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All you need to know about the Florida Gators quarterback: Tim Tebow is better than your team's best player

GAINESVILLE -- People ask me all the time: Will Tim Tebow play quarterback in the NFL? My stock answer: He'll get his shot.

That's all anyone can ask for, right -- a shot at quarterback in the NFL? Tebow will get his and what he does with that opportunity will determine whether or not he plays quarterback in the NFL. Simple as that.

But even if Tebow doesn't make it as a full-time quarterback in the NFL, he'll still be a dominant force in the league. Regardless of whether or not Tebow plays quarterback at the next level, the guy is going to have a long career in the NFL. How do I know this? Because after covering Tebow for nearly four years, I've come to this very simple reasoning in an attempt to quantify Tebow's greatness: Tim Tebow is better than your team's best player.

That's all you really need to know. You don't need to get hung up on the offense Tebow runs in college or his throwing mechanics or his lack of experience as a pocket passer or his wobbly spiral. All that stuff is nonsense and means nothing to me. (And don't even try and tell me that Tebow has a weak arm. He doesn't. Tebow has a cannon for an arm.) No, all you need to ask yourself to understand the rare talent of Tim Tebow is this simple question: Is your team's best player better than Tim Tebow? The answer is no.

Who's the second best player in the Southeastern Conference? Eric Berry at Tennessee, right? Is Tebow a better football player than Berry? Yes.

Tebow's stats are way down this year but he is running away with the Heisman Trophy. In a Heisman poll published Tuesday of 15 ESPN writers and analysts who cover college football, Tebow received 14 first place votes for the Heisman. LINK! Why? Because Tebow is better than your team's best player.

Gunship ESPN added Alabama running back Mark Ingram to its Heisman Watch this week. Is Tebow a better football player than Ingram? Yep. Is Tebow a better running back than Ingram? Yep, again.

Quarterback Jimmy Clausen of Notre Dame appears to be a candidate for the Heisman this season. Can you even mention Clausen in the same breath as Tebow? Nope.

What about Texas quarterback Colt McCoy? Well, put it this way. If Colt is a gunslinger, then Tebow is an AC-130 gunship.

[PICTURED, Tim Tebow dominating the battlefield.]

Alabama is ranked No.2 in the polls. Who is Alabama's best player? Linebacker Rolando McClain, right? If you're playing sandlot football and you've got the first pick, who you picking, McClain or Tebow? Yeah, Tebow, that's what I thought.

Here's all you need to know about Tebow. On Monday, I asked him some tough questions about running the Thundercat Offense.

ME: Tim, what are your thoughts on this [Thundercat] offense, because you're not really getting to throw the ball that often?

TIM: "Um, I think it's a good offense. I think we're 5-0 and I'm very happy with that. It doesn't matter if we score 13 points or two points as long as we, you know, win the game. That's all that matters and that's what I think we're trying to do right now -- is win games. Manage the offense and manage the team. Win games. That's my focus."

ME: As far as coming back for your senior year and hoping to prepare yourself for the NFL, maybe, you know, would you like to throw it around a little more?

TIM: "I don't think that's going to hurt me. Um, I don't think as far as -- um, you were saying NFL -- I don't think an NFL coach or a scout is going to say, 'Ah, you know, he did a bad job because he didn't throw.' No, he did what he was asked. They'll probably look at that and say, 'He did what he was asked to the best of his ability and he did it OK.' And that's what I'm hoping they'll say.

"I'm not too worried that I threw it 16 times or 62 times. I'm going to do whatever they call. Whatever I'm asked to do, I'm going to do it to the best of my ability and try to do it well."

Tebow is doing what he's asked better than anyone in the country. He is better than your team's best player.



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As per your response to me two threads ago - I take that back. Forget you. That was very insulting.

Ahh, come on, Adam. It was a joke. You can spam us as much as you like. Gator Clause is an official friend of OnlyGators.com


I don't think it was a joke. I THOUGHT you were a supporter, and I certainly am not "spamming" your blog. I had only posted one thing in two weeks before today. And you know I always give you all the props in the world. Was just being topical. Legitimately respond to the points I brought up a few posts ago an all is forgiven. :). Just wanted to converse.

