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A few out-of-the-box ideas to improve the Florida Gators' red-zone offense

GAINESVILLE -- OK, by now we've all heard of the Thundercat Offense, the Florida Gators' offense this season which revolves around the unique talents of quarterback Tim Tebow. And, by now, we all realize that the Thundercat is great in the open field but pretty much stinks when it's in the red zone. In conference play, UF is opperating at a 30 percent success rate in converting red-zone chances into touchdowns. Well, Gator Clause has an offensive wrinkle that might help UF get the ball across the goal line.

UF should strongly consider (now, this is sarcasm, people, so don't get all freaking crazy on me) implementing the Doublecat Offense when it reaches the red zone. It's the next logical step. Line up Tim Tebow and Joe Haden side-by-side in the backfield and turn them lose. Haden can role right. Tebow can role left. Tebow can block for Haden. Haden can block for Tebow. Then, and this would throw everyone off, stick Tebow and John Brantley into the game at the same time.

OK, the Doublecat doesn't sound as intimidating as the Thundercat, but what about adding the old Notre Dame Box to the playbook for red-zone situations. Think about it: Tebow, Chris Rainey, Jeff Demps and Emmanuel Moody all on the field at the same time. OK, scratch that. UF only has one tight end. (Unless Riley Cooper can play tight end, which might actually work on a limited basis, but would probably get him killed in the process.) Oh well, guess Florida fans are left with the good ol' Thundercat and a bunch of field goals.



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Best recipe for being more effective in the red zone? Stop turning the ball over. Gators could have easily had 14 more points on Saturday by simply holding onto the ball.

As far as Haden, I've been against that idea from the beginning. He already plays every defensive and special teams snap. Putting him in on offense would just be too much. And with the way Janoris Jenkins played on Saturday, Haden cannot miss any defensive snaps.

Love the idea of having Tebow/Brantley or Demps/Rainey/Moody in the game at the same time, though. That would be great.


I like the thought process, just not the thought... Red Zone Offense needs to be played in front of the line of scrimmage... Not behind it! Use the talent and the formations but find plays that occur in front of the line of scrimmage

I like it! How about putting Spikes and Tebow in the backfield together with the same scenario as Haden? They would dominate!

The Bucs used to put Warren Sapp in on goal line situations as a tight end to block. B-51 could be that guy.

B-51 needs to get healthy before he starts freelancing as an offensive blocker. Who is the Gators Javier Estopinan this season. Is it Justin Trattou? Trattou will be unavailable this Saturday (bicep).


Jo is cracking himself up.
The thundercat, now an established offensive label,is adding variations.

A Tebow and Brantley combination seems interesting.

B-51 needs to get healthy before he starts freelancing as an offensive blocker. Who is the Gators Javier Estopinan this season. Is it Justin Trattou? Trattou will be unavailable this Saturday (bicep).


Yeah but it would sure be nice to see Spike light up Curran in a couple weeks in Jax!

Adam S --- Amen brother! Cut down on turnovers and pass protect. Tebow is in a defacto shotgun formation on each play already, all the line has to do is pass block for a fraction of the time they would have to block in a typical drop back circumstance. Seeing a Brantley/Tebow shuffle ala Leak/Tebow would be nice too. I prefer the simplicity however, of NO TURNOVERS.

R u people delusional, u don't remember that u barely beat at best an average team AT home. It took an bad call (admitted by the SEC) to keep your winning drive going or you lose.
Plus, in this 'thunderkitty' offense of yours. Teabag carries 27 times 4 a grand total of 69 yds, a 2.6 yd avg. plus 6 sacks and 4 fumbles. Great offense.
This is why anybody who doesn't live in a trailer or thier mom's house hate u gaytor fan(ur delusional)..

Sun's going down...you must be down mowing for the day....

miami did well against v tech...

OK thats it...all loser canes fans get off our blog and go pay attention to your team...obviously not much to pay attention there if you are here! You are making all canes fans look bad and are in serious jeapardy of taking canes losers to a new low. If you have something actually insightful or informative please chime in, otherwise clam up and just watch how real, educated and faithful fans interact....

Gator John and Boca Dude - check out my site (opened two weeks ago) - http://www.onlygators.com

Sorry for spamming your site, jo! haha j/k

CANE' ENVY you are such a moron. You distort stats (not sure if on purpose or just because you don't know any better). Tebow actually ran the ball 21 times for around 110 yards. They count the 6 sacks (and all the negative yards) as runs hence you get the 27 for 69.

Either way, he didn't run nearly as much as your moma did last night after I tossed her out of my moving car around 8th street where I first picked her up.

Though I did not read the above...not fumbling 4 times is the best start.

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