod's post following yours just proves exactly how right I am on this particular issue.

Sorry I hurt your feelings.

- Adam

Does seem like your propping up the canes Jo. Not a bad thing but peculiar on a GATOR blog. I could pop off ten subjects that would be more interesting and relevant than this.

Exactly my point, Alan. I may have said it more...emphatically or critical or whatever...but the same general point I'm making.

C'mon you all! It's UM/UF 24/7 on all the blogs!

Jo is like the Kirk Herbstreit of blogging, fair and balanced. Besides, Manny is doing the same thing over at his blog.

You didn't like my Governor's Cup scenario? How about my conference alignments? It was just debate fodder.

The clown that polutes our blog keeps calling for a debate, well?? C'mon "D" Bag, let's debate!

Besides that, it's just a game! Hell one of my cousins plays for the Gators, and Meyer is recruiting another. He is like Rudy right now, but who cares! I will watch any Florida school play as long as it does not conflict with my 'canes!

UF is having one hell of a run right now, but contrary to your beliefs, U didn't reinvent the game. Coaches leave, players get hurt, recruits go to other schools, Zook, yada, yada, yada.

UF/UM in Pasadena would be a game of the ages! It's not likely to happen, but if it did, it would be one of the biggest games in state history. Do you all ever want to know what it feels like to win or lose one of the greatest games IN STATE HISTORY?? You're the flagship school for God's sake!

UF fan just won 2 out of 3 NC's and a Heisman, and no one gives a crap except UF fan! Imagine going undefeated and winning the 'ship against UM? Of course you might lose, but that's why we play the game! Lighten up!

And as far as your 2 deep D goes, it didn't look "too deep" to me! (That is "F"ing funny!)

Go 'canes!

When U guys are hired as his editor, than U can tell Goody what he is supposed to write about... U guys are truly ego maniac's...

This is all in fun, not life or death, so in the words of The Joker... "Why so serious?" Let's put a smile on that face!!!"

By the way, lookout for KY this week, I smell trouble in Lexington... I can already see 50,000 crazy wildcats running unto the field ripping down the goal posts, while Tebow prepares his propaganda ladden speech for all of the cameras to see...


Ex-Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz: Miami Hurricanes 'no fluke'

Miami Hurricanes' Jacory Harris honored by ACC again

Miami Hurricanes ranked ninth in new AP poll

Meyer-Kiffin feud alive and well

Top-ranked Florida Gators have many concerns

Florida Gators are no model of perfection

Florida Gators hold off pesky Tennessee Volunteers

I didn't write it!

Go 'canes!

Happy Gilmore vs Shooter McGavin!


Former Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz, known as the anti-Cane to most University of Miami Hurricanes supporters, is now a UM believer.

Holtz, an ESPN commentator, was a guest of sports-radio talk show 790 The Ticket on Tuesday and told co-host Krystal Fernandez that Jacory Harris ``would be on one of my five top Heisman candidates right now.''

Go 'canes!

Happy Gilmore vs Shooter McGavin!

Holtz was asked by Jorge Sedano if he was surprised Miami jumped to No. 9 in the Associated Press poll.

``No, I'm really not,'' Holtz replied, ``because they're the only team in the country that has beaten two ranked teams. Now they get the chance to beat three ranked teams and the following week against Oklahoma it will be four ranked teams.

``I tell you, they win the next two games and they'll be in the top four.''

Go 'canes!

Happy Gilmore vs Shooter McGavin!

Yes, you are right Miami just doesn't play teams that Florida does. I mean c'mon Tennessee is real tough, they only lost to UCLA. Oh and that is not in basketball, that was football. Then they get by them when they were favored by 29 points at home. Yes, the SEC is real tough. I mean look at your tough SEC schedule this year. You play TN, KY, AR, Miss St, Vanderbilt, and South Carolina. This year LSU and GA are the only two SEC teams you play all year worth anything. Real tough Schedule there chumps. Canes play more talent in the first 4 weeks then you play all year.

With the schedule you have this year you should win the National Championship. If you don't that would be a huge disappointment. I mean no Alabama or Miss during the regular season, you dodged a bullet.


The Canes play Oklahoma in the first 4 games and then have to pund their chest that they have the toughest schedule. BAHWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAAH

What about all the other years? What about the "National Championship" years with NO conference championship and home national title games. What about those Temple, FAMU, and all those other patsies???? JOKE of a schedule. Come play an SEC type schedule and win a National Championship, then talk. You cant even win the WEAK ACC, much less make it to their championship game.

In two weeks no one will be talking about the Canes except excUses and NEXT YEAR TALK!!!

Reading this stuff is just hilarious! UF fans are soo easily baited it's like playing with a child. But seriously, UF Fan reminds me of the pesky little kid who never got picked to play with the bigger boys (UM, FSU) in the school yard, but now that you have some cred you feel the need to go around thumping your chest all the time...we get it, and yes you deserve to play with the big boys now but until you decide to play UM regularly, you will ALWAYS be the 3rd best program in FL...and BTW - your run will end soon so enjoy it while it lasts!

I wouldn't put much stock in Lou Holtz's analysis. He picked Notre Dame to play for the BCS title game this preseason. (I love Lou Holtz, by the way. Always returns my phone calls.)


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