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And the award for the most ridiculous press-conference question of the year goes to ...

... a representative of one of the Gators' fan websites, gatorcountry.com, of course. Because who else better represents psychotic, fanatical fandom than these people.

Florida is 7-0. The Gators are the defending national champions, currently ranked No.1 in the BCS and AP poll and Urban Meyer was recently named The Sporting News' college football coach of the decade. But on Monday during Meyer's weekly press conference, one gatorcountry.com employee went all Norman Mailer on us and asked Meyer this beauty: "Are you still living the American Dream?"

Would somebody please slit my wrists right now. I have now officially lost all faith in rational thought. Perhaps we should ask Americans this same question. Americans, is Urban Meyer still living the American Dream? 



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Amerrrrrrrrrrr-I-can Dreeeeeeeaaaaam.


What was Meyer's response?

To Meyer's credit, he kept a straight face and said something like, "I love my team."

Now, if Gator Clause had asked the same question, then Meyer's response probably would have been a little more colorful.


Surely there was a very uncomfortable silence from Meyer and a beaming glare. What was his answer Jo?

"UGA is one of the best teams in the nation. We have our hands full. We'll be ready."

Have you ever seen Howard Stern send Stuttering John to a serious interview? It's the best!

I'm surprised with the state of the newspaper industry that reporters don't try more of that crap!

Go 'canes!

Stern sucks top to bottom. Appeals to unibrows and clods.

What a beauty. I'm dying laughing!!!

Stern sucks top to bottom. Appeals to unibrows and clods.

Posted by: Bobcat Goldtwait | October 26, 2009 at 02:59 PM

Hey Swamp Donkey!

Go 'canes!

Well, I, as an avid Gator fan and Meyer admirer, want to know if he's still happy or if the crushing expectations are taking all of the fun out of it. REMEMBER what happened to the last legendary coach we had??? I think we all want to know that it is still gratifying to Urban to be our Coach and that he feels like he can stay here and be happy for a long time. We would all be disappointed if the Gators don't win it this year, mainly because of Tebow and Spikes, but lets not ever forget about 2 out of three!!

Yeah, but in this case, the same people who are asking him if he's still happy are the same people who are trying to make him miserable.


I've read a lot of nutty stuff on GC. But there are some very level headed, knowlegable people there as well.

All Gator message boards and their sponsoring sites are depressing. It gives most of their members a very sad social reason to live. No different than any other school.

Wasn't the question a reference to something Urban wrote about in his book? What was the exact question and answer?


If that's the case, then that makes a little more sense. (But funnier still on an entirely different level. There's an entire book on Urban Meyer and the American Dream! Wow! He's a real-life Horatio Alger, that guy.)


Your 'buddy' at Gator Country responded to your 'attack' on him. Yawn! Oh, and somebody called you a glorified blogger and a douche. Wow, the amazing things I find about you on that site. I mean I knew you were a blogger but who knew the other thing. lol!

It's never dull here on Gator Clause! Three cheers for my glorification on a gatorcountry.com message board! I never thought this day would actually come, but it has arrived and now I'm just going sit back and bask in my all well-deserved recognition! Seriously, it was a joke, people. Get over yourselves.


So, you're NOT a douche?

That's not me and you know that!

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