Check the other blog post.


[PICTURED, Tim Tebow dominating the battlefield.] Just....good....comedy! Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

C'mon Adam. Lighten up man. How could you not see that as a joke. Saying you can "spam Gator Clause anytime"? Aside from the poignant commenting of yours truly, you are the top commenter in this dump.

I can only assume that in your infinitely polite ways your are sensitive about posting a link (spam) to your site on Jo's site. So maybe that's why you thought he was busting your chops.

It's all good. I would point out that you are sometimes overly sensitive.

Alan, that is pretty much it - I take offense to being called a "spammer" when I have posted hundreds of comments on here over the last year or two. That's what bothered me. Plus he hadn't (at the time) responded to my points - so I felt like he just glossed it over and was PO'd at me for no reason.

^5 Adam,

It's all good my brutha.

I agree that Tim Tebow is the best player in the country and arguably the best player ever.

But who is the most talented player to ever play at Florida?

My answer is Percy Harvin.

What does everyone else think?

Found it ! Thanks to Volin.

Jo, did you think I was a nutcase or just ignoring me or both? Surely you have thrown back some chillys with him. He's had an enormous on Urban Meyer and UF football success.

Read this story about Hiram de Fries from January Gator fans. Fascinating man and mentor to Meyer.


Tim Tebow the best college player ever? That ranking would ultimately be on a list. Lists annoy me because nobody ever sets criteria for what makes up their list decisions. If being the most decorated, being an incredible leader, and being highly successful is your criteria for "greatest college football player ever", then Tim is your man. He's my pick. It's not even close on "most decorated."

tim tebow s u c k s d.i.ck for a living.

tbone99 --- do you mean "talented" or "greatest player". I'm assuming you mean the latter. Short list: Neal Anderson, Emmitt Smith, Wilber Marshall, Lomas Brown, Ricky Nattiel. All studs at UF and had long NFL careers. I'm a Percy fan, however, he never played a full season. Talent AND durability have to both be part of the "Greatest Player" equation. Don't forget Steve Spurrier as a player too. Won a game back in the day pitchin' TD's and kicking field goals (against Auburn?).

Tim Tebow is going to go down as one of the best players to ever play college football. Whether he makes it or not in the NFL doesnt really matter because his job opportunities after this are going to be ridiculous. He will never have to worry about money.

The thing I love about Tim Tebow is his passion for the game. Sometimes you watch the NFL and know these guys are just there to collect a paycheck. I just hate that attitude. Even in college, some of the highly talented players are taking plays off or really dont care if they win or lose. Tebow cares greatly about winning and losing. I have never seen another player like him. This isnt to say that there arent other passionate players across football, just not to the extent of Tebow.

I would make the argument that Percy was the most talented player ever to play for UF. Most diverse, most athletic, able to change an entire game with one step.

Adam, don't discount things like leadership. Without Tebow, Florida does not win the national championship in 2008.


Not discounting leadership at all. All I was discussing was talent and ability. Pure athleticism. I think Percy is the most athletic and talented player with a football in his hands. I think Tebow is the best player in UF history, obviously.

Excellent piece Jo! I agree with you 100%. It's funny, but I believe God is shaping the NFL to welcome Tebow: look at how many pro offenses are following the Dolphins in adopting the Wildcat. Everybody's doing it. Everyday, the NFL looks more and more like college football. Even the Broncos are running the "Wild Horses" with K. Moreno. Tebow will be a phenomenon in this new "Wildcat NFL", and all the doubters will look stupid, as usual.

If it's Tebow behind center, don't you mean Thundercat NFL?


The best thing about Tim Tebow is he is very serious about playing football and his Jesus Christ. He is a serious young man and loves what he does. He is the best at what he does. As far as the NFL that should be his decission and his alone. I would love for im to clean up the Jacksonville Jaguars but it is not for me to say..He is an awesome young man and is loved bt many people..


I will be interesting to see the initial locker room dynamic between vetern NFL players and Tebow. I don't know how much "cleaning up" Tebow can do in his first year in the league.


Jo, you should throw "fuhucks" off of our site NOW and forever!! You should not have allowed that to be posted. Ridiculous!

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