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What we learned after Week One

GAINESVILLE -- What did we learn after the first weekend of college football? What modicum of information retained? What nugget of truth acquired?

Well, turns out the media hotel for the 2010 BCS National Championship is the Newport Beach Marriott in Orange County, Cali. So, that's a slightly interesting development for any reporters covering Florida, Ole Miss, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma State, USC and Cal. Those are you top contenders after Week One.

Slightly related to that opinion: the Georgia Bulldogs and Louisiana State Tigers didn't exactly look like top 5 teams during the first week of the season. Can anyone look at Florida's schedule and point to an opponent that has the ability to beat the Gators? Maybe LSU will improve. Maybe Georgia will figure things out in the next month. Or, maybe not. After Week One those teams did not resemble national title contenders.

Here are you top news stories throughout the SEC East after the first week of the season...

Georgia starter out for the season

Florida has safety in numbers

Tennessee freshman Bryce Brown's debut

South Carolina offense too conservative

Vandy frosh add flash to 'Dores offense

Receivers emerge for Kentucky



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Alabama looks like the only team that could beat the Gators or at least hang with them.

LSU and Georgia looked bad to me. LSU has a QB who can't throw a ball.

Newport Beach is a great place to visit,I vacation there every August.

we learned that we have to stop scheduling these types of games, its embarrassing

our schedule is fine. i wish everyone would lay off. we have had a top 10 SOS for many years so it isnt like we "dodge" competition.

Ole Miss looked strong in the 2nd half. Kentucky looked good. Bama was impressive. Georgia was a joke...terrible offense in that very winable game against Okie St. Tennessee looked good in Lane's debut.

I agree with you cane, it looks like Alabama looks like the only team that has a chance of winning against the Gators

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